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  1. It might be easier to completely rewrite it from scratch.
  2. Heck, all this is also possible with the sound code in the BLL kit, but there is no editor for it... until now.
  3. This will not be a LIMITED release. So why should there be any shortage? They want to sell it!!! PS: Hier wird mal wieder über des Kaisers Bart philosophiert... Tschau, Sage
  4. You simply order it from the producers themself!? As they are in Germany money tranfers is quiet cheap from Suomi.
  5. sage

    Lynx Tetris????

    When I have more time
  6. sage

    Lynx Tetris????

    ... maybe because T-Tris was more a proof of concept than a commercial game!?
  7. sage

    Daemon's Gate

    I cannot understand how they could give 70% for an unfinished game!!! Tschau, Sage
  8. Ah, I see you got the point... Multiplayer support is the reason its on ice for oer a year. Tschau, Sage
  9. You might notice that I was very busy in that thread!? The development of Push around.. and Stardreamer were started years ago. Push.. was more than 95% finished for the contest, thus i think it will be finished mid of 2004. Gimme some weeks of holiday and it would be possible to finish either my dynabuster and bunion clone...
  10. I'll quote myself!, just played the 'Tempest' clone, so there is something of proof of a game in the making,though to be fair it needs an awful lot of work before it can be released going on that demo released last month. I have three games on my desk which are more far developed than tempest... I even released some previews over a year ago... I removed them when I had some quarrel with one of the "rom collections"... But they might still be floating around in the web. And yes, they were playable. Tschau, Sage
  11. sage

    Lynx Tetris????

    Matthias, Bastian uses (as far as I know) orange not pink cases and also the label on the chip is missing... O.k. it might be one of the very old version (without eprom) but it could also be a copy. maybe you should take a closer look to the routings on the PCB... PS: Bastian is still selling them... and much cheaper than the ones on ebay ))) Tschau, Sage
  12. SCRBASE $A000, $C000,$E000 Hint: Try to look in the .mac files, some things are explained there. PS: If you use collision buffer, make sure the offset for the collision flag is set correctly!!! Tschau, Sage
  13. PS: It look like you are really doing some work. But I would first finish the game before thinking about the cover design *g* PSS: Nice handheld devkit
  14. Besides the mistake, that you run through data in LOXY.asm because the loop is not closed, i think your problem is that you use the same memory regions. you should check that the loader is not overwritten by the programm which is loaded!! Moreover, you should define in the ASM file, that you are using NEWHEAD (arent you?). I put some example sourcecodes on my site... lynxdev.atari.org -> development
  15. maybe LOADPRG #2 (or even #3, because there is the title picture before the first program, i am not sure if title picture is #0 or #1) Also, the part should be loaded to differentz memory positions. at least the part where the loading code sits, should not be overwritten by the loading program!!! Overloading the code while executing gives nice effects I have some pieces of demo code here, how it can be done... Tschau, Sage
  16. Then your demo reach the hardware adresses of teh memory. Putting the screen memory at that position saves a lot of memory. Tschau, Sage
  17. yes I think this release date is really THE release date. The game was under construction a long time... ... and nearly half of the time it was 95% finished. I think these type of mails will surely NOT accelerate the finishing of any new Lynx game... Tschau, Sage
  18. without looking into the source i guess its LOADPRG
  19. Use the macros given in "file.mac". Tschau, Sage
  20. That is exactly the way to do it. Tschau, Sage
  21. Tnx! I still have the unfinished game which i planned to put into the contest.
  22. That is not the problem. 16 colors is a problem of the video-chip, not of the display! I see two choices: a) you copy the TV data to Lynx RAM and let the Lynx display it: -> You will need hardware, which converts the TV format to a lynx screen format (x/y) AND render TrueColor to 256 or 4096 colors. Even with a "fixed" palette scheme this should be enough for TV. Ah yes the framerates... well if the hardware is able to scale the picture it must also be able to sync different framerates. The data has either to be copied direct to RAM (which requiers soldering AND additional electronics in the lynx) or the Lynx has to get it from Cartridgeport (which might be too slow)... b) you put the ribbon directly to the display ->4096 fixed colors, no palette needed! The hardware has only to scale the picture and display it... framerate is depending on the hardware... the Lynx display-engine has to be switched of for that ... ah yes, and you have to solder/put electronics into the lynx. ... only some ideas... Tschau, Sage
  23. Do not buy new ones. Search for used ROMs. Erasing only takes some minutes... and even if 10% are broken its much cheaper than new ones.
  24. This company is really expensive. I would not pay more than 1.50$ for an 27C010 UV-EPROM. Tschau, Sage
  25. Push Around The World - Screenshots Title Menu Ingame Ingame More Information: http://www.uni-giessen.de/~gd1113/lynx/patw
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