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  1. Here's the 1984 version of the Centipede manual: https://www.atari7800.org/museum/Centipede84Manual.htm
  2. I've never actually soldered before, would it be doable to put new connectors from a scrap Lynx?
  3. The cables themselves look just fine, I just can't get them to lock in place and stay.
  4. Yes, the connector is stripped and won't hold the ribbon cable in. I also managed to do the same thing with the control ribbon connector. I really don't know how to solder.
  5. So I didn't want to start a new thread for this but it is sort of on topic. I just got a new BennVenn mod to install on one of my Lynx systems and I think I stripped the LCD and the control locking socket. I there anything I can do? I really don't have the soldering skills to replace it. I there any one who could help?
  6. I was browsing the Best Electronics website and noticed a new link on the front page. http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/New Best Auto 2600 Power Supply.htm He now sells a brand new 2600 power supply. It is a long read.
  7. I think that tamper seal is the one that Best Electronics uses.
  8. Maybe I should have ordered a copy.. Please let me know if it's worth ordering when you get your new power supply.
  9. How complete is Daemonsgate? Is it different from the other prototype versions?
  10. Sorry, it was more of a joke.
  11. Have you cleaned stuff off your desk yet?
  12. "I was able to pick a character and then didn’t go further." If the games isn't playable what did he mean by this? I wish he would have put more footage up.
  13. As far as I know Best games are all nos. I haven't bought Jaguar games but all of the Lynx and Atari 8-bit games I bought have the original correct manuals. On a few games I suspect he puts them together from parts though. One time I bought Final Legacy for the 8-bit and It had his warranty seal and the supposed not released international version of them game with symbols. http://www.atariprotos.com/8bit/software/finallegacy/finallegacy.htm
  14. I would ether try buying a dead on on Ebay for parts or Best Electronics.
  15. Update: The buy it now price is now $175!!! If you bought it you would now overpay by $129.
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