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  1. Both controllers are great. Especially the Cadet.
  2. Hi guys. I just posted up a video review of both the Hyperkin GN6 controller for the Sega Genesis and the Cadet controller for the NES. Both are great controllers, especially the Cadet. Thought I would share it with you.
  3. What he is saying is that the boards in the XE machines are known for being lower quality. It's really easy to pull up traces and otherwise damage them without the correct tools. I used a Hakko 808 vacuum desoldering gun to desolder the chips in my 130xe when I socketed it for a U1mb install. Worked great and only took a few moments per chip to desolder. The key is heat and speed. The more you fiddle with desoldering wick and manual solder suckers, the more you risk damaging the board. Some sort of vacuum based desoldering tool makes quick work of it.
  4. Hey guys, thought I would share with you my install and review video of the UAV rev D.
  5. But what happens if Chroma is already present on the monitor out port? Wouldn't I still need to disable the chroma signal going to the din connector?
  6. Stupid install question time. I have a PAL 800XL that appears to have working Chroma on its 5 pin din monitor port, however this machine has not been modded to output Chroma via the monitor port. I have inspected the board top and bottom and unable to find any of the normal Chroma mods on it. Also, I built the svideo cable for it and made sure NOT to use composite video as chroma. Just double checked it to verify it. Sooooo, my question is, how will this affect the UAV install? I know about pulling up L7 and L9 for Composite video and Luma, but what about dealing with the apparent mystery Chroma? Or am I missing something else? I know the 800XL shouldn't have this enabled (and I have modded a couple 800XL to restore it), but this one has me stumped.
  7. If you ever decide to do another board, I think a drop in replacement board for the 800xl would be awesome.
  8. Holy hell, that was quick! Looking forward to you building the first board out.
  9. Looks great! Would be great to hear what the in game music will sound like (unless that has already been posted in the thread somewhere).
  10. Received mine today too! Gonna dig into it sometime over the weekend.
  11. Maybe I missed it, but is our only option for a keyboard just a ps/2 one? Would be kinda nice to use a more Atari like one.
  12. Me too. Can't wait to build one. Should be a nice weekend project. Soooo, who is gonna whip up an Atari inspired 3D printable case for this?
  13. I soooo can't wait to build one of these up.
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