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  1. I want one! Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  2. Sorry for the double post pls delete this one
  3. Hi there, Anybody have one that is not using? Thx.
  4. Hi there, Anybody have one that is not using? Thx.
  5. WHY = trade for what have you?
  6. Sega Genesis Games for trade Super Monaco GP II (complete box and manual), Loose carts: Mortal Combat, Batman Returns, NHLPA Hockey 93, NHL 94, World Series Baseball, NBA live 96, Hardball III Looking for Atari paddles, Atari 7800 Games, NES / SNES power supply or WHY
  7. If you REALLY want one but unable to find it, you could make it yourself: Diy Jupiter Ace
  8. Thanks Keilbaca. Yes, thats is the idea, to use same A/V cable on all consoles so if the cable is damaged you can just get another one without propetary connector. Jason: As per my location, I could pickup mail on WA state for more than one console at the time for an extra fee. True about the new TVs, unfortunately. But why would a Genesis II need modding to output composite? I think I'm getting something wrong here. I've never seen a Genesis that didn't output composite, and the modding I've read about (for Genesis) was always to try to get something BETTER than composite - like S-video or RGB. Also, because the newer TVs don't have S-video certainly does not negate the desire to have it. It's likely that the retro-gamer will have some S-video TVs around. I think S-video out of the Genesis would be of some interest I'm envious of the Super Nintendo that does it, and looks sharper on my old TVs. Some people just don't want to deal with the original cables, they would like nice easy plugins instead of a standalone proprietary cable.
  9. What about Tron Legacy? Tron Legacy 7800
  10. No I mean composite. (Yellow RCA) Many new tvs dont even have Svideo anymore
  11. I've often wondered about these 2800 box flats that are floating around on ebay every so often, do the actual 2800 branded games exist for these? Yes, I remember my first games and catalogs was in japanese for the 2800. Demonds to diamonds, missile command and asteroids.
  12. I bought a gameboy micro for tron killer app and chessmaster. I didn't have any handheld console before. And later got another one for my wife in order to play ultimate card games.
  13. Howdy- Thanks--you can do S-video & stereo out on both an SMS & Genesis II? What do you charge, & where do you live? I'm in 91107. I also realized that I'd like to get my Intellivision AV modded. Composite or, preferably, S-video. Do you do that too? Thanks, -Jason I can do composite / audio out on all of them. $40 each w/o shipping. My location is also in west coast: Vancouver, Canada.
  14. Yeah my folks got it originally in Mexico city in the 80's, I believe from Tepito or mabye other place that sells "Fayuca" (black market illegal imports). Maybe it was the cheapest one as I rembember all my cousings have an atari way before me. It was my only atari system until I got a flashback2 a few years ago. I remember trying to read the manuals on japanese and the silver labels. Unfortunately none survive today. One by one I broke the joysticks playing!
  15. Can anybody confirm this? I have a 2800 without power supply
  16. I can offer that service for you or I have one without the overclocking willing to trade for a 130xe, intellivision or colecovision
  17. Hi there, I got mine originally as a child and last xmas went to my parents house (in Mexico) for it. However there is not power supply... Can you guys please post pics of the original power supply?
  18. I have 3, 100ct and 2 70ct. Personally I use a custom build linux distro(gentoo or debian). However the best way to get max power on an emulator, besides linux I think would be running freeDos: http://www.freedos.org/ and get a dos based emulator.
  19. Ok you just outbid me for a few dollars! Please post a video when you get it.
  20. Ok I tested the supercharger on the 2600jr after enabling the RF output again. It works fine!! I guess mitch is right about the urban legend. The 7800 works ok. Thanks for your replies guys
  21. Thanks for your reply. Here is where I read that they kill it: Superchargers being fried/blown by 7800s See first reply. I have not test it with the 2600 JR as I need to enable the RF out again. Anybody can confirm?
  22. Hi there, I just got an harmony cart and is the best thing since the creation of the universe! Previously my only atari (a jr) have been modded to have a 1/4 jack output to use the synthcart with my music equipment. This was done where the video signal was so I havent use it as a game console for years. I also have a supercharger that needed to change the 1/8 jack. However I never use it after fix it. I remember it showed the menu on the jr. Well I specifically got an 7800 to use with the harmony, after checking here in this forum that works. Cool! But I made the mistake to test all my carts..... Including the supercharger. So did it broke it? Can I fix it? Thanks
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