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  1. Ah, misunderstanding. Would be great indeed if Altirra converted a SAP-R recording directly to an LZSS compressed xex including decompressor and player. I think that is correct. What I said five hours ago, the original SAP-R description did not include stereo recording. But I implemented it in atari800 anyway: -pokeyrec Enable Pokey registers recording -pokeyrec-interval <n> Sampling interval in scanlines (default: 312) -pokeyrec-ascii Store ascii values (default: raw) -pokeyrec-file <filename> Specify output filename (default: pokeyrec.dat) -pokeyrec-stereo Record second Pokey, too (default: mono) These options don't result in a SAP-R .sap file right away. You need to add the header by yourself. -pokeyrec-interval was meant to also record 2x, 3x or 4x speed players, and the same for NTSC (262 == 1x), et cetera.
  2. It does. Dmsc's compression tool results in an xex file, which includes the decompressor and player. If I'm not mistaken, Altirra also records stereo SAP-R files, 18 registers per VB.
  3. Oh, if that's your concern, you can just encapsulate your 6502 binary player routine in a normal SAP file. Specify INIT and PLAY in the header and you're good to go. Depending on the player, SKCTL and the rest of Pokey will be emulated properly. Edit: and with asapconv you can convert it to an xex file and replay it on better emulators than the SAP players, or on real hardware.
  4. AFAIK there is no SAP player that supports SAP-R. Altirra can play them and dmsc's SAP-R compressor can read them and turn them in an .xex file. Not other programs are aware of SAP-R yet. When I first added SAP-R recording to atari800, I considered adding SKCTL, but decided against it because it wasn't in the spec. But neither was stero recording, IIRC. Perhaps a header field can be added that specifies how many values there are per line, i.e. 9 or 18 for normal SAP-R, and 10 or 20 for files that need SKCTL.
  5. It looks like the "capture gain" is way too high and everything is washed out. Either the signal is too hot, or it's a problem with the device. Hopefully you can turn the gain down, either in software or with a hardware setting. This reminds me of connecting an N64 to a modern television through composite video. You need to add a 75Ω resistor in series in the cable to not have it look all whitish without much contrast.
  6. Yes, it's from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Carolina Eyck is indeed very talented. Could you point us to the ad? I can't find it. Does a theremin for the Atari mean that the pitch and volume antennas are connected to the pot inputs and there's software involved to generate the sound?
  7. Do you print with printf() or puts()? edit: perhaps it would be better to not print the count down at all. Just disable Antic. Register the time. Turn on the screen, and print the result. This eliminates all inefficiencies that might be present in library functions in either language. It looks like you want to test the speed of nested loops and not that of the standard libraries
  8. What a story! Thanks for telling us. I wish you all the best with chemo and your UTI! Here's a Theremin: (playing starts around 1:02)
  9. Why from center to edge and back again? Cleaning vinyl records is best done circular, i.e. in the direction the needle follows1, lightly, to get the dust and (finger) grease out of the grooves. There are special devices and cleaning liquids for that. The difference can be enormous. As if you bought the record just last week. Even some skips can be elimated if it's not a scratch, but just a bump of dirt. I would think, because magnetic media has no grooves, it doesn't matter in which direction you clean it, as long as you don't use too much force or aggressive cleaning products. You don't want to remove the magnetic layer 1 It know a record is a spiral groove, but today I learned there are concentrical records, or those with several end grooves, or sound in the lead-in groove, and even records that needed two evenly spaced needle modules to play stereo. After stereo grooves were invented, the same principle was done once again for quadrophonic records ( Unusual types of gramaphone records ).
  10. If you change it to unsigned and change the test to <=9, it will probably faster. But a proper C compiler would turn this in to one big NOP, like gcc-6502 -O3, unless you declare them volatile. CC65 does not seem to distinguish beween volatile and non-volatile. But I agree with @devwebcl, this belongs in another thread. On topic, it's great that Mad Pascal compiles a useless loop way more efficient. If I'm not mistaken, the new incarnation of Effectus (Action compiler) uses Mad Pascal as a backend (i.e. it translates Action to Pascal) and it surpasses the original Action compiler. Does Pascal have a way to indicate whether a variable is non-volatile or not?
  11. Yes, it's fascinating. IMHO if you stand on the shoulders of giants, you credit them for their work and release your improvements to the public. Calling Vinscool's work "halfway" is actually an insult. You could not create such an rmt file by yourself if your life depended on it. Converting mod files and hoping all voices are in the same key is nowhere near what Vinscool does. If you assume, you make an ass out of you and me.
  12. Part of the ROM seems OK as you see characters from the character set But other parts could be b0rked and hence the display list is set to nonsensical values. If a display list is too long to display, the screen begins to roll. And I agree with the others, 5.5V is too high.
  13. *sigh* can't you take a little joke? Just show him what you modified. It is HIS work of art, not yours.
  14. emkay seems to ignore requests like this repeatedly. Perhaps you should release them under a share-alike license (CC-SA or GPL3). If then emkay releases youtube movies or .xex files that are modified versions of your work, he HAS to release the source .rmt file! If not, you can sue
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