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  1. Brian R.

    Brian R.

  2. Mine stands at 260 titles. So that's unique titles, not counting duplicates - thankfully of which I have few, really tried to avoid getting 2, 5, 8, etc. copies of one game. Of that, 15 are homebrews, and I expect to have 3 more arriving soon.
  3. I just got my first heavy sixer. Came with three joysticks - two are CX10s - two sets of paddles, power supply (black), intact box, storage center (pictured) and 15 games. Serial is 63688M. Does the M mean anything?
  4. I see he currently has an auction for 2600 Space Raid, which he claims in the description is "out of production." Except, it's not. https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1060 And there's one bid on it now, with the price now over what it can be bought directly from the store for. The "buy it now" was $15 over the store price. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ATARI-2600-VCS-SPACE-RAID-NIB-/301935116492?hash=item464cbc40cc:g:hO4AAOSwE7RXF0D0
  5. Without a Wico, for me, the 5200 would be unplayable. I love the look and feel of the console and the cartridges. The cartridges really rock, IMO. But without a controller alternative, to play its games, you're better off with any of the A8 systems and a 2600 controller.
  6. Martin Shkreli, what a colossal douchebag.

    1. Csonicgo


      He's pretty much the worst.


  7. I have enough real 5200 games on cartridges I feel no need to get a multicart. Those carts are just so damn sexy, like the system itself. I missed the Redemption adapter. I'd buy one immediately if they were produced again. In my experience emulation removes too much of the experience, and even what you really only get - the game - is often messed up, too.
  8. I bought a rebuilt controller, and it quickly failed, too. Finding a Wico saved my 5200. But the start button barely worked on my stock controller, which I needed at minimum to start games. Much later I got the Wico keypad, and I doubt I'll ever touch the stock controller again.
  9. Just 10 days until the end of the world! ;)

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    2. Two-in-the-Belfry


      I can't believe how many times the world has ended in the past several decades!

    3. Brian R.

      Brian R.

      We've known this one since 1989. Aliens imparted the information to her in a room at the Holiday Inn, but it could've been on a spaceship made to look like a room at the Holiday Inn.

    4. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      Time to rack up massive credit card debt! Thanks for the heads-up!

  10. I will vouch for the Edladdin adapter. I got one recently. It works, it's well made, and you can't get any better than the Genesis controller (in my case, the six button controller) for the 7800 games that need two fire buttons. What the adapter gets you is use of two, separate fire buttons on the Genesis controller, as you would with the regular 7800 controllers. Without it, only a single fire button works, like on a 2600 controller. While the Euro pads might be interesting, and have the perk of being an Atari branded controller that is rather unique, it simply is not as good as the Genesis controller, especially when it comes to the D pad. IMO, best use of money is the adapter. The Atari pads will cost more and are not worth it, from a functional, game playing perspective. Also, IMO, the 7800 sticks absolutely suck. And if a game needs only one fire button, or no fire button, I prefer using the standard 2600 controller.
  11. I prefer four switchers, woodies in particular. One, it's what I had back in the day. Cousins had a light six, and it was the "odd ball" to me. But for more practical reasons, now that I have a light six, it has a deeper/more recessed cartridge slot, which can make inserting and removing some cartridges difficult. It's can be a tight fit, and the cart housing can be scraped. The four toggle doesn't have that issue. So although my light six puts out a pristine picture, I go to a four toggle instead for ease of use and as to not damage the carts in any way. The junior is nice. And if it works, it works and it's great. But I don't believe it's as reliable or durable.
  12. Wish I had bought a Roku 2 a long time ago. It's a great little device.

    1. pangasinan


      I love Roku's,I have 3xRoku 3 and a Roku 4 .

  13. I think a problem with putting in another cable is many are too big to be inside the case. The stock cable you'll notice is shorter/not as tall inside the case as it is on the other end. It's shallower so it fits inside. Other cables are too big.
  14. Hard to fathom how people can't know of these games. Take a look through the store. You may be surprised what you find. Lots of good stuff.
  15. I bought this one a long time ago - my review in the store is from 2007. Great example of a very simple, very fun, pick-up-and-play Atari game. "08/18/2007 12:18am They joy of the 2600 is in its simplicity, and one of the games to capture that idea perfectly is Fall Down. This is video gaming at its purest, simplest and most fun form. No complex controls. No detailed environments. No lengthy back story. Two players - one red, one blue - running frantically across scrolling platforms, with whoever falls through a hole first claiming it. Yes, there are power-ups, but getting them is more a secondary objective to the first - capturing the level, scoring the point and avoiding death at the top of the screen. It's easy to play and lots of fun, which may be a surprise given just how simple an idea it is. Success will often depend on getting the right momentum, or just dumb luck, in choosing which way to run for the opening. You can be ahead, or be behind, and then have the tide turn. The game has several variations for one and two players, and for single players the VCS is a worthy and fair opponent. A fun game enhanced by its label and manual that is worth a purchase."
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