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    My cat Warren is named after Warren Robinett. Sadly, Warren (the cat, not Mr. Robinett!) passed away in December 2008, four months shy of his 20th birthday. I remember when he was a tiny babycat; how time passes!
  1. Not much you can do there, though. And if a dragon shows up and sees you there, he'll eat you up! You can also take the bridge into the hidden message room and position it in either the top or bottom (I can't remember which and neither my Atari nor my Atari Flashback are hooked up at the moment) and go through, and you'll appear in the Blue Maze. I... don't even know how that could be. Heh.
  2. Kittendaddy bought me one for Christmas this past year, and I haven't noticed the emulation issue or the sound issue... and believe me, I'm very familiar with the games on there, having played them for 30+ years or so!
  3. If you take the bridge with you into the secret room, you can use it to go right through the fake passage and into the blue maze!
  4. OMG yes. Those were the days! The OP brought back so many good memories. I wish I had a time machine. *sigh*
  5. No, but I totes should have. We dressed up and handed out candy to the kids as we always do. And I love your avatar. I have many fond memories of playing with Micronauts as a kid!
  6. OMG OMG! I'm a Hallmark Gold Crown Member, and so have accumulated points...
  7. A Trak Ball in joystick mode should produce exactly the same output as a joystick. Are you 100% sure, you haven't disabled that mode? Also (and I may be wrong here, I'm using my memory instead of the user's manual, heh) I think Centipede was one of the 2600 games that actually utilized the "Trak-Ball" setting on the controller. Maybe. My memory is like a sieve and I've had a few hundred glasses of wine tonight.
  8. This is so prevalent in media that it even has its own TV Tropes entry (Warning: The TV Tropes Wiki is a huge time sink; enter at your own risk! :!: ). Adventure will never stop being my favorite video game. Ever.
  9. OMG, this looks so complicated. I'm having a small panic attack just looking at the pics of all the little pieces spread out everywhere! I got out my paddle controllers last Friday to play Breakout with Kittengranddaughter. Unfortunately, both of my sets of paddle controllers are jittery like whoa. I guess I could try taking them apart and cleaning them... it's not like I could make them any more unusable than they are now, right? Wait, those are driving controllers. Are they the same as paddle controllers?
  10. The use (and misuse) of video game sound effects (especially Atari/Pac-Man sound effects) is so widespread that it's got its own entry on TV Tropes (see also: Pac-Man Fever).
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