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  1. Fantastic game - it's very addictive! Most times I get only 2 points or so. But sometimes, if I manage to put enough circles on the playfield, I can make 10 or more points. My highscore is 22 points. Thanks for another unusual interesting game!
  2. I tested YASH with Sparta DOS X 4.48 in Altirra: - I can't reproduce any screen problems with YASH & SpartaDOS (without TD.COM of course). YASH saves the DL vector (560/561) resets it and enables DLIs. When calling the DUP via DOSVEC, it restores the DL vector and disables DLIs (NMIEN=64). Setting the DL vector is safe, since it is done with disabled IRQs (SEI), which cuts the OS VBI routine short. (Hopefully, Sparta DOS doesn't disable this standard mechanism of the OS ...) - With "TD.COM ON" the YASH screen is messed up. Reason is, that an interrupt routine of Sparta DOS always inserts the TD line at the start of any display list with some blank lines, even if a program creates a new non-standard display list. This doesn't work with YASH, since it needs an own display list with DLIs and the insertion of the TD line together with some blank lines makes the display list too long for ANTIC. And since the YASH display is shifted down by the TD line the DLIs use wrong colors, since they are based on VCOUNT values. The Sparta DOS manual states the following on p. 108: "TD ON may be incompatible with some programs. If you are having problems with a program, try TD OFF, or do not install it at all." A solution would be that Sparta DOS checks, if a normal display list (with 24 blank lines at the beginning) is shown and if not, the TD line is not displayed. And/or the TD line is only inserted, when there are enough blank lines at the beginning of the display list AND the display is not shifted down for the TD line, i.e. replace 8 blank lines of the DL with the TD line. Perhaps the Sparta DOS developers can do something about this, since the current behaviour of TD may affect all programs with an own display list? @Marius: The interface firmware doesn't support mounting an XEX file - so YASH can't do this. Please send an E-Mail with your request to Thomas Grasel, the developer of the interface. See here: http://www.abbuc-raf.de/
  3. See my earlier post in this thread for an explanation of this code fragment: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/108472-xf551-oses/?do=findComment&comment=2059318
  4. ATASM has the precedence also in its docs. Same as MADS regarding unary < > and binary + -. For me, this is also strange, but it has the advantage, that it has same precedence as unary -, e.g. -5+7 is 2 and not -(5+7) = -12. And you can use expressions like x+<y+z, where you probably don't expect x+<[y+z]. So put the expr in brackets [] and it works as it should without warnings, e.g. lda #<[adr-1].
  5. Hi, I'm the author of the original Hugohunt game for the Atari 800 XL, written in 1985. Here are some more infos on the game: The original game has 9 levels. The 2600 version was ported by Angelsoft and has new levels due to the hardware limitations of the 2600: All levels are now mirrored and at most 2 large items per line in the Labyrinth are possible. There is a version with 7 levels (4K) for the intermediate player and a version with a second set of 7 levels (8K) for the skilled player. Each comes in a PAL version and a NTSC version with reduced screen height. I designed levels 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 of the second level set and Angelsoft all other levels. See here for download: http://www.angel-soft.de/hugohunt-release-fuer-vcs/ Here is the ZeroPage Homebrew stream on YouTube, where they played Hugohunt: Here are the instructions for the game: hugohunt5.pdf
  6. StefanD


    Sorry, the Atari with QMEG-OS didn't crash - I haven't waited long enough after the screen fills with garbage. The exact sequence is: - Turn on Atari with QMEG-OS - The normal empty text screen appears for a very short time - The screen turns black or (quite seldom) garbage appears on the screen - The OS now tries to boot drive #1 - If drive #1 isn't active, the OS goes to the QMEG menu (which is a replacement for the self test). Normal behaviour without AVG cart is, that the empty text screen remains there while the OS tries to boot drive #1 (like the XL-OS does). I assume, that the AVG cart doesn't activate its ROM early enough before the OS checks for a cart. So the OS places the text screen and the display list at $bcxx and when the cart activates its cart area $a000-$bfff, it implicitely changes the display list which could cause garbage or a blank screen. (The same may happen with a 400- or 800-OS, but I didn't test this.) This doesn't really matter, since you can go to AVG cart's menu with Reset (or Esc from the QMEG menu, which jumps to the reset vector $e474). Sorry for the confusion.
