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  1. Totally reminds me of Cadash Arcade, one of my all time favorites. Looks absolutely amazing! Pre-ordered without hesitation.. Can't wait for this one!! When is shipping?
  2. Ya, Im late to the game too. Any chance this getting another run?
  3. Love it!! I have the actual arcade game, very respectable port of it! 13250 my first try. Can't wait to hear the voices when they are ready.
  4. Love the idea! Can't wait to give this a shot!
  5. Holy Cow, that is just amazing work! While playing I kept saying out loud "how did they do this!" lol
  6. Well, that didn't take long. Another reason to stay away from this rig? http://www.arcadepunks.com/nes-classic-hacked-nes-mini-hacked-already/
  7. I know, sounds TOO easy. I ordered one today. Will see how well it works...
  8. Wonder if this will change anybody's opinions? Use your head when downloading the bin file tho... Retro Bit Generations Hacked, Here is How: http://retrogamingmagazine.com/2016/12/20/retro-bit-generations-hacked-here-is-how/
  9. onmode-ky -- Maybe you should just get your own system? Has anyone confirmed whether not this thing will play roms off the SD card?
  10. Hey Byte Knight! I saw Willie's YT review. He was using a Genesis controller there. Are they still usable just not supported anymore, or not usable at all? Thanks!
  11. If it were me I would keep at least 2 high score lists. One for Berzerk and one for Frenzy. Use the variants that are closest to the original arcade software. And if you got room for more lists later then go from there. In my arcade having your initials on a high score list is ALL its about.
  12. Just gave it a go. Great job as always. Can't wait for this to be finalized!
  13. This is probably a long shot, but do you happen to have any more of these available?
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