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  1. Well, I just discovered I have the ability to blog here. Maybe I'll write something less vacuous next time... who knows?! ~Simon
  2. Did you at any point notice that the conversation you're responding to is nearly three YEARS old? What can I say? I'm a slow reader!
  3. Lance has received permission, though, to legally sell cartridge versions of some games originally released in Europe only on tape/disk. I believe that this is the situation with the upcoming "Barbarian", but will have to ask him again to clarify. I don't believe Dan Strikes Back (English Software) was one of them! Does Lance have documentary proof to the contrary?
  4. I will probably release the source code eventually, but I haven't yet decided what form it will take. I'm seriously thinking about documenting the design, complete with illustrations from my original hand written notes, rather than release just the assembler code. The music playing while the title screen is showing was composed by J.S.Bach It was a little piece I learnt to play on the piano when I was a kid. The music during gameplay was my own composition, written especially for "Dan Strikes Back".
  5. Here's the results: http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=127969
  6. My sincere thanks go to Steven Tucker and Cabell Clarke for their part in re-uniting me with the Source Code to both "Diamonds" and "Dan Strikes Back", as well as a number of other unfinished projects. They took the original 5.25" floppies (I kept them for 25 years) and created ATR images from the disks. Fortunately, I had the foresight to make multiple copies of the disks, back in '83/'84, and so we've recovered all the original files (despite some flawed images) Thanks guys. The image below shows screenshots I took after loading the souce code and re-assembling those unfinished projects. It's neat to see them again after all these years! ( A ) The directory listing and beginning of src code for "Diamonds" ( B ) The sequel to "Diamonds" and "Dan Strikes Back" (unfinished) ( C ) A Qix-like game (unfinished) ( D ) A "Light-Cycles" game (unfinished) ( E ) A "Writing Software" game (unfinished) Now, perhaps I'll have to see if I can make workable games out of some of these ideas. (but don't hold your breath!) Cheers, ~Simon
  7. I'm in US and can do it. My grateful thanks to bf2k+ (the first of two very helpful forum members) who earlier today emailed me a zip archive containing ATR images of the disks I sent him. This afternoon I was able to load, read, assemble and run "Dan Strikes Back" from the source code, on the Atari800Win emulator! What a rush!! The other disk images contained half finished projects that never saw the light of day bf2k+ ... once again, a public "Thanks!" ~Simon
  8. 25 years ago, I was a teenager, single, with time to spare on my hands. These days I'm a working parent with an active social life. Don't hold your breath for a sequel
  9. yes I used Atari Assembler editor too, it was so slow and limited. i guess mainly why my coding was held back. I really should have saved and bought Mac65. Was the Synapse assembler commercial or just for in house use? i dont recall seeing it I think it was commercial. See http://www.powow.com/oldatarian/syndx.htm
  10. Actually, I was living with my parents in Bedfordshire at the time. Still quite a trek though. Yeah, I remember things being really pricey - can't remember all the individual values now, but I remember spending over a Grand! I started off with Atari's Assembler/Editor cartridge. But after I established contact with English Software, they gave me a copy of Synapse's Synassembler, which I found much more usable. That's what I finally used to write D & DSB.
  11. Silica Shop (Sidcup) was where I bought my Atari 800 and 810 Disk Drive, all those years ago.
  12. I can tell you that "Diane's Game" was an unofficial hack of Dan Strikes Back, and was done without my knowledge. I do not know the origin of it. It certainly wasn't released by English Software.
  13. Wow! Thanks for the fast responses! I'm in the Sacramento area (California). BTW, the two games I had published were "Diamonds" and "Dan Strikes Back". http://gury.atari8.info/details_games/1034.htm http://gury.atari8.info/details_games/1006.htm
  14. Hi There, Back in the '80s I wrote a couple of games for the Atari-400/800. I am sad to say that I no longer have the hardware. But recently I discovered atari800win and started playing some of the old classics - including my games. I still have the 5.25" single-density disks with my assembler source code for the games I wrote. I would love to hear from anyone who is able and willing to create .ATR images from these disks. Cheers, ~Simon
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