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  1. If I understand you just want to make sure your data is backed up, right? you can back it up to another system using PARCP-USB and if and when the drive fails, since you appear to have easy access to RLL drives, you can just restore the data using the same cable
  2. The best industry as a whole was suffering from high levels of software piracy. What started turning developers away was that titles released for Atari/Amiga/PC would have much higher levels of piracy on Atari than on the other platforms. i believe that since Ataris were the cheaper platform, it ended up with a higher share of people unwilling/unable to fork £30 or £40 for one game... and remember not every game was a classic. amiga users probably had more purchasing power and PC even more. Plus PCs were much popular in North America were software piracy was much lower than in Europe. and yes, Atari made a lot of mistakes that speeded up its fall... the STe if launched in 1987 and the Falcon in 1989 probably would have made much more of a difference
  3. This seems to be 25 years out of date 🙄 There res was a multitude of factors, for example, living in Portugal I had no access to original software unless I sent for it from abroad, which for a teen without a credit card is not easy... i kept busy mostly with ST Format cover disks, some shareware but yes, there was a postal interchange of disks which at the time I did not realise the consequences. i still got some great titles like F1, secret of monkey island, cannon fodder, among others. Usually I would spend my birthday and Christmas opportunities to ask adults for this in the latter days of the ST scene and even in like 1996 I bought Proflight and some other original software since I was now working and could make those decisions on my own. I also participated in the effort to release Civilization to the Atari and drooled at Frontier 2 demo. in recent times with developers mostly gone, I did buy some original titles off eBay but I'm under no illusion that I'm supporting whoever developed it, it just goes to whoever is selling the title.
  4. That sounds about right IMO. you’ll probably sell it fast, some of the highest marked Falcons will be listed more than once... and the drawing board, I’d still be interested 😉
  5. Hi, your Falcon looks indeed in really good shape and comes with an original box and accessories, so it will be easier to sell. I'm sure that many current Falcon users might be interested because they don't have such a nice, complete machine. where are you located? I might be interested in the drawing board... best regards
  6. Check here: https://www.exxoshost.co.uk/atari/last/storenew/
  7. Good to know it's alive again. Enjoy your STe
  8. Have you tried different memory sticks?
  9. Those are great news happy to see that the STacy still gets some attention 😊
  10. This is new to me... dont ST games have more than 128k in most cases?
  11. I had no idea about this project... will read further Thanks!
  12. Great work I really appreciate what you do for the community
  13. The vga adapters dont use the modulator, but the 13 pin DIN monitor out
  14. There are cheap VGA adapters for the ST The real cheap ones will give you ST high resolution, more advanced ones will give you all resolutions and audio Also find a 15khz LCD like the NEC 1990 series
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