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  1. I've never had a TV that has that kind of input, but it looks like a BNC connector, so maybe try a BNC male to RCA female adapter?
  2. Whew...I read that wiki link...just PACKED with technical jargon. To summarize: the insides of ICs slowly melt all together, and other things you do can make it happen faster.
  3. Well, I've been watching this project from the beginning, and I was going to order one once they were ready and available. Because I happened to be on vacation once the early risers got theirs shipped, I missed out. All the rest using up existing parts, of the second $200ish batch, were snapped up before I could request one. Not being critical of Collectorvision here...I completely understand why they are choosing to do it this way. It's a very conservative way to minimize risk and produce what appears to be a tremendous exceptional product, but I'm not really in a position to put that much money into escrow with no end date, and not even any commitment. Even if several more batches are ultimately produced, this process unfortunately won't work for me.
  4. That's an impressive collection. I never knew there were so many, quite different, variations of the graphics.
  5. Every time I steal some little kids handheld at the playground, I always play it for a while before taking it to the pawnshop.
  6. I really like lots of video games, and have for many years, but I'm kind of amazed at the number of people who waste so much of their life "accomplishing" completion of a video game. I enjoy SMB for an hour or two once in a while, but I've never even come close to finishing it. The tedium of practicing over and over those little jumps just seems so pointless to me...there are so many other rewarding activities in life.
  7. Sometimes the utility overrides any moral objections. I love having a portable system that plays atari games, and it didn't cost that much; it's not perfect, but it's been an exceptional value for me. I have been turned off by things MANY companies have done to succeed in the market, but I still buy their products if I want them. If it's really a bad situation, I have faith that the legal system will usually eventually work things out, which can include penalties and/or remedies. Also, I have SO many different versions of Ms. Pac-Man... spare me the tears for theft of the IP on THAT game.
  8. if you can, try tuning a radio to the frequency used and make sure the joysticks are transmitting. fresh batteries? I bet it's something in the receiver unit. Might be able to find another on ebay for cheap without joysticks. maybe also possible it's something with your power supply.
  9. I've sold a bunch of stuff to several local game stores. You have to sell low enough so they can make some money, but if the systems and games are clean and neat, there are guys who want it and will pay 40 to 50% of what they will sell for, at least in my area. Realize that ebay prices are a bit high, and be honest with yourself about what you REALLY want to keep. Always talk directly only to the owner, and sell a few hundred dollars worth at a time. Try to find 4 or 5 store owners you can be friendly with. Nobody will really want a box of genesis sports games or Atari commons, and really rare items are harder to sell, so harder for a reseller to justify, but stuff in the middle sells really well, in my experience. You wont get as much as ebay, and it'll take more time than selling the whole collection at once, but take the opportunity to talk about everything and enjoy the experience. Lots of stuff has gone out the door at a reasonable price with not much effort.
  10. Interesting. Does anyone know what technology these batteries are based on?
  11. OMG (21 hours later)! I speled Vectrex rong!
  12. No, I am no authority on the subject; I just saw mention of it a few years ago.
  13. I always thought your FIRST name was Vectex, and your LAST name was Roli.
  14. It's one of my favorites; you'll easily get ten bucks worth of fun out of it.
  15. Looks like your list is missing everything.
  16. I think the history of some (individual) consoles must cause the plastic to age more quickly than others. I had a NES (one of maybe 50 so far) that just crumbled at every point where I applied small amount of pressure; all the screw holes disintegrated as I tried to remove screws, for example. I bet sitting in the sun for long periods could cause this.
  17. Some IP owners may have given permission for anyone to copy; others may put their work in the public domain. There also may be a few cases on the margin where a work was copyrighted in a country that no longer exists. You also may possibly get written permission to use any work from the copyright holder, especially if the use is for charity or other good cause. Good luck identifying every games legal situation... there may be someplace that attempts to document it all (but I don't know where).
  18. I'm absolutely sure you could have built a TV tennis type game in the 1950's (or before) using analogue components and a few vacuum tubes connected to an oscilloscope, maybe even as part of a regular black and white TV, possibly even within the cost that some consumers might pay, but I still doubt it would have changed todays game industry much, if at all. The real enabling technology was consumer digital computers (ie., microprocessors), which depended on so many other things coming together first.
  19. I know under some conditions, plugging or unplugging a controller from the colecovision while it's on can blow a chip(s). I wouldn't be surprised if the same effect could occur by pressing buttons on the genesis controller plugged into the colecovision. I haven't heard of, or experienced any damage to a 2600 (or 7800) using a genesis controller, which I have been using routinely for many years. Don't know why you would plug a colecovision controller into an Atari, except maybe just for funzies because it fits, but I wouldn't do it.
  20. There aren't many, but I love the utter nonsense of the T-handles.
  21. Sorry...cold water coming... I doubt the technology required for Pong (or especially anything microprocessor based) would have been commercially viable much earlier. Maybe Space War at MIT (?I think that's where it was invented?) would have come 15 years earlier, though. Contrary to popular belief, the "idea" part of commercial invention is really only a small part of the equation.
  22. The 7800 is known for tight fit on some carts. You can fix most or all of it if you are willing to cut the corners of the plastic sleeve around the cart connector (so you have 4 independent pieces of plastic that flex more easily around the tight carts). Or, you could probably dremel it to fit.
  23. Could either be a hex sequence number, or Barbie doll bra size variations.
  24. My guess is the cart and/or the slot need to be cleaned. Try 91% rubbing alcohol or Caig deoxit. Qtip on the cart connector; credit card wrapped with soaked lint-free cloth in the slot.
  25. ----> "Have you tried with a third-party joystick/joypad (wico or similar)? " Yes. I have an adapter allowing 2600 joystick use... better, but coin-op still seems more responsive (although at this point it's been many years since I've played on an actual coin-op machine).
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