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  1. Thanks! It's coming together well, but not the easiest project. Carlsson is already helping with music.
  2. Anyone interested in contributing sound effects to the upcoming Bank Panic port for Intellivision? Please let me know, thank you.
  3. Thank you! Is that the one called Viking on the VG5000? I couldn't find any videos of it, but screenshots look similar to the Videopac+ version.
  4. BTW if anyone is waiting to hear from me, please don't hesitate to ping me. Been trying to keep up with all the orders. Thanks for all the support! This is a wonderful community.
  5. Does anyone have a good, simple reference for understanding PayPal fees? They make it so confusing for everyone! I looked at some "calculators" online, not sure if those are reliable.
  6. Nothing else Odyssey-related under work on my side... Of course, there is that old Killer Bees! port that I never completely finished... If I ever go back to that one I will have to rewrite it from scratch. There is also this cover art from the MSX version. I think the Videopac one is much better.
  7. Absolutely, I will save your copy inside a folder called "oven".
  8. No problem. However, there is no guarantee at this point it will happen.
  9. I suspect it is the Helmet of Neverending Booze, but I'm not quite sure. It is quite telling that the protagonist will walk slower when wearing it.
  10. Fair question. So far there is nothing locked. I'm not opposed to it.
  11. ** If interested, please send me a private message.** What is Norseman about: As a Viking warrior, it is your duty to guard a precious relic: a golden helmet with magical powers! Unfortunately, the forces of evil are coming for it. Endless waves of bloodthirsty creatures are quickly converging to your position. You have no choice but to prove your worth on the battlefield. If the helmet is taken then all will be lost! Protect it with your life! This Intellivision version was created from scratch, and it is based on GST Video's original game which came out on the Videopac+ and MSX. All aspects of the game were revised: all the way from basic gameplay to the much improved original music by Anders Carlsson, a real Norseman himself! (just kidding) The Norseman Digital Bundle for Intellivision includes the following: - game rom: not encrypted nor copy protected, so you can play it anywhere! Rom is not tied to your LTO Flash or any hardware. - manual in digital format. - prototype content: assets include graphics, music and alpha roms. - buying this game in digital format will also give you access to any eventual updates or enhancements to the rom. - not happy with game? I will refund you. Price: Norseman Digital Bundle only: USD 15 plus Paypal fees. For a limited time: combine and save! Valid only until Sep 19th, 2021. Silver package: Norseman plus 1 game: either Antarctic Tales Enhanced Edition* or H.E.L.I.* USD 20 plus Paypal fees Golden package: Now is the chance to get all 3 games! Norseman, Antarctic Tales Enhanced Edition* and H.E.L.I*. USD 25 plus Paypal fees * Antarctic Tales Enhanced Edition and H.E.L.I. digital regular price: USD 10 each. Thanks in advance for supporting the release of new Intellivision games in digital format with affordable price points (much below CIB). Supporting this new release will help ensure future ones will also happen! ** If interested, please send me a private message.**
  12. Now all we need is the rest of the game!
  13. Here is a rom in case anyone would like to play with it. You can't shoot anyone, or get shot. Also, no sounds or music. bankpanic_alpha09082021.rom
  14. @Rev So... your wedding anniversary AND the Intellivision Revolution one both happen on the same day??? Double congrats!
  15. Well, given the last ones were in 2018 and 2020, there's hope for one in 2022. BTW, it would be great if the restriction to bank switching could be lifted...
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