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  1. Yeah the map config is saved in the retoarch DB now, it should recognize it, no messing about. Some of the mappings are funky but the newer firmware 3.0 is going to make that all work better and allow alternative mappings in game.
  2. Hi all, was not sure where to post this and figured this was the best place. Rolling out the new product Gamer-Pro and also dropping a note about console support and more. The Gamer-Pro is a single player version of the ever growing 4-play adapter. The device is %100 the same but designed to be more compact. In addition there are a few firmware options now available and more to come via the upcoming Bridge adapter. Current firmware's are: Switch Xbox Ps3 PC/Android/and most other OS's Available here https://bliss-box.net/downloads/ These firmware allows you to just plug them in to the consoles and use as they were original hardware. The Gamer-Pro is based on usb 1.1 so there are limitations in what it can do. However, the new Bridge (not yet available) will allow a greater reach. It uses a light weight protocol (LLAPI) to communicate to Bliss-Box products. the protocol is open and can be used with other devices. It is currently used on the MiSTer for example. You can follow the Bridge and LLAPI on the blog, https://bliss-box.net/blog/ You can contact us and get more info via the links below. https://bliss-box.net https://www.facebook.com/blissboxadapter/ https://twitter.com/blissboxadapter
  3. I have one of the old x-arcade boards. Does anyone know how the old non usb board was wired? The ps/2 I assume was a ps/2 but what was the serial (adapter cable)? looks like only pins 5,2,1, and 9 are in use. I think 2 is either ground or +5
  4. Oh cool, yeah since 2.0 the FW works on RF and most other RetroArch based deals along with all the android stuff. Was curios is all.
  5. Bill Loguidice, Did you try the Bliss-Box 2.0 firmware yet?
  6. And we are off! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/544088930/bliss-box-4-play-universal-video-game-controller-a
  7. Bliss-box Is planning another KS this month The main goal for this KS is to create the remaining cables but there are going to be a few surprises this year.
  8. See above, the new version just over wrote the data that remember the rotary option. It still works.
  9. I believe the issue was that the new version replaced the save for the option. Although the control config is quite unstable. So disregard the above.
  10. Looking to talk to one of the VJ devs here because there is no contact info that I could find on the page. As some of you may know Tempest 2000 had some hidden code to unlock the use of a spinner in the game. The code would read the directional movements much like the atari driving controller. Some Jag fans have a modified controller that does just this. It works great on the consoles but sloppy on the emulator because of the USB pole rates. Though, it does work, well it did on VJ until the latest update. Now the code in the game appears to be hijacked. Pressing right makes the game respond like the spinner was spun CW, and Left respectively. This is a great features for anyone wanting to play the unlocked code with a normal controller but hurt the true spinner fans. I'm really just hopping to here from a dev and possibly get a option "emulated spinner mode" figure this was the best place to ask. - all in good taste here, just trying to make emulation fun.
  11. Just want to let everyone know that the early bird deal http://skunx7.wix.com/bliss-box is open. Yes, the KS was successful, not in the way of money but after seeing what KS (not fully explained in the setup) wanted, it would have been a brake even deal( little or no profit). The KS served it's intention of getting the word out. 400 units are sold, a few companies are on board and a new marketing team (cronusmax) is now taking over this side of things. the naming the product battle has been done, more like it in the way that it server its purpose(It's a 4 play device, you won't forget the name, simple and to the point), then the now 3 people to make fun or point out some sexually pointless coincidences.
  12. Good news for the UK, Bliss-Box will be demoed at playblackpool http://www.playblackpool.com/
  13. Yeah sure you can find a d-pad that does the job but IMO some console controllers just have it perfect. For me its the fact you get options, for the first time there is a usb adapter that will here your plea for help. I was playing spy-hunter for the GC the other day and I could not pass the training (barrels slalom). Hit the L+R+Z combo to go in to d-pad mode and what a piece of cake. It is the things like that, that make it standout from the rest and each adapter takes on the same set of rules. Granted the main aim of the project is to use the older controllers. It's just that there is so much more being offered here. To offer the same as the mega kit option (17 controller types * 4) would take a tub or two of adapters. As Rackboy pointed out you no longer need drivers. Some of the older adapter can;t even be using on 64 bit os's. The Bliss-box also works on multiple devices, and Os's. After the KS this adapter will start working on consoles next, have a nicer look (i.e drive bay options), and better and better compatibility like the gameport. Pledging on this is not to get a 4-play adapter, its to help Bliss-Box in selling products, the 4-play adapter is a reward. If you add up all the likes on g+, FB, and version forums post, along with all the youtube videos, and multiplied that by $1.00, you would have a funded project. Bliss-Box has been around since 07 and will continue to make the hand made products. This KS was only an option to get it in volume.
  14. New review by Lon, more conprehensive of the featurs. I think this video says it all the best, of couse the two videos combine do help. Getting down to the wire on this, if any one can share the video on gaming,twitter, and facebook sites I think it will really help.
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