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  1. It may look better if the sun was removed and instead add random scrolling white clouds in the blue sky. Maybe add some caverns or underground section similar to Pitfall that are visible? What are the tasks or goals of the game planned to be? Collecting gold or something? Enemies?
  2. If it was REALLY hip and non offensive, it would use a non gender pronoun instead of the oppressive KING term. Monarch of the Mountain is much better as not to offend any sensitive people such as Cmart.
  3. In light of recent developments its looking back its back to 125.
  4. Does your parole officer know you have access to the Internet, you are violating the terms of your release.
  5. Who can argue with Mr Me? Looks like 119 now. Should make it it a little easier on new collectors.
  6. So the 3 above mentioned games should be downgraded to a footnote and the official count is 122 since we have not encountered any opposition. Cheers
  7. May as well take Super Pro Skiing and Slap Shot Hockey from the 125. These are slightly improved and renamed hacks in new boxes. That brings the 125 down to 122.
  8. 123. Maybe 124. The 125 should not include World Championship Baseball, it’s a renamed/reboxed game hack. Prove me wrong. Baseball and World Championship Baseball screenshots. Same game.
  9. Where did this guy get an Amico shirt with the new logo so quick? (Maybe I should use google!)
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