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  1. The game is supposed to have overlays, unless something changed.
  2. @PuzZLeR It's all right, thanks for giving it a shot. Looking forward to see your game! I was also wondering whether @Rinka was able to submit an entry. @intvsteve any other entries not previously disclosed in this forum?
  3. It could be the cable. Do you have another one to try? The LTO does work with bin files.
  4. Have you tried unzipping the file and dragging the bin to the LTO front end?
  5. Best thing ever when I was a kid and my father came home one day with a bunch of loose carts he had picked up on a bargain bin somewhere!
  6. @Steve Jones @DZ-Jay Your words of encouragement are really appreciated. Also thanks for following along and being willing to test the game. Putting up with bugs and other awkward things can be tough! However, your input for sure helped us deliver a better game. We have discussed eventually going for a full version with bank switching. At a minimum, that would allow us to add more cut scenes and include animation. In particular, end game sequences would greatly benefit from it, by illustrating different outcomes with specific graphics. Some of the assets are ready, we just didn't have the space. Another idea would be to allow players to select between Ellen and Norbert at the beginning of the game. As a playable character, Norbert would have different characteristics, and the story could play out a little differently as well. Anyway, thanks again, and I'm sure that you will find things to be fixed or improved on this latest version as well. Maybe I will create a separate topic within the Programming forum to keep things going post-contest.
  7. New version posted. Please check out the release notes for more details. This will be the one submitted as part of the contest. We have ran out of space, but not out of ideas! It's been a fun project and it may be continued. We thank the organizers for hosting this event, and wish all the best to our fellow contestants. No matter what the outcome is, spending the last 6 months writing Intellivision games made the pandemic more bearable. Thanks!
  8. McAdruga... "Not me at all! He's just my distant Scottish cousin!" Oh absolutely, the combination of tools, literature and community support that are available nowadays automatically give anyone a great head start. Even for a pznqehtn like me, as they say in Swedish. Working in teams is the way to go for me. So much fun! Appreciate the comments!
  9. So if I submit it as "cmadruga1", are we good? Figured if I keep spamming the contest I'm bound to win something. Remember the thing with monkeys and typewriters... 🤣
  10. Wow, working with Nano feels kind of intimidating, but I'm sure would be very instructive
  11. I wonder if we will see at least one more entry before the deadline. Would be nice.
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