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  1. I forgot about the other game Downfall that was for the Falcon 030, which can also use the Jagpad controller. YouTube video link below: Atari Falcon 030 (UK) Demonstration using Jagpad controller with a few games
  2. There was a free game released in late 2009 called r0x, where you dodged asteroids made especially for the 4MB STe and the Enhanced Joystick Ports. Very addictive and well made game and even works on the Falcon 030, although the online demos do not show it at its best, e.g. the super smooth parallax scrolling. The joystick to use in those special ports is the Jagpad, which was very cheap to buy when I got one ten years ago from Ebay UK. r0x (Atari STE) (2009) - Official webpage with download links Another free STe game that came out recently is this, and it is multiplayer using all the availble ports etc. FROGS for ATARI STe V1.2 - Webpage with download link Another free 1MB STe game from 2017 is a homebrew of the classic Pole Position arcade game, which is close to perfect with 60fps and full use of DMA chip. https://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?p=327993&sid=adb2f12868cb27f3d91fd73e50cb542f#p327993Pole Position arcade conversion with download link YouTube Demo Video - Atari ST Pole Position - release candidate 27 September 2017
  3. Shredder11


  4. There was also the Hydra ethernet cartridge board from around 2010 which was the NetUSBee minus the USB port, and the USB had barely any uses due to lack of hardware drivers. Might as well buy one and have a muck around with it and then sell it on to someone else.
  5. After watching jookie's videos showing his device, my mind is blown by the greatness of it!
  6. I have a HxC SD Floppy Emulator but I also covered my bases, by getting a IBM Thinkpad G40 (barely used and like new) which has an internal floppy drive and DVD/CD drive, plus Parallel Port so this makes an ideal companion computer for my retro computers. I already own a couple of desktop PCs with internal floppy drives, plus I have some Dell external USB floppy drives which work with 720KB and 1.44MB disks.
  7. Wow I must have been ultra lucky getting mine for the equivalent of $83 at todays rate of conversion (I got mine in 2011). Mine is a 4MB + MC68001 FPU + 120MB HDD French model that I converted into a UK model (I replaced the TOS to 2.06 UK & keyboard), although it lacks the RF socket on the back; apparently models intended for certain markets had this feature removed. It's a great computer and might even become my main Atari
  8. Not forgetting the rather good http://atarimusic.net/
  9. On a different point, I think I have read that the USA Falcons performed better with audio/MIDI applications like Cubase Audio, due to the better components in certain parts of it.
  10. Hey sounds like good old Diamond Dave and I assume Van Halen
  11. I have a dual floppy drive but it does not work with my STE, so I guess it is meant for the original 520ST shown in the post above? The photos in the URL below are of my drive with the top cover removed. http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=20915&p=185537&hilit=dual+floppy#p185537
  12. I got my dark coloured one for £5 a couple of years back from a UK supplier, who is also on Ebay.
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