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  1. Here's the final TI cartridge release with the cavemen being solid color sprites and other minor differences. The other posted files is the beta pre-release version with multi colored cavemen along with a broken copyright symbol. TIslandG.bin TIslandC.bin
  2. Za99on with the 9's shifted down a bit and a different color. Which would spell out as Zaggon.
  3. Amazing lemmings port on the Colecovision called "Gerbils". It really shows off what can be done with the TMS9918A VDP. We just need a version for the TI now. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/318647-new-demo-gerbils/
  4. Digit Systems AVPC card -- V9938 based 192KB 80 column card for the P-Box. Same VDP used in the Geneve.
  5. From top of card to bottom: Video, Mouse, Joystick, and Keyboard (under the 3 other connectors) http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/geneve/geneve.html The Geneve uses a bus type mouse. Not sure what PC equivalents are out there. Can anyone else recommend replacement options??
  6. Are you using an actual mouse on your laptop or the trackpad? Try using the hot-key for your laptop to disable the trackpad when using an optical/wired mouse.
  7. What was your fix to your Super Space problem?? Were the jumpers misconfigured?
  8. *** IMPORTANT!!!!! *** This information is NECESSARY to play Lurking Horror: When you first start the game, you will find a personal computer. What you must do when you find it to type in the following: TURN PC ON. LOGIN 99. PASSWORD TI. This will get you past the only "Documentation-Critical" portion of the game. Have fun! "The Master" There are now 11 <count 'em> NEW Infocom games ported to the TI. These include: Leather Goddesses of Phobos \ Moonmist > these 3 require a Supercart to run Seastalker / Hollywood Hijinx Lurking Horror Ballyhoo Suspect Spellbreaker Wishbringer Stationfall Plundered Hearts All brought to you by The Master...
  9. Think in terms of trying to do a fine vertical scroll in bit-mapped mode. Do you want your SIT characters sitting side-by-side or stacked on top of another making a long tall rectangle. I was just pointing that you are not locked into using the 0,1,2,3,...255 SIT layout when using bit-mapped mode. The redefinition the SIT layout shows off the flexablity of the TMS9918A bit-mapped mode based on your program/game needs. TI-Artist uses the standard SIT layout of 0,1,2,3,...255.
  10. Here's the page link for various Dreamcast accessories on SegaRetro: https://segaretro.org/Category:Dreamcast_accessories
  11. You can also alter the Screen Image Table layout from 1,2,3 ... 255. To change the indexing of your bytes from 8x8 to 8x16; 8x32 or 8x64. Just make sure the SIT is repeated the same way all three times. 0,8,16,24 ... 248 1,9,17,25 ... 249 : 6,14,22,30 ... 254 7,15,23,31 ... 255 Repeated 3 times -- 8x64
  12. The Maracas for the Samba de Amigo games. And there was also the Rumble dongle that fit in the VMU slot.
  13. You need to use: 20 LINPUT #1:PAT$ And your example will work. The XB ref-card description reads as "assigns data from the indicated file to string-variable". Hope this helps.
  14. Back on to the Choplifter topic. There are three versions I know of that use our TMS9918A video chip -- Colecovision; Sega SG-1000; and the MSX1. You can use RetroPi to try them out through emulation. Sorry for de-railing the topic with my previous post. Lots of games were announced back in '83 for the TI that turned into vapourware.
  15. There was also an C.E.S. 1983 article in Compute! Magazine that mentioned Broderbund's Choplifter along with David's Midnite Pinball being ported to the TI.
  16. Have an old Acer Aspire 5745PG (i3-m350/GF GT330M) that had two 2GB modules. A few years back replaced them with two matching 4GB modules for 8GB along with a WD 750GB Black HDD. Currently have a dual boot of Win 7 and Win 10 that runs fairly smooth with a rare Win 10 hiccup. I suggest getting another identical 4GB stick, as your laptop will run in single channel mode with the timings of your 2GB stick. Two identical modules of 4GB will run in dual channel mode as Keatah mentioned. From my experience 8GB seems to be the sweet spot for an enjoyable Windows 10 64bit laptop/desktop system. Your Canadian, Alberta neighbour
  17. Very limited keyboard support. The default mappings are: circle "1"; square "2"; triangle "Enter"; and X "Fire". You can edit/load different mappings for the various buttons and cycle through them with the shoulder buttons. This emulator seems to be more oriented for playing cartridge based games. I think the docs mentioned some sort of support for I/R keyboards. It's been about 7/8 years since I last messed around with my PSP.
  18. Once more PSP-CFW running TI99Sim. Pictures taken during the day and exhibitionist free. The left d-pad and j-pad are worn out in the downward directions making menu navigation hard.
  19. Uggh!!! Noticed I got part of my foot in the first pic and a partial reflection of me in the second. Sorry about that folks!!
  20. Took a couple of quick pics of my PSP-CFW running the TI99SIM emulator. Hard to get clean pics with the cheap Wal-Mart LED lightbulb --- had to turn the flash off to avoid the nasty reflections.
  21. The TI-99/4A Tech Pages has some disassembled listings. http://www.unige.ch/medecine/nouspikel/ti99/download.htm#disass
  22. Akkk!!! Wadded pair of ginch in the background.
  23. Here's three small Z3 games. CatsEye_R3-041018.z3 DejaVu_R1-930921.z3 Moonglow_R3-041011.z3
  24. Looking great there!! Do you think this will work with the Mini Memory with an appropriate OPT5 loader?
  25. Ditto on the clarification. It's been 18 years since I used Inform. The hair and memory is getting a bit rusty there...
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