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  1. I am beginning to think completing everything on Birth by Sleep (PS4) isn't worth it. I started on normal, and trying to unlock everything is brutal.

  2. I really can't ignore how scummy they are. Plus, these days I guess I am spoiled with analogue products, ODS, everdrives on said analogue device or real hardware. To be honest, I really didn't get into handhelds until the PSP, 3DS, etc. I was in post graduate school research back in the GBA's day, so I didn't have much time for games period, let alone on the go. So, maybe someone that was really attached to the older gameboy systems back in their glory days might get something out of this, or it is just is likely that said person will get frustrated when the sound isn't quite what they remembered or the graphics are off/glitchy.
  3. The hotel needs to have classes in Basic Programming using the original console and those keypad controllers. Breaks to be taken with Flag Capture and tacos. Otherwise I am out.
  4. Ugh... They used "soon" twice and dragged out bomb-diggity again in a post below. We are still going to be at this mid-way through 2021.
  5. I would say early 3D games have not aged well when talking about graphics (yes- the PS versions of the early Tomb Raider do not look good, but I could name countless others as well). Some argument could be made that these games were not all that good to look at to begin with. For sure, games like Metal Gear Solid, Daytona CE are standouts, but if I recall, these games were released somewhat later in their respective console's life. I cannot comment on Quake for the N64 as I haven't played it. I guess another question to think about with 3D games from the Phone, Saturn, N64 era is even if the graphics have not aged well, do they affect playability? I will still pull out some of those games as long as it controlled well, and where appropriate, a decent story and good character development. The original Tomb Raider is not an example of something I would go back to (in it's form back then anyway) as the control scheme is horrific. Bad camera angles, clipping, etc don't help things either. I did not have a computer at the time that could play 3D games of any sort, so my comments are directed at consoles.
  6. Brain and brain! What is brain?!?
  7. That has probably been the goal all along, and they certainly could have accomplished that one a along time ago. So why not? Likely due to a combination of fumbling with the hype machine and over all incompetence. There have been some shaky efforts with the former, and it is deceptive to keep showing half baked crap to cover up the fact that they have no idea what they are doing. As many have said, the goal was probably not to rip people off and put out nothing. But whatever comes out will fall fart short of the promises, and that is deceptive in of itself. I also would rule out the possibility that nothing is put out because their incompetence backs them into a corner... so that heart felt letter has to be written to backers. Backers would probably not get their money back; it is likely all gone. It is safe to say that if you plan on dumping money into crowd funding, accept the fact that your money gets flushed down the crapper is a possibility. We are well beyond what occurred with the Coleco Chameleon dumpster fire, right? This is 20 said fires floating in a river. Even if backers get something, they have been ripped off in other ways. Well, that may not be true for all. Some may be happy if the bar is kept low.
  8. One of my Macs that was dead and buried a few years ago had Windows 8.1 on it. I recently used that key on a second hand PC to activate Windows 10. I remember reading somewhere that an activation or two is tolerated over some span of time as long as the key isn't active on another machine.
  9. How fast are they traveling? If it is close to the speed of light, then you have the time dilation affect. If they do manage to finish something, we will have FTL drives by then, or more likely, Earth is a waste land where only cockroaches, tardigrades, and hot taco sauce have survived.
  10. As a reminder, many of us don't think Atari will put out nothing... rather all indications are that whatever they put out will fall far short of expectations. Many have pointed out that putting some generic PC in a shell isn't that hard, and they could have done this already. The fact that they haven't is a combination of gross incompetence and also some sleazy tactics. There are many ranch hands that are working at the f_ckup farm that is Atari SA, so I wouldn't rule out that whole thing implodes before they release something.
  11. I was quickly scanning this. Boy does it bring back memories (sad when something like this was back in the day...I feel so darned old). Glad to see you got it working. There is still a lot you can fiddle with. Aside from playing games on emulators, I used a setup like this to play PAL discs from region 2 (mostly Doctor Who).
  12. Yea... I know that. I was just messing with you with my old fart Gen X persona. Except the part about having the hands in the back of your pants first, especially when it comes to this thread 🤣
  13. You can spend less money and get a Retrode 2 and a CD drive for CD games and use emulators on a computer to play (image burn on hand for those emulators that don't support drives yet). So what is the point of this thing again?
  14. But can you really say that in the virtual world? Isn't the rule of thumb is that someone has to have to "passed the handshake test" before you can start calling them a friend? Of course, hands have to have been in the back of pants first with anyone that you may actually meet in the real world from this thread.
  15. I am referring to this gem: https://www.hyperkin.com/av-adapter-for-turbografx-16-hyperkin.html The problem is there are no circuits in this thing, so there is nothing to amplify the AV signal or to prevent any current or voltage from feeding back right into the expansion port. I could be overstating how it might damage a system. Maybe feedback like that doesn't happen often (maybe crap TVs do this//). But this thing is $20, so would it really cost them to add something to amplify the signal and have some protection? Talk about cutting corners. That is exactly what they should stick with, but like everyone and their grandma, they are now into those HDMI cables (like Pound, LevelHike... I wonder if this crap comes from the same place. As to the problems I had with the Retron 3, the first one... one of the cart ports was DOA. With the second one, I don't remember exactly what the problem was. This was several years ago.
  16. I gave up on getting a working Retron 3 back in the day and settled for my money back. I didn't have much luck with the Retron 5 either. My NES games were very unreliable on it even though that POS put a death grip on them. One can make a long list of problem with the SNES and Genesis games. You can start with sound that is way off, 7 frames of lag, etc. Then you have that garbage controller.... I understand that some people don't want to spend money on something like an AVS or a SuperNT, etc. They want cheap solutions just to play a few games that they remembered when they were younger. There is nothing wrong with that. If Hyperkin marketed their products that way at a better price point, gave warning that games may not necessarily play accurately as people remember, etc. I would have less of an issue with them. The problem is that I still see the Retron 5 being sold for $130-$150, and it annoys me that people don't know what they are getting into. It is a crappy, cheap emulator box. The Retron Jr. won't be much better. (Plus, Hyperkin sells products such as their PC engine/TG16 AV adapter that might damage the console...).
  17. Looks like someone has done Fortnite on a smart fridge (granted a phone is involved, but still, but still....)
  18. I bought a Retro Fighters BrawlerGen from SAG. I haven't tried it out yet, but I was pretty happy with the N64 version. The BrawlerGen works for the Genesis and Saturn, and I more interested how it works with the Saturn. Sega's 3D pad is kind of an ergonomic mess.
  19. Retro bit has done a better job with their recent controllers, so I will give them some credit for making an effort.
  20. I would put Atgames above Hyperkin. That said, I don't buy products from either... at least not anymore.
  21. What is the low bar for expectations in the real world? The garbage that Hypershit puts out? Well, at least their stuff exists (how many PC engines and TG16's are going to die with their AV adapter). It is not hard to do better than that, but apparently for shambling corpse Atari SA, it is. edit (stupid spell check....)
  22. Tossing in some generic potato PC board, whipping up some 3d printed case, and slapping the logo on said case would have been far less work than all of these shenanigans.
  23. So in other words, they are staying here again...
  24. Looks like someone had one too many taco bell tacos, got the runs, and made mess on those controllers.
  25. Nice to see that people still find things in thrift stores. I thought the only way to really tell if your SNES is 1 chip was to open up the console and take the metal shielding off.
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