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  1. Didn’t see anything close to a “flame war”, both answers were pretty supportive and well explained
  2. When I read it, I assumed he meant RAM, but i might be making a mistake and he really meant ROM
  3. Try YART (I think it’s like this, it’s for something like YetAnotherRamTest or similar). The boot test is not a good measure of memory quality, basically it’s a memory size check. I don’t want to affirm but back when I had the TT and MSTE on the table I used them both for games and yeah, some games don’t like the TT much but my recollection is that most that I wanted were ok, mostly thanks to ppera. Kudos to him always.
  4. Have you tried doing some diagnostics? Like memory test to start eliminating variables
  5. Isn’t there another thread covering pretty much the same topic? From what I saw ppera already made a reply there. And AFAIK Frontier runs on TT as others have mentioned
  6. no, but when i hear the same vrrrrrr everyday, for me it´s easy to spot a Vrrrnrrr for someone else not used to listen to every heartbeat, it just sounds normal. i gave my opinion based on experience. i can try to find and photograph similar spots of darkened dust. i could argue that the proximity to the fan (dust gatherer) and PSU (dust burner) still explains it
  7. ok, i don´t like to reach to conclusions when i haven´t seen the before, during and after. also, i can detect minute alterations and sounds in the cars i drive that other people (and mechanics) can´t, which sometimes makes me feel paranoid. that said, i don´t see why dust that was not there 6 months ago and is there now would be so abnormal. dust collects. that has as much to do with environmental factors as anything else.
  8. yeah, i understand. i used a MegaST and a regular STe when i was young. the other models i saw only in magazines. in the same vein, i respect the Amiga scene, but for me personally, the platform means nothing sentimentally. i usually buy my TOS ROMs either from EXXOS or this store http://www.atariancomputing.com/store enjoy the ST!
  9. My guess would be it's just normal dust that got thermally affected...
  10. I’ve always used UK with my Ataris since the 80s maybe one day we can arrange something if you want to see other models working like MegaSTe, TT or Falcon. Or more obscure stuff like Lynx and Jaguar
  11. Just out of curiosity, RetromaniaPT, Portugal? Edit: your profile says so. I’m near Braga.
  12. Welcome to the Atari world :) The Atari ST operating system (TOS) is stored in a couple of ROMs on the motherboard. This includes the system language up until the Falcon030 IIRC you need to replace those chips with ones with the desired language. there are many solutions that include dual 1.62/2.06 TOS versions for the STe.
  13. And don’t forget the plan to “make” and sell 150k units of 520STFMs after the STe and (I think) Falcon launches even Atari supporters found that tough to swallow
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