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  1. Thanks for reminding me, I need to dig out my scanner and copy some of these for the ITV site before they sell. I'll post them once I'm done.
  2. Checkers manual is in mine, only difference is that it's a pink color scheme rather than just b&w. https://www.ebay.com/itm/223047399521
  3. EGM's average reader was a bit older than you imply. Regardless, having an adolescent audience is not a free pass, especially considering how EGM themselves wrote endlessly about how gaming journalism needed to shape up and grow up. Yes, the Jaguar got that treatment from most publications and deservedly so. Hence, why I specifically discarded anything involving it.
  4. Thanks! I was hesitant to make another post in the ebay thread, especially since I don't expect these to be of any interest. But since I'm already in the process of posting all my games, I figured I'd give these a chance before tossing them out.
  5. I'm surprised I'm not overrun with them. Though I guess they just threw out the duplicates.
  6. Probably not then. I wouldn't call it peculiar so much as standard bad handwriting. Not dissimilar to mine actually.
  7. I bought an ECS on its first year and I recall it came with an errata sheet like that. I remember that, because my father went through the entire manual and made the corrections with an ink pen. That's how mine is, maybe I ended up with the same one.
  8. I can't say the Jaguar didn't have an atypical 'poor game to good game' ratio, but things related to that system aside, there seemed to be a negative tone regarding Atari in general, at least post-2001 or so when I started reading it. The ones I remember most: A PS2 Rygar article had a comment on the Lynx version: "chunky and junky, like all games for this turd handheld. Instead, turn that Lynx into a snowboard for your cat." An article about the G4 network had "we loved hearing how Atari founder Nolan Bushnell blew all his Pong dough" when referencing the show Icons. There were a couple more that escape at the moment. Maybe if I end up re-reading the back issues I dug out...but last time I tried, the snarky, sarcastic "humor" in the letters section turned me off a lot more than it did back in the day (and I didn't like it then either). They were similar though in that they felt more like cheap shots than genuine comments. Maybe EGM and Atari clashed a lot back in the days they had to deal with each other regularly? It seems like a holdover from that type of situation. If so, I have to say it's unprofessional at best. Especially considering EGM was about the only mag I trusted much, even if I didn't care too much for their "sarcastic little sh*t" approach to comedy.
  9. Both my module guides are spiral bound, I'm pretty sure they were bought a year apart (1981 and 1982) but my computing guide is looped black plastic.
  10. One more find from this stuff that I can't locate much info on (when I titled this thread "quick question" I knew it would end up a lie somehow ) The console registration card mentions that those who mail it in will receive a game catalog. I assume that's what these are. Were they available by any other means? The Intellivision site has a 1982 catalog pictured which is mostly the same as mine (a different cover and a slightly different game list) but it gives no info about where or what it originates from.
  11. That used the 9v with an "audio" type input, I think. I don't know if anything else used it aside from Odyssey systems and old tape recorders. And I'm not sure of the latter, the input size may have been slightly different. It's basically proprietary hardware. You might be able to find one cheaper on ebay with a non-working system rather than an adapter listed on its own.
  12. Wasn't the 7800 the more powerful system compared to NES though? That's what I've heard anyway. Never dug into it or anything.
  13. Found another one. This time for the Home Computing guide (double-sided). Anyone familiar with it?
  14. I just came across this flier: It opens into 3-panels with descriptions of each game. What I find odd is Donkey Kong being included, which I thought was released for Intellivision and 2600 at the same time it was a pack-in for the Colecovision. Was this an earlier version? It has a 1981 copyright date inside, as do most of the others (Smurf and Zaxxon are '82 though). If so, what was the quality of it? If not, then what's with Coleco releasing all these games on competing consoles when they had just released their own? I know their reasoning behind the Donkey Kong ports but were these others purposely downgraded ports as well? I just don't see why they would've done this in '82. '83-'85 I could see why, but not '82.
  15. The only ones that come to mind are Donkey Kong for the 2600 compared to the Intellivision version, although it was on purpose, I guess (I know both were intentionally inferior to the Colecovision version, but did Coleco purposely mean for the VCS port to beat out the Intellivision's?) Also, Winter Games for the 2600 compared to the NES version (or all other versions depending on your taste for certain events). How did Tempest 3000 compare to 2000? (Just curious, I've never played it or even seen footage.)
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