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  1. My joystick did that to me a few times. I just simply rotated it clockwise with my thumb for a bit and and it works fine now.
  2. Today I recieved 12 NES games from a friend. I put one of them into my Nintendo and it showed the flashing red light. I wasn't concerned because i thought all they needed was a good cleaning. But then, after i cleaned all of them thouroughly, i still got the flashing light. Keep in mind, before i put my newly recieved games in my system, it had been working perfectly. And now, even the games i have owned forever don't work. In conclusion, my NES doesn't read any of my games anymore, and i tried playing them on my backup NES and got the same results.
  3. We are gonna start doing podcasts here at Below Zero Gaming. They will be very short compared to all the other ones, but only straight up, Classic Gaming talk!.\ We have made a topic about questions that you want answered to the show. Check it out!! In our first episode, we will discuss E.T. on the 2600.....We will regularly produce these podcasts weekly, and you will only be able to find them at: belowzerogaming.webs.com Thank You!! Ask Some Questions On The Other Thread! Aaron, BZG
  4. Hello All!! Here at Below Zero Gaming, we are gonna start publishing podcasts to the public. We already have our first idea for our 1st one (E.T.). Now what we need from you, the public, is questions to be answered on the podcast. Questions can include everything that relates to the classic gaming era. All submissions are greatly appreciated!! Thank You, And Ask Away!! Aaron, Below Zero Gaming
  5. UPDATES: NEWLY ADDED GAMES: Metal Gear and Mach Rider NEW SITE DESIGN!! ALSO, THE NESCLASSICS FORUMS ARE NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!! AND MORE GREAT STUFF HAS BEEN ADDED!!! Thank You, and tell us what you think!! Aaron, Below Zero Gaming, NES Classics http://www.nesclassics.webs.com http://www.belowzerogaming.webs.com Drop Us A Line And Tell Us What You Think!! [email protected]
  6. HAHAHAHAHA...Anyone remember ECW Hardcore Revolution and ECW Anarchy Rules for the N64?? Good old ECW games, although Hardcore Revolution was basically a rip-off of WWF War Zone, which was a great game!
  7. Hi, Welcome back!! And remember ECW, ECW, ECW, ECW!! Anthony.... Haha, That's Right! ORIGINAL ECW FOR LIFE!
  8. WOW! Great Collections Everyone! I never thought this thread would ever be this big!
  9. Aahh, Good to be back on the forums...I haven't been on here since November, since then i got a my first 4-Switch, and tons of more classic games. Have I missed much? ~Aaron
  10. Hey Paulie, You play it Yet? Sure Will Bring Back the Memories..Commodore Style!
  11. Stole This one from the Jaguar Forums. Let's See Your 2600 collection... The person with the biggest collection will earn bragging rights! =)
  12. screwed this one up......post in the other one please.
  13. Nice collection...We all care about that stuff. I've just started my collection...Let's just hope it will be that start of a new era of collecting =)
  14. The #1 Rule in my house....Don't mess with the Atari Games!!
  15. Definitely Breakout and Yars' Revenge
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