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  1. antarctic01232020.rom Here is another work in progress rom for anyone interested. Pressing up will accelerate the penguin. Still no collisions or sounds. I will probably get the flag raising sequence completed over the weekend.
  2. Arriving at an outpost... haven't done the whole flag raising routine yet.
  3. Oh yes, I remember now... Gradius and Castlevania announced, etc. Well, at least we got the later delivered one way or another!
  4. Did it bring the unreleased Intellivision III capabilities to life? That would have been nice to see.
  5. It’s interesting what’s happening with the Intellivision. At the same time there’s the big Amico launch looming, the old platform is going through a golden age of homebrew development. I too bought my first homebrew just recently, and look forward to buying others in 2020. The topic of add ons reminds me of other platforms as well. That age old debate about merits of upgrading the original hardware... I think there’s room for everyone to enjoy whatever they want. Of course you can get better games with enhanced hardware. That is exciting, as well as squeezing everything out of the original platform is also interesting to see.
  6. The penguin from the original Antarctic Adventure was named "Penta", but I agree that Duncan is the #1 penguin on the Intellivision! Maybe they are cousins, or something? 🙂
  7. Updates: - Antarctica map added - Pesky sea lions! - player won't be able to jump over them. - Flags and jumping fishes - will provide bonus points when collected - Increased obstacle spawning frequency (still fine tuning the spawning logic)
  8. Which one was that? Not one from the competitions, I suppose...
  9. Oh come on Carlsson, at least entertain the thought 🙂 If Skywaffle made Castlevania...
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