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  1. you shouldnt use suzy in interrupts, because you can not be sure that you intercept some other action. Read the docs for more details.


    (actually, I do not see any reason to do that ... switching buffers in VBL and checking the corresponding VSYNC bits or a flag should be a more appropiate way to do it)

  2. I'd still "kill" for a text-viewer option to see level codes etc.


    Orrrrrr a save-state of certain games would even be just as awesome....imagine playing Chips's Challenge without the hassle of having to enter the level code each time :D


    Take the "hacked" version with level skip ;-)

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  3. I have a few really old *.COM Lynx RAM-download images I made back in 90's, and they don't work on Handy. Does anyone know how to convert them to *.o images? I don't recall the *.COM header format (if any), and don't see any visual marker bytes at the start of the binaries to indicate header fields. Sample file attached (don't worry, it's nothing impressive as it's a simple title screen program :) ). Thanks for any help!


    Slightly related observation: Handy will recognize *.o files with the BS93 marker but not BS96. Once I manually changed a *.o file I had to have the BS93 marker, it worked.


    what produces a BS96 header?


    If I remember correctly, lynxer was able to convert both, but i never stumbled on any of these com files, thus I did not include it in lynxdir.

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