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  1. Thanks for the insights. I'm trying to get my hands on some dead consoles to see if there something I can do with the innards. I'll post back if I come up with a viable project.
  2. It's been a while, so I thought it might be time to check in and get a little interactive I hooked up my 4 Port and enjoyed some good gaming courtesy of Voltman's Happ controller and Cafeman's wonderful Koffi. After a few rounds, I moved over to some trackball classics and then decided that it was time for a short break. When I returned, I noticed that the 5200 looked damn good sitting on entertainment rack and started wondering if it was possible to hack the case to accommodate a 360, PS3, or Xbox. I've seen a 5200 hacked as a HTPC, but never with a modern console under the skin. There were also some great hacks posted here. Has anyone tried this or checked to see if it was physically possible without destroying the beautiful Atari case? Thanks!
  3. In my opinion, it had some decent gameplay, but I found guessing the code was way too easy. Going after the silos made things more interesting. It was great attempt by Atari, but never felt satisfying. However, I still play it from time to time because I'm a sucker for tank games
  4. Your screen shots bring back some memories. I may have to wipe the dust off this one Great game and contrats!
  5. When you have some updates, please post back. Thanks! - VD
  6. This is a great find! The arcade version will always be in my top 5.
  7. I remember Albert's post a while back and it generated a lot of interest. Clay - Glad to see that you're done! I can't wait own one! - VD
  8. Sorry, but I had to bring this one back... Recently, I've been looking at posts regarding the S-Video modification and I'm wondering how much the sound and picture improve. I know this is not an easy request, but would anyone happen to have before & after pics using the same display and/or sound bites using the same output device? Thanks!
  9. One of my favorites, too. I'd also have to agree with the comments about Space Dungeon...
  10. I have to say I like most of the games, but several are boring (repetitive and easy) or poorly designed. Here is my list of the bottom feeders: Congo Bongo Galaxian Kangaroo StarTrek: Strategic Operations Simulator (looks good, but too easy) James Bond 007 Any Realsports title (Baseball is kind of interesting with the voice, but it becomes old real fast) - VD
  11. I would highly recommend you do a search on 'Completed Items' on EBay to see the going rate. The price REALLY fluctuates based on the systems that are up for auction during any given week, the condition, accessories, and original box/documentation. I agree with others opinions regarding 'Untested' systems. You may get lucky, but there is usually something wrong with them. However, it is possible to get a good deal if you need one as a parts machine. Also, check with some of the members here. You may find someone that is willing to trade or sell you a system that is probably in better condition than many on Ebay. That's my 2¢! - VD
  12. It looked like this was just a side job, so we'll probably hear from him closer to the summer time. Who knows for sure, but a working product still would be awesome! - VD
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