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  1. If you ever get the Switch version as well, maybe think about keeping it sealed? I am not sure what has been going on with some Switch titles, especially some of the third party games, but I've seen some elevated prices. I looked up a couple of things I have (e.g., Code of Princess EX and even something common like Xenoblade Chronicles 2) and really?
  2. This will likely end my search for a SuperGrafx that isn't way overpriced or had the crap beat out of it (usually both).
  3. SAG (Stone Age Gamer) is getting in on the second batch. I put myself on the mailing list to be notified once they start taking pre orders. On paper, that is about $47 more, but how much more is it really considering SAG is about 45-50 minutes away from my house compared to an import. If I want to, I can trade the old one in.
  4. So now there is going to be an updated Super System SD 3 with HDMI out as well as revamped analog out as well if you still want to use an up scaler or a CRT. Physical reset button as well as a more reliable software one. Also, one can play SuperGrafx games even on a regular PC engine. At launch, there is going to be an NES core too, and more will likely get ported I assume. I am of course going to wait as usual while any kinks get worked out, but if this works as advertised, I plan on getting one once the part shortage is alleviated and a US distributor like SAG get them in. Controller options are kind of limited for any cores that get ported though.
  5. I saw those posts about the foam versus no foam on discord when that news broke. It was unclear whether it was intentionally left out or if it was left out by accident from the repair. In the absence of any official word, there is a lot of speculation. Some are afraid to play their consoles and other have used them hard without problems. For any of the games with batteries, the reliability can be suspect at this point if it still has the original battery. I certainly would not wiggle one in an original top loader any more than I would in the NT.
  6. All yours for 1 million dollars. How many Ataco boxes can one buy instead (wait a sec... none). (Does anyone really buy these things?). https://www.ebay.com/itm/224206705697
  7. I can see it now if I hold mine at just the right angle. I hope we can get more light shed on this. Analogue is not the best at communication to put it nicely, so it would be good to know if people can stop being worried or if there are measures that one can easily take if there is a problem.
  8. I saw this discussion on discord a couple of days ago, but I had a little trouble following if pad versus no pad was a problem. That second picture hadn't been posted yet though. So I take it this sponge is to the left of the power button (when facing the top of the console). Someone said they could see this pad just looking through the bottom. I can't tell on mine as the view is pretty obscured there.
  9. I was wondering why these (the NT mini noir) are basically being sold at a near loss on the 3rd party market. While I wish I had known that Analogue was going to put more out before I got one elsewhere, I am not clairvoyant, and since I got free shipping, the difference isn't so bad. Wonder if Analogue has kept some back and will release a small stock every once and awhile; that will help things from going to crazy on the 3rd party market (idle speculation)? I suspect they did not make more of them since making them can't be cheap. I am not surprised that the Super Nt went fast. There was a pent up demand as it had been out of stock for awhile, and the price is much easier to swallow. I guess if I decide if I really want a Mega Sg when it becomes available again, maybe I shouldn't dilly dally (though that one took much longer to sell out).
  10. Nearly 1 pm, and one could still add one to the cart. I am surprised they have lasted this long assuming that button works.
  11. Better late than never, but I finally got around to joining this.
  12. People tend to give Ys III a bad rap, but I don't think it is too bad. It's a change in direction like Zelda 2 was, and I suspect it catches people off guard. The Ys IV English fan translation is pretty impressive. They even went so far as dubbing the spoken dialog. That dialog may not sound the best, but it still should be recognized for the effort.
  13. This performance is amazing. I haven't played Paper Mario: The Origami King, but now I want to. #vgmtogether.



  14. Once you have had more of a chance to use it, I'd like to hear more. It might be something I keep my eye on once I recover from a recent laptop purchase. That price tag is a little lofty but not the most expensive thing I have or almost have pulled the trigger on either.
