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  1. yes, Chris is also a great guy and better for UK residentes
  2. http://www.atariancomputing.com/store
  3. Have one of those in an old laptop preSATA Never tried it with Atari’s but should work I guess
  4. https://joy.sophics.cz/parcp/parcpusb.html but you’ll need at least one episode of reading a floppy to copy the program to the ST hard drive... from there on no more floppies needed
  5. Providing your location would help...
  6. That was a couple of really nice posts... makes me want to get an external drive just to mod it
  7. I don’t think it would work... AFAIR, don’t the HD drives work with a 16mhz clock and different step times? even in built in ST drives there was some modifications needed to make it work with those setting, but like was said, research is the best option
  8. The modulated signal will vary in quality depending on the cable used and modern TVs are not really good for tuning really old hardware. i would imagine the switch you're using might cause some signal degradation also. When I used my 1040STFM hooked to a TV soooooooooooo many years the image was terrible even with fine tuning and original Atari cable. Good enough for games but desktop was terrible. Advice? If you got such a good deal, make an effort to securely pack the monitor and surprise ship it to the buyer not only precious hardware is saved but he'll also get a better deal too than he expected too
  9. The MegaSTe suggestion was merely to combine the best of the STe with the best of the MegaST :) all these years I have never used the extended ports on my STes... hard drive capabilities from the start, TOS 2.06, kinda doesn’t need all the upgrades a standard STe would receive... but if the purpose is to keep a single machine from that list then I’d say the STe too ;)
  10. I stand corrected.... I was talking from long back memory and might have mixed something was trying to help though
  11. You have to “mount” drive B as a real drive and not A being used as B with floppy switching similar to adding hard drives and addressing them mounting the respective partitions and assigning drive letters
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