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  1. What about Dreadnaught Fracture?
  2. Yes, he’s been bragging about it for days, thanks a lot.
  3. Anyone ever notice how this Donkey Kong art is horrid?
  4. The word BomB spells 13 13. Weird.
  5. One thing I noticed, or rather I recall someone else pointed out, is that only one game from the 125 original releases used actual real photograph of humans on it. Anyone know which one?
  6. Atarisoft got lazy I guess. Never noticed the Tron thing.
  7. Not really Intellivision related but whatever. We all like arcades.
  8. Nice start! Now open them up and play some! Haha
  9. Me no longer being a homebrew completionism was a culmination of many things.
  10. Ha! Actually that game was a very good seller and well received by the fans around the world.
  11. Thanks to everyone that has offered cartridges so far!
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