  15. I have generally observed that the OSSC is less fuss with the colors, and the Framemeister is less fuss with the aspect ratio. Have you tried running the OSSC through the HDMI input of the Framemeister just for kicks? I haven't tried that often, but if I recall, the color bar test still looked pretty good from the 240p test suite.
  16. The Mode isn't too hard to install into a Saturn. If you have ever replaced some components in a PC like the HD, Ram, PCI cards, etc, it isn't too much harder than that. The part that took me the most time was placing those two wires to hook up to the PSU.
  17. I saw a post on retrorgb that there are cases now for the OSSC to make it look a little nicer. Wonder if it is worth getting one; not sure if it adds any weight to make it more stable because you are right... I've had one find itself in strange positions when I've had stuff plugged into it.
  18. I've been putting off joining this club since some other expenses always come up, but I should stop procrastinating come payday this Friday.
  19. I have been meaning to do this myself as I have both, but 50 million other things keep cropping up and my focus on getting back into better physical shape takes up a lot of my spare time (but well worth it). One thing I do like about the FM is that while one has to do some adjustment, it works more out of the box. The OSSC may need more fiddling, but it can depend on your TV. If I recall, I didn't have to do too much with the PSX. Either one of these solutions seems fine, but I did not do a through comparison. I could have tested the resolution switching with Chrono Cross, but you will get to it sooner than I will. As for daisy chaining these devices, I've sometimes attached the OSSC to my FM. I've gotten 4x line double to work with my Elgato HD60 which normally craps out at 2x or 3x. I had a TV where only 2x worked, but I could go up to 5x if I sent the signal through the FM first. You can accomplish the same thing with the HDMI in and out on an Xbox One. I also used to use the FM HDMI to scale up the image from my HDMI modded GameCube on my older TV. It really looked great; I felt that F-Zero GX could almost pass for an early PS3 game at a glance. I don't do this anymore though since my Bravia upscales the image very nicely from the GameCube. Ahh... that explains why I have always thought the OSSC output from my TG16 always looked a bit too wide. I just saw your post above about chaining the OSSC and FM together. Next time I have my TG16 out, I'll see how it goes, though the slightly wide look doesn't bug me too much.
  20. I have wondered if even some enhanced port of Sonic CD would have help at launch (better colors, more features, etc). It might have helped Sonic CD reach a wider audience. I think the Saturn would have still struggled in NA regardless, but that (any kind of Sonic game) may have been one step to help it last longer.
  21. Actually, they started making that (Neo geo) adapter again. I will probably never own a Neo Geo system, but sometimes I get the urge to get this adapter anyway. You never know...
  22. The Saturn version of Sonic 3D blast has some cool sound tracks. It badly needs a save feature though. I believe the PC version does.
  23. Thanks for posting this. I haven't used my framemeister in awhile and was never able to get the PS2 to look the way I wanted it to. That's useful information for the SNES and Genesis too. I may try puttering around this coming weekend, though the OSSC has worked well for my Genesis. I wonder if anything can be done to improve the picture from the TG16/PCE. The colors are crushed, sometimes there is noise (beyond the jail bars that I need to fix someday), and things are not quite right with the aspect ratio. I use the OSSC for the TG16 which gives a much better picture and and the colors are great. The sound is better with the FM though; the audio noise when accessing the SD card with the SSDS3 isn't as noticeable.
  24. Can't see how this was going to turn out any other way.
  25. Does it supply sufficient power to use an external SSD without a power source. This console has so many damn wires as it is. I've just been using a flash drive and all I had on there were the extra downloads to make XenoBlade X load faster. Now that I have modded the thing however... Speaking of which, has anyone figured out how to use the Pro controller with the Homebrew Lanuncher (this is the one for the Wii U side). The HBL only seems to take inputs from the gamepad. I'd like to use Retroarch with the Pro controller too, but it assigns the Gamepad as #1 and a Pro controller as #2. Google searches have not turned up firm answers. Most hits talk about how to get the Pro controller to work with the PC or a RetroPie.
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