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  1. Weekly bump. And made sure the list was accurate
  2. PM’d and tread bump with updates on what I need pending sale. Also added some trade items I’d be willing to talk about.
  3. Bump for updating the list pending sale. These I still need. Thank you for looking.
  4. I’m really interested in starting to really complete my 7800 collection I got like half the game library most cib but I was wondering if people might help me help finish what I need. Money can be done, trade possible depending on what you want and I have. Pm me! All NTSC please! Here is the full list of what I need: Mario bros (box+manual ONLY) Ace of aces CIB Dark chambers CIB touchdown football (box + M only) fight night CIB midnight mutants CIB summer games CIB super Huey CIB WINTER GAMES CIB double dragon (box + M only) f 18 hornet CIB IMPOSSIBLE mission CIB kung fu master CIB ninja golf CIB pete rose baseball CIB super skateboardin’ CIB title match pro wrestling (Box+ M only) tomcat flight sim CIB water ski CIB xenophobe CIB basketbrawl CIB fatal run CIB motor psycho CIB plant smashers CIB rampage (Box + M only) alien brigade CIB Ikari warriors CIB mean 18 CIB tank command CIB If you can help me with one game or a few I’d be really interested! Please and thank you! things I can think of right now that I can trade: rare HD-DVD + Blu-ray player (rare duel format player) with remote Wii U games my perfectly working Atari 800 computer with my 1010 disk drive and only used a few times 810 tape drive (I actually opened it new in box) with tons of extras and games. ^ though for my computer id trade it as a-lot and all together for a decent amount of the games I need xbox one games
  5. So this will be like a multi part post and Im sorry for all the reading ahead of time! So basically Im been doing some thinking and I feel like being 25, I want to only collect for a few systems. So I decided to focus on Atari systems and sell my odd systems. It basically boils down to I want to get back into collecting for the Jaguar, though I sold my system a few years ago and now its so expensive! My local game store as one CIB for 250$. Is that a decent deal? Id also look into trading my entire collection of Dreamcast or my Intellivision collection for a Jaguar (message me if interested in trading!), I feel like if I sell them Id make up the 205$ back easily (I have like 40 games for both systems and both systems are modded). You think I should buy the cib haguar or go the trade route? Also Id love to buy the classics like tempest 2000, defender 2000, or breakout 2000 though I know there kind of rare. Any ideas on where to buy them?
  6. Im looking to see if someone would trade my entire Dreamcast collection or my entire Intellivision collection, for an Atari Jaguar system+games and whatnot. My Dreamcast I have like 30 games including resident evil 3 and sonic adventure 1+2 and tons of others or my Intellivision 1 thats professionally rca modded with like 20 boxed games and like 15 loose carts. (Message me to ask what games for both systems)
  7. Up for free is 3 items I dont need/have extras off. Mousetrap I think works but cannot 100% guarantee it. My Rules: You pay for 100% of the shipping cost Any and all items you take will go to a good home (thats all I ask). See photos of items/message me if you have any questions and whatnot. Shipping from Maine, 04578 zip. No international please! Item 1: Intellivision NFL playbook manual/booklet. Poor-fair condition. Item 2: Celecovison Mousetrap cart only. I believe it worked the last time I played it but Cant garentee if it works (95% sure it does though) Fair/decent cart condition. Typical 30+ year old average loose cart condition.
  8. Thanks. I’ll see if I can send him an email. Do you or anyone know of someone who can service my 1010? I’m not that technical so I don’t dare do it myself
  9. I placed a wanted ad in the wanted section but no one answered so I figured Id have a better shot asking for help here. Im trying to fix the stuff I already have to save some money instead of paying for new things. Im looking for someone to service my Atari 1010 player and my Atari 1050. Can do both or just one or the other. Im asking for help with it being fixed up, like change the bands, clean the head, maybe an alignment on my 1050 if possible etc. Id pay for shipping, pay for the bands and whatever else youd need and the agreed upon price for your services. Its the Sanyo version for the 1010 and the tendon version for the 1050 if that matters. Thank you ahead of time.
  10. Im trying to fix the stuff I already have to save some money instead of paying for new things. Im looking for someone to service my Atari 1010 player. IE change the bands, clean the head etc. Id pay for shipping, pay for the bands and whatever else youd need and the agreed upon price for your services. Its the Sanyo version if that matters. Thank you ahead of time.
  11. So Im trying to save as much money as possible lately because me and girlfriend are saving up for our first apartment together and even though I really wanted an 800xl or even a 1200xl every little bit helps (she talked me out of it! Haha) My 800 was getting a little iffy(door was squeaking etc) So i thought Id do a little cleaning on my old 800. And I thought you guys would like it. Its a late model 800 with 48k. I opened it up and took it completely apart. I used soap and water on the outer case, greased the hinges and canned air sprayed and dusted the entire motherboard. There was so much dust and even some cob webs in the case! I soaked the keys in soap and water for an hour too! I put it back together (made sure it was dry!) and it seems to work a lot better even though I dont want to jinx it. The door hinge doesnt squeak anymore, I think it runs cooler after removing all that dust from inside of it and the machine smells like soap haha. I tried to get rid of some gunk on the outside of it and I got most of it! Here are the better and after photos! The one hooked up to the tv was after I cleaned it to test it. Now I feel like I dont have to upgrade my 800 anymore! Im quite proud of myself I dont normal do anything like that (not the most technical guy). Has anyone done something similar recently?
  12. Best sells the belt for 6$ And if everyone is saying its relatively easy and simple Ill probably do it and just go slow. As for the alignment disc and the oscilloscope, I wouldnt have the slightest idea on how to use them. Ill have to pay someone to do it for me. Anyone know of anybody who can help me with that? And I didnt know I could hook my Atari 800 to the internet. I dont know how.
  13. Thank you for helping. The metal shielding is still there. Somewhat dusty though inside. I cleaned it all out and the belt is OK, it has a little tension, though it is somewhat stretchy if that makes sense. The 1050 does work, though some discs work flawlessly while others just give me boot errors. Is it really easy to change the belt on the drive? Im not the most coordinated to be honest but if anyone can do it Ill just go slow. Do I need anything besides the belt itself? Is there a video or step by step guide to follow for replacing the belt?
  14. I opened it up to see what was going on. The caps look ok. I took a few pictures to see if you guys thought otherwise though I know its kind of hard without seeing it in person. It also had those numbers on the side I dont know if they mean anything though. Does best electronics sell the diagnostic disc?
  15. I wouldnt know how to begin to replace the capacitors. To be honest Ive never soldered anything before. And I assume both my 1050 and 1010 is stock. I honestly dont know if its been serviced after they left the Atari factory. Would the 1050 diagnostic disc let me know if it even needs service in the first place?
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