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  1. Every get yourself through a  long rpg and find yourself at a loss of what to play?

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    2. GoldLeader


      Wait a minute!  I just read it was also on Midway Arcade Treasures 3 for PS2.  (I never realized..I even have that game).  Wikipedia says it's the Dreamcast version!  But alas!  No Japanese release.  Do you have a North American PS2?   Just a thought...Anyway I found a video of the PS 2 Stunt Mode and it looks about like Dreamcast's!  Yay!  I still recommend this game to you both!  Cheers!



    3. Steven Pendleton

      Steven Pendleton

      Not with me (it's in the USA), but I do have a US PS3 that I could use. I need to thermal paste it. It runs very loudly and I'm very hesitant to use it.

    4. cybercylon


      My BC PS3 needs some work as well. It runs okay, but mine is loud too. I've just left it alone until I get around to it. I should do that soon because really to get rid of that empty feeling, I should replay Persona 3.

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