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  1. RAM

    I tried to reply to your message, but there was some sort of error, so I'll just say here, yes, I did those pics, and I'm glad you like them!


  2. Very good game! And for me most playable game from all games in compo. Thumbs up!
  3. So solve your problem and use older G2F version, without bugs. Or use any other program. For me G2F is very good tool - best Atari-related program. And i have Vista and now save is no problem for me.
  4. A W E S O M E Keep it up! Truly Best Atari Emulator!
  5. http://www.mobygames.com/game/atari-8-bit/death-sword/screenshots
  6. Guys - ivop, ilmenit, PeteD - very good work, but maybe its time for add some Zuul's, Gozer's or even scariest ghosts, and sprites like pmg0 or pmg3.
  7. Yes, but in some cases we have mic file in resolution 320px (40byte like Jose above) but in g2f 40byte screen mode is mess like hell, exactly like Jose picture. Try for example g2f creator (version 1.4 and 2.3 - no matter) from g2font home page and Jose 320px bmp from above. And load created mic file to G2f with 40byte choosed screen mode (like you said). Nice mess?
  8. Jose: When you load a *.mic file to g2f - try to change screen wide in g2font 48byte or 40byte and reload. Btw. add *.mic file to post
  9. So far Frenchman seems the nicer of the two, and he is right. Maybe in your dreams. PeteD has absolutly right and his answers are balanced and calm. So i answer to you "nice" Frenchman way: "Best for you to keep quiet" no offence, i only quote your "nicer of the two"
  10. That's great news! I'm dead curious how it fairs against NUFLI stuff with these additions I've been working on some stuff to do this kind of conversion with it in mind to process blocks of bitmap and sprites in double width sprite chunks (for a game level), with variable colour split sizes down to 8 lines for the multicolours and sprite colours, but it looks properly shit in comparison to what MUCSU turns out It will be a vast improvement over the previous MUFLI conversion results with the same processing time used as before (only multiplexing per 21 lines with two multicolor sprite location memory writes. Ofcourse NUFLI has far less restrictions in the mode itself (2 colors per 8x2) instead of 8x8 as well as sprite color changes per 2 lines but at the expense of virtually every CPU cycle exhausted for the screen. If I can get image quality high enough using MUCSU particularly with the user selected 8x8 blocks in the image for the converter to concentrate on then it should give comparable results. Hey, i'm very glad to see you here in Atari forums. I try to take your side on csdb because many C64 users don't hear about your MUCSU and comment NUFLI as "A new standard is born." Anyway, back to Atari: maybe when you here - Can you do similar conventer for the Atari sprites rules? Of course in lowres because we on Atari don't have hires sprites and very restricted hires mode. But in 2x1 mode, conventer like MUCSU which compute and place sprites in specific area, would be very usefull for us. For now we have G2F and all this things we must do manually - and this takes ages (Emkay you know )
  11. You think you have used the right term there? Actually, if G2F sometimes will have all possible features of the real machine, I will make some of the "mockups" real. For the game of this thread, we need different styles of gfx... less detail but more colours and moving objects. What you, I , Powrooz, and others can get right out of G2F is ~ a quarter ~ of what is possible. Yes, i agree with you but since that time we can use only what is possible in g2f now. I know 23 colors is possible but without usefull tools is very painful to create anything more then listing in basic . And remember about color palette. You always remember C64 ugly colors but Atari also has some problems with palette. This is Atari gfx limits
  12. Fourth For me Atari 8bit is GTIA - when i want 24bit palette (er 22bit) i have a PC/Mac. I like Atari from 1979 with all disadvantages. VBXE, VBGeforceXE don't interest me at all.
  13. First - i think this pictures is ugly Second - i don't use G2F to create this pictures, i only made - like Emkay - fake versions but with Atari colors palette and with an eye to Atari gfx limits. This is only a response, to show more correct version. Nothing more. If you want to learn some more tricks in G2F ask someone who knows this program better like author Tebe and more important someone who knows better english - because my is terrible or look to g2fexamples catalog and try understand how ex. Powrooz use pmgs, or 5th color. I learned a lot that way. edit. Emkay is first and answer your question - yes this pictures is fakes or mockups.
  14. Not possible. Try in g2f and you see why. First - colors: on Atari you don't have many colors from your version, for example: like sky or from Bhudda. Look here with proper Atari colors: Second - in every line in your version you use 12 to 17 colors - even Powrooz with super colorful Elfi.g2f picture use 4 to 11 colors per line and heavily use all pmg. So here is more accurate version with 5 to 9 colors: But for real test you must use G2F. Yours fake pictures is nice but far, far from reality
  15. Thanks for this info! On Atari is more sprite-color combinations to analyze, rasters tricks, dli, 5th color and etc and... no one made conventer. No, Atari in Hires is total disaster but in lowres mode, with better palette - who knows?. But without conventer we can show you only famous 23 colors listing or fake pictures
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