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  1. Great entertaining and informative video. Thanks Papa Pete, you old ass gamer. (His words not mine)
  2. This is the next logical stop in the nationwide roadshow. If it does happen in this city, whos going!? 😀
  3. Whats the latest on the possible holiday 2021 launch as mentioned in the official newsletter? Possibly a “soft launch” of founders editions and other pre orders.
  4. Just about 3 months left of 21, time sure is flying. 😜 There had been digital releases and likely more. (Before they make it into CIB) What say the masses on having two categories to vote on? 1. Physical CIB 2. Digital Maybe more? 3. Best artwork (box cover) 4. Best music 5???? Look at what ZeroPage Homebrew is doing with Atari. https://atariage.com/forums/forum/203-atari-homebrew-awards/
  5. Has anyone else seen that? Looks legit. Maybe its not. Who knows…..Will there be a reveal soon?
  6. Seen that a while back. It has some new TM activity. Allegedly its either a back up console name, or a pre-Amico name. something along those lines, dont quote me. Im not putting out “misinformation”, its speculation. Which one sounds better to you? Intellivision Prism or Intellivision Amico I like Prism better.
  7. Razzie.P: Swami, is the sun hot? Swami: It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.
  8. You been “hanging out” too much with Cmart! 🤢
  9. The “boomers” i see in public are on phones nearly as much as their grandkids!
  10. But do you have The Power of Math like the No Swear Gamer to back any of this up? Thats what I thought, come back when you have a pocket protector and a calculator.
  11. What does any of this have to do with the lack of new Boomers Youtube footage from the people that was there. In this age of smart phone zombies no one records each other playing? What gives.
  12. Stop spreading snarky misinformation……among spreading other things. Please
  13. I got it not long after it came out, its not too bad. 😜
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