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  1. The Gimp. I used it for the Atari Invasion Invitro last year. Draw in b/w-mode, save as PBM RAW and strip of the PBM header (which is ASCII) with 'dd' or some other tool and the resulting file is 1bpp graphics 8.
  2. Phaeron (I think it was him?) once described a new found bug where you can stretch a single player over the width of the screen. Proof of concept was a big rotating square. Can't find it atm, but it must be here on AA. Guess it was the programming forum. Perhaps this could be used for a road?
  3. Shameless plug of my own table http://ivop.free.fr/atari/opcodes.html You can sort by clicking the headers. I use it all the time.
  4. True, but I think you would be hard pressed to find the original 16/18/20 fps sources online. Most of them are already "converted" to higher frame rates and are really badly done, people walking way too fast, et cetera. Remember them seeing on the telly back in the eighties. But I believe there are some better remastered versions now on DVD or BluRay. And even on YouTube. Hard boiled 🥚🥚🥚 & 🌰 🌰 🌰 HMMMM
  5. I would ❤️ to see our Prince of Persia in a bright dress And then gradually getting dirtier Sorry. I'll let myself out.......
  6. I have this one: https://www.amazon.com/Computer-Graphics-Software-Construction-Language/dp/0131627937 The book is from '89 and handles everything up to 3D transformations and raytracing. It does assume some degree of knowledge about mathematics.
  7. Some things: 1. Very nice vertical widescreen! 2. Arrays and bits start at 0 3. Always nice to see CIO had the same concept as /dev on *nix 4. Keep up the good work! Received my NodeMCU two days ago, but waiting on a small 7" screen so I can have my Atari by my side when cross-developing on a PC, and not having to walk across the room everytime I need to test something
  8. Well, now that the beans are spilled, I can tell I was also approached for the music, looked into it and finally declined, mainly because of time issues. But in the end, my idea was to also convert the MIDI, by means of sdlpop/popmidi and have it output SAP-R at 50 fps. That way, it is way easier to sync cutscenes at the same points as the MS-DOS version. Here's popmidi-1.4 https://forum.princed.org/download/file.php?id=1678&sid=5f2eaf2f11cff7a3d6f56bf29de0c0c5 This version outputs lines of text with all the events and plays through SDL audio and OPL3 emulation. This is what I planned to use as a basis for converting to Pokey and eventually as a generic MIDI to SAP-R Pokey, with mappings of each MIDI instrument to a Pokey instrument and a priority scheduler if more than 3 or 4 instruments play at the same time. A lot of the PoP songs "overdub" several melody and bass lines, but that's not necessary for Pokey. These overdub channels can be muted all together.
  9. That new SIO connector is incredible! Don't know how I missed it. Way better than before, struggling to get those genderless pins inside the holes and having to solder wires to them. Also, very good summary by @tschak909. Note that the most up-to-date schematic is in the documentation linked from the first post. I expect to receive a NodeMCU within a week and after that I hope I'll can contribute some code, test stuff, et cetera...
  10. Perhaps create a new one, called #FujiNet WIP or something, have one final post in the other three threads and have them closed by a moderator.
  11. Probably the SIO HUB cleans up the signal significantly (read: rise and fall times). I believe there are some bus drivers on there? Perhaps Schmitt-triggers?
  12. Thinking about it a bit more, setting CRITIC is only effective if you expect an interrupt. But nobody expects The Spanish Inquisition an interrupt. That's the point of an interrupt I mean you cannot set CRITIC, waiting for an interrupt. I think that even intercepting VVBLKD would not cut it. Eventualy you have to poll PORTA, otherwise the joystick shadow registers don't "work". So the devices should expect that their interrupt could get lost 0.013% of the time. If not acknowledged in time, the device should repeat its interrupt.
  13. Yes, I think you can use: As there's no standard to share this line, perhaps "we" should determine one for this and future devices? I mean those old modems are obsolete, MIDI Mate/Max are hard to get and I don't think people use the external trigger via SIO. And it's also possible to do the same via the joystick port. I think there's only one piece of software that uses this functionality, which is MidiTrack. SIOCart is not finalized yet, so it could adhere to the same standard "we" decide on. And Rambit Tapes.... well, forgetaboutit Edit: and you have to mitigate the stage 2 VBI problem phaeron mentioned. Perhaps you can set CRITIC (66 $42) or set your own VVBLKD (548/9 $224/5). Guess phaeron can help here
  14. Sorry. Xxl and I merely named devices that also use the PROCEED and INTERRUPT lines. I guess as long as you don't try loading MP3's over the internet, play them with the SIOCart and save them to a RAMBIT TURBO TAPE, your proposal is reasonable Seriously, it sounds reasonable. Edit: how exactly does the interrupt line work? If it fires, do you have to scan all devices to see which one interrupted you or do you start waiting for a SIO packet from said device that interrupted you? The latter would be extremely helpful, as multiple devices can share the interrupt line. You could even attach a USB keyboard (with proper USB2SIO conversion) and have it interrupt the Atari every time a key is pressed. Or does it work entirely different?
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