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  1. Worst overall platform I've played is a ZX Spectrum. I have no idea how anyone could enjoy playing anything on that device, and this is coming from someone who still plays Atari 2600, 5200, Odyssey 2, Colecovision, Intellivision, etc. Horrible graphics, horrible sound, barely capable of handling any sort of motion. The worst specific device I've played is the Atari Flashback Portable. I bought one and the screen was only visible from a ridiculous angle. I was assured this was a one-off issue so I went back to the store. We opened 25 different units and every single one of them had the same problem. AtGames is and will always be garbage. I should've known better than to buy one of their products but I never learn.
  2. The Jaguar map set is completely different from the PC map set. the Jag/Super Nintendo map set is 30 maps and is what the Mac version later inherited as "Original Encounter" and serves as a prequel to the main game the PC map set is 60 maps and that's what most people associate with the game. The 3DO port has both map sets, which is why it's pretty expensive these days.
  3. One Jag and one Jag CD. I never play the CD, though. All I have is Blue Lightning and that game sucks.
  4. So if the Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind cost you 50 maps, what about the other Doom II enemies? By my count there's the Arachnotron, Archvile, Wolfenstein SS, Chaingunner, Revenant, Hell Knight, Mancubus, and the Pain Elemental plus the special enemies Commander Keen and the Icon of Sin/Romero Head. They left the Archvile out of the PS1 version. Developer said it was because they couldn't do it justice as the PC character had more than twice as many frames of animation as any other monster.
  5. I'd be more than happy to be proven wrong, but earlier in this thread you'd already said that you didn't plan on adding the Doom II enemies that populate all these extra maps. Plus many of these maps chug on PS1 Final Doom, as do some of the levels on PS1 Doom that weren't inherited from the OG Jaguar version.
  6. OG JagDoom has 22 levels (20 from PC Doom, 2 new) Ultimate Doom has 36 levels Doom II: Hell on Earth has 32 levels + 21 Master Levels + 9 No Rest for The Living Levels Final Doom has a staggering 64 levels There's no way in hell they're fitting over 160 maps on a Jag cart. To say nothing of how much would need to be cut out of the later Doom II or Final Doom levels. Even on PS1 some of those maps drop to single digit frames for big chunks of time.
  7. Understood. Thanks for the update.
  8. Super Shotgun is boss. If you're throwing stuff from Doom II in there, any chance we see the Doom II enemies? Arachnotrons, Pain Elementals, Revenants, Archviles, Wolfenstein Nazis? Who doesn't like to Super Shotgun some Nazis?
  9. The only good one is the Flashback 2/2+. If you want something else just get one of the compilation discs on another system.
  10. Bad quality control is bad quality control, and the last time I touched an AtGames home console the freaking paddle controllers had like 2 full seconds of lag. AtGames is a disgrace. They make Hyperkin and Retro Bit look good, and those companies are disgraceful too.
  11. I'd listen to offers. It works but only if you put some pressure on top of the CD cover. If you don't, the disc doesn't spin up. Probably not hard to fix but I only have Blue Lightning and that game sucks, so I've never bothered to try.
  12. Don't forget the part where they're made of the cheapest materials imaginable, the emulation is absurdly bad, and not one AtGames product I've ever laid hands on has met my expectations which were already as low as I had previously thought they could go. I tried 13 (bought 2, then opened all the rest the store had to check) different Flashback Portables and not one had a screen that was visible if you held it straight in front of you. All of them had to be held with the left side of the unit several inches closer to my face than the right side, otherwise the colors were so distorted nothing could be made out.
  13. They should just put "this isn't made by AtGames" in huge letters on the box. Sales would skyrocket.
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