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  1. Anyone in the US selling an Intellivision II with composite or RGB mods? Please send me a message if you do. Will be put to good use with new game development and testing. Thank you!
  2. Yep, all the stuff in the middle is katakana.
  3. There are 46 basic characters plus 25 “diacritics”, which are modified versions of basic characters. On that table you showed, it seems they have the symbols that make the diacritics as “add ons” instead of storing each modified one separately. Smart compression technique 🙂 That means standard GRAM could store either an entire katakana or hiragana with room to spare.
  4. For hiragana and katakana, 8x8 should be easily feasible. The deal is really about the kanji.
  5. Some folks here point to an 8x8 font that is barely legible and has been used in 3DS games. https://japanese.stackexchange.com/questions/36423/is-this-8px-height-font-understandable-for-japanese-knowing-people
  6. In Japanese, if one can settle with just hiragana and katakana, we are talking about 71 characters needed for EACH. That seems feasible with INTV88's expanded gram of 256 positions. You can even fill the screen with text and write whatever you want with gram to spare for graphics. On the other hand, with the standard 64 positions you would have to keep the text very short and only load the hiragana/katakana that are needed. The same approach would apply to Kanji in Japanese, or straight Chinese. Keep sentences VERY short and only load the ones you need. Even with expanded GRAM. After all, there are 50,000+ kanji! Of course I'm only talking about showing the characters, and not entering them. That's a different challenge. Hope this helps. To your question, I have experimented with Katakana and Kanji when putting Infiltrator together. Eventually I dropped the first, but the latter still appears at the title screen.
  7. Pun not intended? 😀 Either way, I would love to be able to discuss Intellivision stuff with my physician. 🤣 You know, a change from just "go over there, and bend over"...
  8. Doctor, trekker, Intellivision invoicer... there's nothing this talented man won't do.
  9. If I had one to spare I would certainly sell it to you. You know, just in the spirit of passing it forward. When I was in the same situation (looking to test my games), @Steve Jones helped me out and sold me an LTO. Like @mathewbeall, he was also very generous and only looking to recover what he originally paid. I couldn't accept that, and decided to "self-scalp" a little Kindness deserves compensation.
  10. I don't have any updates on my side, what is written below is my understanding as well.
  11. Local variables would be helpful. Plus an easier way to monitor segment/page utilization. Yes, cart.mac and etc exists. Need easier.
  12. Great work as usual by Carlsson, our official "Waltz DJ".
  13. One thing to consider is how often the final destination will get updated, and the processing cost to figure out a complete path. Sometimes it is better to just find a "directionally reasonable" next step, than to figure out the whole path to wherever you want to get to. Also, @DZ-Jay mentioned the concept of "Manhattan Distance" during a recent presentation. Something to consider when developing an approach.
  14. I prefer Eye of the Tiger. I like to imagine the characters are jogging and preparing to their upcoming fight or something. (A T-rex boxing match would be quite something to watch btw)
  15. It is awesome to see more unencrypted digital releases! PM sent.
  16. Fantastic project! Just watched the recap. This would have been a great Tutorvision application, and perfectly aligned with the intent of the platform. Maybe even a killer app? 🙂 Graphics and music click really well. I imagine those would have helped make the application more appealing to children. Great use of the extra GRAM by the way. Very good use of controllers and overlays. Those look intimidating at first, but I can picture kids completing exercises, and controls becoming gradually more familiar. Also, the application uses JLP flash save/loads, wow. You ARE using everything at your disposal, aren't you? 🙂 It's a shame the ECS can't be used, otherwise the only thing missing would be 6-channel music. Again, great job! Technically very impressive. Question: have you considered bank switching for extra space, given you are already using the JLP? I ask that based on your comments about needing to optimize for space. If you addressed that during the video, I may have missed it, sorry. I didn't know the Little Man Computer model, and wish I had seen it earlier in my life. I can see the parallel with TIS-100, which is a game I actually played. I am a fan of Zachtronics games, but to be honest I prefer their "disguised programming" games such as Spacechem and Infinifactory.
  17. Good eye! It is an awesome game, isn't it? Not necessarily impossible to pull off on the Intellivision, but using the JLP would be absolutely required.
  18. This thread was intended to simply announce some games for sale. Can we keep it that way, please? Folks are free to buy the games or not, there is no need to expand on the rationale either way. Thanks in advance.
  19. Wow! Looking forward to see the demo. Don't know if I will be able to catch the livestream, but if not I will check out the recorded video.
  20. An update on Fantasy: The cutoff for getting your name on the list to get Fantasy is July 15th. Idea is to invoice the entire list of interested buyers in one shot. You can communicate your interest either here or over at Facebook, either way is fine. Don't miss out! 🙂
  21. Does it use the expanded GRAM?
  22. Why flowers when you can gift her a copy of Antarctic Tales as well? Let's do our part to bring back family gaming and couch co-op through the Intellivision.
  23. Interesting! Who knew penguins and beer had anything in common?
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