  7. StefanD


    I have a similar problem with QMEG-OS: At power on with the AVG-Cart, the cart is often simply ignored (except the screen often gets black) and otherwise the Atari crashes (garbage at the screen is displayed). After I press Reset, the AVG cart works normally (or I hold SELECT to ignore the cart at power on to avoid a crash). But on the 400 this doesn't work after a crash, since Reset is not a CPU reset, but an interrupt. I suppose, the AVG cart needs some time to initialize itself. The cold reset in the 400-OS and QMEG-OS works much faster, since these OSes don't test the whole RAM, as the XL-OS does. So the cart may have not been initialized fully when the OS jumps to the cart ROM area - maybe the cart doesn't present its ROM at $a000 in time. Many thanks for the AVG cart - it's fantastic.
  8. Hi, I've written a simple level viewer in BASIC for Dungeon Hunt 1 & 2. So if you want to have a preview at the dungeon levels in the DH games, can't find a level exit or don't want to blindly explore or draw the mazes while playing, you can look at them with this viewer. For an example see the screenshot of Dungeon Hunt 2, level 1 below. To use the viewer, boot the ATR and follow the prompts. Of course, you'll need one or both Dungeon Hunt games. For Dungeon Hunt 2 see the ABBUC software contest 2019. (This viewer is published with jacobus' agreement.) Have fun! DH12VIEW.atr
  9. @Marius: Standard Ultra speed sector skew in DD is 8 of 19 (for use with Pokey divisor 9), i.e. with 300 RPM = 5 RPS, time for 1 DD sector is 8/19*0.2s, so 1 KB takes 4*8/19*0.2s = 0.337s, which gives 2.967 KB/s. So 3 KB/s is correct for Ultra speed! What did you expect? Normal DD sector skew is 16 of 19, which gives only 3 KB/s *8/16 = 1.5 KB/s and XF high speed (=warp speed) sector skew is 10 of 19, which gives 3 KB/s *8/10 = 2.4 KB/s. Even with Turbo speed sector skew 7 of 19 (Pokey divisor 6), you get not more than 3 KB/s *8/7 = 3.4 KB/s. You can decrease the sector skew by one sector, but then you'll get timing problems, if you use long VBIs or (lots of) DLIs.
  10. No, simply leave the ABBUC disk unchanged, before booting the patch. It will patch one level file and copy the selected version (AUTOPAL.SYS or AUTONTSC.SYS) as AUTORUN.SYS to the ABBUC disk - so the right version boots - no rename neccessary. (If you want, you can copy the other AUTOxxx version also to the ABBUC disk, but this isn't neccessary.)
  11. Hello Jason, thanks for this update. I played it yesterday thoroughly. All the bugs I found in the ABBUC version are gone. Good work! But why did you make Skiquest more difficult compared to the ABBUC version? As I wrote, in my opinion the ABBUC version is already a bit to hard to play. Here is a comparison of the Skiquest challenges: Skiit 1.0 (ABBUC version) Round 1: 3:30, 10 logs, 10$ Round 2: 3:00, 1 fence, 5 $, 30/43 gates Round 3: 2:30, 1 fence, 1 watch, 3 $, 30/42 gates Round 4: 3:30, 5 logs, 5 $, 3 long jumps, longest jump > 50 Round 5: 2:00, 5 $, 32/43 gates Round 6: 2:30, 3 logs, 1 fence, 5 $, 35/42 gates Round 7: 2:00, 12 logs, 3 watches, 10$ Skiit 1.1 Round 1: 3:30, 10 logs, 10$ Round 2: 2:50, 1 fence, 5 $, 35/46 gates Round 3: 2:10, 1 fence, 1 watch, 3 $, 36/41 gates Round 4: 3:30, 5 logs, 5 $, 3 long jumps, longest jump > 50 Round 5: 2:00, 5 $, 40/46 gates Round 6: 2:00, 3 logs, 1 fence, 5 $, 38/41 gates Round 7: 1:50, 20 logs, 5 fences, 1 watch, 12 $ Rounds 1 and 2 are OK, maybe 3 and 4 also. But for 5 and 6 you now need a lot of luck: Since you must pass almost all gates, you can't go for the cash and therefore you can collect it only if it's on your way through the gates. Moving slowly is also not an option, since the max time was reduced (in round 6). And Round 7 is imho now way to hard: 20 logs and 5 fences and 12 $ in only 1:50 min?! The best I achieved after 10 trys or so is 2:15, 18 logs, 3 fences and 8 $ with a lot of luck.. So please restore the values from Skiit 1.0 or make the new ones easier (especially significantly more time and less gates) - in this version Skiquest is definitely to hard to play. Apart from this, Skiit is a fantastic game - I like it very much. Especially the steering of the skier works very well.
