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  1. Interesting idea. I didn't know such things existed until your post. While one can say never, I don't see this likely with the micro SD cards (though there are adapters with it). I'd like to manage my everdrives and terra onion products remotely.
  2. After seeing Bob's video, I am not sure why they went the route that they did when they could have done things correctly. The shell isn't too bad. People might interested in the shell if their N64 is banged up. Maybe this is one of those few times where just the shell is good enough (as always... more than half the battle).
  3. Actually... changing the TV setting might just stretch a 4:3 image over 16:9 rather than triggering the true 16:9 mode. That is not desirable. I haven't purchased the adapter for the retrovision cables for the Saturn, so I use SCART. Maybe I will try later today to give it a go with my OSSC and see what happens.
  4. You may want to look into your TV settings. I recently upgraded to a 4K Sony Bravia, and I was getting stretched resolutions with the OSSC until I set the TV to use 4:3. There isn't a button on the remote, and I had to dig around. Maybe you need to do the opposite. I still have to fix some scaling issues. 4x line double looks okay with boarders all around, but it looks looks pretty sharp. I am going with that for now. 2x line double just gives a 480p signal in 4:3. I'd go with 5x, but the bottoms and tops are clipped. I am not using profiles, so maybe I need to do some work. 3x just gives me a 720p image in the middle of the screen, so it is small. It isn't scaled. Now with the Game Boy Interface with my HDMI modded Gamecube... every game is in a small screen smack in the middle of the screen. The aspect ratio looks right, but I'd like to scale it some. I know I can hit the X button and use the trigger buttons to increase it to a 3x scale, but it is still small and the image losses it's crispness. I tried using the pass through with a Framemeister, but the picture quality was not so hot... looks like it has some sort of blurring filter over it.
  5. Really, the cure for many ills is more video games and anime.

    1. GoldLeader


      Good advice.  I tend to think back to the 90's when my friends and I would end up buying video games and CDs,  (Always made us happy),  and some other friends bought movies ... And yeah...For a while (early 2000's I'd say) I went on a real anime kick.  I still see a bumper sticker around town sometimes that says "Anime.   Crack is cheaper."   I sold the girl with that bumper sticker a big box of VHS anime about 15 years ago...

  6. Supplying sand paper and telling buyers to sand their carts is one red flag!
  7. Nice. I may do this at some point down the road.
  8. As and FYI, Stone Age Gamer has sold DCDigital modded consoles in the recent past. There was also some talk on discord about having modded consoles with MODE installed as well. Mind you, even without MODE, they are expensive, but it might be an option if/when they become available again.
  9. That is really nice to see that your niece is going to get a nice surprise, especially with the price used new 3DSes are going for these days on the auction sites.
  10. Those games aren't worth $80. Guess it depends on what else came with the NES consoles that may not be shown? Having them complete with hook ups and at least a controller would help. The discoloration detracts from value. More importantly, do they work?
  11. Before the doors were permanently closed on the two Gamestops near us, they were pretty much the same... at least 70-80% nick-nacks and shirts. Was I in a Game Stop or Hot Topic? Really, they can't go on like that for much longer.
  12. It looks like I wasn't clear what I was asking about (not even sure if if the Wii U side can me modded either). I have a HD that I used for external storage (DLC from the eshop, virtual console games, etc). So, what I meant by "normal mode" is using the system as intended. If I decide to use external storage for homebrew and emulators, I assume that I will need a second drive When I soft modded my Wii several years ago, I don't remember using a game. My memory is pretty fuzzy on what I did though.
  13. I've been meaning to soft mod my Wii U for awhile, but I haven't gotten around to it. Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I assume one needs to use an external storage device that is different than the one used for running it in normal mode.
  14. Some parts of the shell are shiny, so is this further proof that one can polish a turd?
  15. Wasn't the ability to easily pirate DreamCast games also problematic for Sega? At that time, CD writers were more common place and affordable compared to the PC Engine/Sega CD days. It seems like Sega did enough things to shot itself in the foot since the mid 90's to contribute to their exit from the hardware side of things. Yes, there was a lot of hype from Sony (remember "Toy Story" graphics... we still don't have those). The ability to play DVD discs was a killer feature though. It was our first DVD player. I still enjoyed both systems. I still have a Dreamcast, but it is as dead as a door knocker. It is a Sega sports model, and I've intended to do a transplant, but not so much these days since games and controllers have gone to my son.
  16. I really wanted an NT mini Noir, but I had to be financially responsible at the time since the pandemic put an end to my side job in the spring. If you ever get bored with it and want to lend it to me long term, just PM me 🙂
  17. Castlemania games has many of the HD retrovision products in stock, including that Neo Geo adapter (https://castlemaniagames.com/collections/hd-retrovision/products/hd-retrovision-neo-geo). Worth checking out if one is interested in that route since they can go out of stock for extended periods of time. For all I know, that could be the last run for the Neo Geo adapter. I thought about picking one when that announcement is made, but I don't think I'll ever get a Neo Geo. I never had one, and it seems to be a rabbit hole that can be more expensive than PC Engine land.
  18. There is a recent article about the OSSC pro at retroRGB: https://www.retrorgb.com/ossc-pro-development-progress.html You may know much of the information already. With that price rage ($350-$550), it is geared towards power users. I am not inclined to consider it now since I already have a Framemeister and an OSSC. I don't see the need for another upscaler. Oh.. it may be better, but like anything, there will be some growing pains. As for the OSSC and profiles, there is an article at retroRGB that discusses setting it up, but I have not tried it: https://www.retrorgb.com/ossc.html It is not as straightforward as downloading a profile, placing it on an SD card, and having the Framemeister read it. 4k? I don't know. My guess is one could set the Framemeister or the OSSC to output to 720p (or whatever line double that is for the OSSC) and let the TV handle from there. Maybe that is not the best thing to do, but my understanding is that it is the conversion from analog to digital that is the sore spot, and once it is digital, most recent TVs are pretty decent at taking it from there (setting aside that the OSSC does not always play well with some TVs).
  19. I wonder if this Retroarch release runs on the previous Xbox generation (in my case Xbox One X... curse you M$ with these confusing names!)
  20. I will be amazed if GS physical stores even exist in 2-3 years. Maybe they will be gone sooner than that. We used to have three "local" ones, but now I'd have to drive 40 minutes out of my way to get to one.
  21. The price point alone never passed the sniff test. What does Tim Worthington's RGB mod with a switch cost these days? Around $60-$70? Prices for a used N64 are not cheap either. So, it is not realistic to expect to have a quality mod, an N64 board, plus whatever to install for that price point.
  22. I really liked the original Xbox... had exclusives like Halo and Knights of the Old Republic (exclusive to consoles anyways). Can't forget about Panzer Dragoon Orta. For third party titles, I usually got the Xbox version, saving the PS2 for rpgs, other niche games, and the Gamecube for Nintendo exclusives. Once jail breaking it became easy, I used it for most of my media needs, and used to to play any region 2 DVDs. However, I did not get one at launch. As with most consoles, I waited for about a 1 to 1.5 years. These days, that seems to be a wise course of action. Let someone else pay full price and beta test.....
  23. If Level Hike is involved in anyway, I wouldn't even buy this for a dollar.
  24. Oh... you are right. I easily lose track of which system some of the Tales games are on... so many of them.
  25. I just installed my MODE in my Saturn last night (came from SAG). Works fine, but I have been busy since then with other things. I'd like to get this system working better with the OSSC. There are some artifacts that show up with the Framemesister (it's noise in the analogue signal) that do not show up with the OSSC. Something is just ever so off with sync on the OSSC though, and the aspect ratio is off (too wide).
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