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  1. That’s the understatement of the century.
  2. I watched their whole analysis. Did you?
  3. That brand is a new one. I’ll enter it into the upcoming Intellivision Circuit Board Database.
  4. I don’t even see a revision number or manufacture on these. Recently I’ve been documenting all the different PCB types by manufacture and variants. Soon will post my findings. More variations than you may think going through thousands of boards.
  5. Sorry about mix up. Maybe I thought you were one of the Jonas Brothers?
  6. It wasn’t a purposeful slight I assure you. I also didn’t give any credit to pretty much the entire team including myself (as an individual) in this thread. Credits are normally in the manual and when they can be in the game itself. Thanks for you hard work!
  7. Is there a list available of the 75 games? I need to update my Amico Revolution website.
  8. Actually when I hear the word bizarro I think of Superman.
  9. Join newsletter here for notice when it becomes available. Thanks! http://www.intellivisionrevolution.com/newsletter
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