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  1. Would be nice if another player could assume control of one of the enemies.
  2. Anyone willing to contribute sound effects or music to Infiltrator would be welcome. Game is 80% done. I can share the alpha, which is quite playable at this point. I'd like to wrap up this one and move on to the next project I'm working with Black Tiger.
  3. In my opinion Intybasic is so accessible that if you got any type of coding experience and a genuine interest on the platform, you are good to go. It really is a thing of beauty, kudos to @nanochess, as well as others who laid the foundations to make it possible.
  4. Game is getting there... New features demonstrated below: - Elite enemies: this video shows a trooper wearing a "Kusanagi" suit, which enables intermittent cloaking. (And you thought you were the only one going invisible, heh?) - Inventory system: can be called by pressing a specific key. Provides item descriptions and allows player to equip/unequip items. Equipping some items will actually unequip others in the same "category"... for instance, only one key card can be equipped at a time.
  5. Thanks Steve, actually someone already pointed that out at the comments section. The author liked that message, so I assume he is aware.
  6. For what is worth, one thing that helped me pick up Intybasic faster was NOT obsessing over producing original concepts from the start. I just picked up as a starting point a game from Odyssey2 to port, and that was a great learning experience. Original concepts will tend to make you spend time designing things from scratch - which is fun, don't get me wrong - but that can be overwhelming and potentially demotivating if you are still trying to understand programming basics and can't quite deliver to your vision. Crawl, walk, run...
  7. New features demonstrated: - keycard access required for opening certain doors - rooms inside buildings can be interconnected. - more intricate enemy patrol routes - right hand side dashboard being reworked. - able to read notices on walls - a helicopter... more to come on that
  8. @Intellivision Brasil: it looks like your IntelliTool is being put to good use!
  9. I hope you feel better, sorry to hear that. There are several homebrews available for free that would be great to play. Maybe we could invite authors to participate when playing each game. I'm sure that would drive some interesting chat throughout the competition. Princess Quest Copter Command Sea Venture Upmonsters Zombie Madness Pumpkin Master Moon Blast etc
  10. This game looks pretty cool, any updated screens or videos?
  11. My suggestion would be not to get caught up on a rabbit hole around this feature. In Gooninuff I just bring up a health bar when the protagonist gets injured, not all the time. I also use a MOB to show it, which facilitates things and saves some real estate.
  12. Great to see a new entry! Looks like a fun game.
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