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  1. The picture of the MIO on the pergo floor. Was that an example or is this a picture of the said MIO in this thread?
  2. Thanks. I have to go dig my wired extended keyboard out the Logitech K810 BT keyboard doesn't have a Home key on it.
  3. I haven't used an 8-bit for more than plugging in a cartridge and play in a good 20 yrs. I'm a bit confused by keyboard mappings in Altirra and I haven't been able to find just the correct combo or where to remap it to someplace that makes more sense. I have SpartaDOS X 4.47 and I have Action! all connected up and both work fine. The darn clear editor window command in Action! is <Shift><Clear>. I actually had to look up a picture of an Atari keyboard to figure out the question "Clear key?" How is this accomplished? I have a Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and I'm using a Logitech BT keyboard. Running Altirra 2.60.
  4. I ran the Pirate's Cove (The Cove), on a re-programmed BBS in Atari BASIC based on AMIS, by the time i was done there was almost nothing left of the old AMIS code. Atari 800XL with Rambo XL and (4) 1050's XM301 at first, then change to an Avatex 1200hc on a P:R: Connection. Ran this for quite a few years.
  5. Brand new 26" Sony Bravia LCD via the Composite input as this is the only cable I have for it. I used to have a Sakata SC-1000 little 12" monitor, so I don't think I even know where an RF cable is right now, and I don't have a newer S-video cable. Just to put a little more info into the pile, things look better on a newer 26" analog TV but I still get the 2 stripes, and I remember that on my old monitor putting 144 into 710 would turn the background to a dark blue, and on the analog TV it is practically black. Thanks, Jeff
  6. I finally pulled my old 130XE and Indus GT out of storage and plugged it into my new LCD TV, and I am wondering what is up with the display. It seems to work perfectly fine, loads games, even some of the old projects from disk I worked on. But the display has a pink stripe down the left side and a green stripe down the right side and it seems this color skewing evidenced everywhere. Is there something that is now old and needs replaced (capacitor, etc.) or is there a bit of fine tuning I can do? Jeff
  7. My thought was only using an SIO2USB cable to get things from the internet to the Atari side, and use a Atari based hard drive to run with. It was along time I used my 8-bit. Even after a 1040ST, Windows 3.11 PC, and an Amiga 500. It was only my PowerMac that got me to put my Atari away. I'm missing an XE PBI adapter, are these a needle in a haystack kinda thing? I do not know the whereabouts of my original 800XL i got for Xmas, so the 130XE is all I have, and the MIO I have doesn't have this adapter. Do you still have to use the old MFM/RLL drives and an external adapter (4000, 4070), or is there a more modern way of doing this with a more modern drive. I have a couple 40MB and 80MB half height SCSI drives from old Macs, and I know they work. (Not modern, but better than the old ST506/ST412 drives.)
  8. I have pulled all my Atari equipment out of mothballs, and I need a little help getting where I want to go. I have replaced my Dell LCD monitor with one that has a composite input, so I can take my capture card delay out of the equation. In my hands I have my Atari 130XE, Indus GT and an ICD 256KB MIO board. I've had the Atari and the Indus hooked up and a few cartridge games I found in my pile. That all works fine. I'd like to hook up a hard drive and I'd like to somehow shuffle stuff from my PC to my Atari. The issues I have is that I don't have an 800XL or I don't have an XE PBI Adapter. Also I'm not sure if I want to go old school and hook up an Adaptec 4070 and an old RLL drive, or figure a new way to do this. Also is there any software to using an SIO2USB adapter on the Atari side? I hope I don't sound too noobish. Thanks
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