  12. If you don't use POKMSK for your own purpose, you can do this: LDA POKMSK ; $10 AND #$BF STA POKMSK STA IRQEN ; $D20E This clears bit 6 of IRQEN, which disables the keyboard IRQ.
  13. Oh, sorry, I misunderstood the manual - yes, Start without Space aborts the game! In the display area, there are 9 blank lines at the top and 36 unused lines at the bottom. So you may use e.g. 24 more lines, i.e. 3 more ANTIC mode 5 lines at the bottom. (I checked it with Altirra - press F8, then click in the Display area with the Shift (or Alt) key pressed to display the current scan line number. The display area starts at line 8 and goes down to 247.) The current course design of Ski It is perfect - I like it! @The Doctor: I can read it, but it's a bit dark IMHO.
  14. Thanks Jason, that helps - I completed now Skiquest round 6 (playing with a freezer). What a great skiing game! The 3 different playing modes are outstanding! Regarding the flags - the right one seems to point in the correct direction always, regardless of its shape (see Skiquest round 5) ?! Long jumps - got it now: A long jump is only successful if you pull up and down AND land on a landing zone. If you don't land there, the width is shown in the upper right corner, but not added to the total width - and the jump doesn't count at the end. You need luck to cross the ledges, since there is no indication where the next is, and they are placed a bit random. And landing zones are not always behing the ledges. The little man (the shadow) also occurs, if I just move on the ledges without jumping and in some other cases also. Is this a bug? Some suggestions for improvements: a) The highscore list and the challenges list are a bit hard to read (on a TV set). One of the blueish colors is too dark and the characters are rather unclear/obscure. A better readable char set would be nice. The bottom line is difficult to read, especially the score (see screenshot). Also some lines in the two lists are cut at the bottom (the bright lines in the screenshot). b) The 2 flags at the gates should both point to the same direction, i.e. the direction of the next gate. So it's clear, in which direction they are pointing. c) It should be possible to select the Skiquest round in the title screen. So you can try later challenge rounds without playing the first rounds again and again. Maybe the challenges should be easier, they are rather difficult from the beginning on. d) There should be an option to abort a game. Pressing Space, then Start as the manual says, doesn't work. e) At the bottom of the screen there's room to make the display list longer and place the ski jumper more at the bottom. So you can see earlier, what is ahead of you. In Skiquest round 6 and 7 challenges list, the displayed number of "challenges required" is one to high, see the screenshot. (But the game logic is correct.) Thank you for this fantastic game, Jason This time you'll make the 1st or 2nd place at the ABBUC contest, I think.
  15. Hello Jason, thanks for your fatastic new game - I played it yesterday. The 3 different play modes make it very interesting, but I have difficulties to understand the game: 1) The manual says the flags indicate in which direction the next gate is. But the 2 flags at each gate point in opposite directions?!? 2) What are these 2 numbers in the upper right corner? The manual says they show my longest/total jump distance - but they are always zero? Except for round 4 in Skiquest, but here the numbers go up and down, e.g. 65 is shown, then 45, then both numbers are zero?!? 3) What must I do to complete the challenges "Land Ski Jumps", "Jump distance" and "Longest Jump"? In round 4 I made a jump of 65, i.e. 65 is shown in the upper right corner, but at the end this "longest jump" didn't count?!? 4) In Skiquest round 4 there are strange green/blue stripes (horizontal and vertical). It seems they make jumps longer when crossing them (at least the horizontal ones)? Sometimes a little man behind me is displayed - what does this mean? The manual says something about "mountain ledges" and "landing zones" - what are these?
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