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  1. As to my understanding, the math engine is not linked to the sprite engine.

    The only problem is that the multiplication cannot be "restarted".

    Means, no math in foreground if you want to use it in the interrupt.

    That is what is not clear to me (from the doc). I interpret it that you are not allowed to do mult and sprite in parallel. But if I can do multiplications while I interrupted the sprite engine, it is fine with me.



    Try it out, will be very interested to see the results. I'll be working on improving the emulator section next year because right now the resolution is not correct. I want to add a 1x and 2x Lynx resolution versions. Shouldn't be too hard, just adding some toggles and new graphics for the console surround.

    Yepp and I am improving the emulator itself.

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  3. I would find a 1MB Version much less impressive. 512 KB seems like the logical limit :-) very well done, sage!

    Yeah, but it looks som much nicer :-)


    But you are right. Its not that impressive anymore.

    Anyway, it seems full reolution need much clever ROI finding algo. A short test revealed that it will exceed 1MB with current method.MAybe if I go back to b/w instead of grayscale.

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  4. Hi guys. What compressor was in use in the old times? I mean in any of the commercial titles? Is there a C-source or something that I could use for de-compressing the data blobs?


    The reason I ask is that I have spent some time lately in disassembling old code and it kind of carries you away. It is a little like solving the secrets of the pyramids. In a safer environment.


    So far I have not found any compressed titles. But I am still just scratching the surface.


    different ones.


    lemmings is packed

    chips challenge is packed

  5. hm the data file is already 640kb. And I have the very bad feeling that it will get slower if you have to unpack it in addtion to playing the video.

    Anyway, the latest emulator core can handle 2MB ROMs ;-)

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