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  1. A boxed original spiker will always be rare AND hold value. Good shape will pretty much always be 1000-1500 Im sure.
  2. You may be right. Thinking back the last 10 years or so… Spikers arent coming out of the woodwork. For arguments sake, lets say in the last 10 years we seen 10 Spikers on ebay each year, thats 100 Spikers. I doubt we even seen 5 spikers per year show up.
  3. Is this price the new normal?!?? And some people was worrying that the BSR reissue was going to effect price of original. Silly kids.
  4. Forgot about that cd. Seen for years but never got it. The time is now.
  5. Maybe CD soundtracks will be the new normal! Elektronite is on the forefront of a new trend. 😎 Good job!
  6. Check CD Babys prices! Other similar places i believe. Cds are mostly forgotton by the masses in this digital age. Now very cheap.
  7. I may have to take back my words about the Amico E3 segment. After 5 minutes of watching the E3 TakeTwo diversity and inclusive zoom panel, which is extremely lame and cringe. At least Amico had games!! Well done team amico. Carry on.
  8. Ill be honest, that E3 presentation was bad. leading off with card game and farkle? 🥶. Sesame Street and Care Bears? No one at E3 wants to see those. The comments on Gamespot livestream were not favorable at all. No earthworm jim? No launch date? Would of been nice to lead off with a video like this that is exciting. This video hits it out the park!
  9. https://cdbaby.com/make-discs.aspx Actually CDs are very cheap now! What a neat idea. You can get 100 CDs in a sleeve for 200.00. That would be only 2.00 each. Which is peanuts. Very nice to throw in a CD soundtrack, doesnt really add hardly anything to the 70.00 price tag of the game. Thanks!
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