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  1. There's no such thing as channels per physical device. See below. Yes. If both the internal WaveBlaster port and MIDI-OUT is enabled, both will play the same tune. Yes. Or turn the volume down of one of them Channels, in the MIDI context, define different melodies and "virtual" instuments. Like bass on channel 1, piano on channel 2, guitar on channel 3, organ on channel 4, drums on channel 10 (10 because that's standard ), et cetera. But the same stream of MIDI events, of different channels interleaved in a serial stream, reach both physical instruments (keyboard and S2 WB board) and hence both will react to it. In studio settings, there are such things as MIDI hubs and MIDI filters and send only certain MIDI channels to certain physical devices, but this is not that advanced. That, I leave to others, as I don't know anything about it
  2. I played The City a lot and mapped it out myself, until I got it that there was no point to the game, other than levelling up for the next installement (hey, this should change to a smiley face?) Then I started playing The Dungeon. That one actually had a story of some sort. Started mapping it, too, but then I found an article that had all the maps. Still, never finished it till level 4(?) after which you should be able to go to the Arena, which was never released.... Edit: oh, I remember there were other Arena Entrances on other levels. Still, never "finished" it.
  3. On the A8 it was pretty slow. But on all platforms, I guess the appeal was the detailed animations. A lot of frames per walk/kick/etc. But if it plays like your uncle's slide show, it's not that much fun to play.
  4. I never got MULE either, but that was probably a combination of being too young and having no manual. Same for RoF. Didn't know what keys to press
  5. On debian Linux (and probably WSL debian on Windows) you can run apt-get install arc.
  6. That wouldn't sound nearly as crisp as a PSG like Pokey. But I get where you are coming from. 4x VBI times stereo cannot be played during a proper game. But that's not the point of a music competition. You use whatever you can that's allowed within the rules of that particular compo. And this sounds pdetty good! But yeah, not usable during game play on a stock Atari. Edit: or: Well, in the context of a music compo, VERY GOOD!
  7. If you listen closely, the guy in the video got his stuff from lotharek.pl He (the guy in the video) has nothing to do with this (re?)seller. Edit: ehm, I think so, but not 100% sure offcourse Edit2: BTW "through the grapevine" I heard this anecdote that Lotharek is called Lotharek because he was always soldering stuff for everyone at parties. Lot(h) means Lead. Lotharek means something like Solderer. One that's soldering And a few years ago somebody started a thread about having bought a 'lotharek' and wanted to know how to use it. He meant a(n) SIO2SD
  8. Haha, with man boobs and belly button and all
  9. With the X2, you can always use a flatcable, like I did here with a different waveblaster: https://github.com/ivop/cs9236-waveblaster And while your at it, you could build one yourself And, look what I found! It's not the VS1053b I intended to use, but quite similar: Can't find any more info, though. Not on the kekse23.de website either.
  10. Perhaps you should check out Mr. Atari and his MyBIOS. If I'm not mistaken, he has some code incorporated to load normal CAS files at about 5000 baud. Perhaps even faster. Can't remember. Obviously this needs an altered OS on the Atari side, but that's easily done these days with U1MB or other multi-OS extensions.
  11. A couple of days ago I was at a Neil Young concert (fantastic BTW! Rust never sleeps) and I was surprised how many people filmed horizontally. Well, if they filmed or photographed at all. I was very pleased I did not have to look over a sea of cellphones as I had to at previous concerts I attended lately. Oh and those people mostly filmed vertically, and were too lazy to dim their screens 😕 But your setup looks great! I assume there's a comfy couch on the other side
  12. These are so cute I recently asked my dad if he rembered ever photographing us when we brought the Atari down to the Living Room That was because upstairs it was connected to an old black and white TV (hence my first "demos" are in black and white), but once in a blue moon we were "allowed" to bring it downstairs and connect it to the color television. That was when I first saw the 256 color GTIA mode (i.e. one line of luminance, one line of chroma, PAL blended) in full effect on a television. That was amazing! But my dad didn't remember if he ever took pictures. We also played a lot Boulder Dash, finally in color. I guess next time I'm at my parent's house I have to check the attic and dig up some old photobooks from the 80's to see if anything's there Thanks everyone for sharing these pictures!
  13. True. That has always been the case with all three characters A baby's head is about 1/3rd of his full body length. An adult's head is about 1/7th. I guess they are baby Bruce Lee, baby Yamo and baby Ninja dude
  14. Thanks. I wasn't aware that plenty of AtariLabs are still available. Price seems reasonable, although $58,= shipping is a bit steep Nevertheless, this thread revealed there are at least two different PCB revisions. Perhaps I'll draw something in KiCad anyway and have a pack of 10 PCBs made in China, just for fun.
  15. I don't think that is necessary. The fact that your PCB is a different revision is already very interesting! But the schematic has already been reversed: It doesn't look like that has changed. Five resistors, an LED and eight cinch connectors.
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