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  1. Hopefully the links work, here are some video examples. Ms Pac-Man https://photos.app.goo.gl/48RVsZZVpcfUMzFQ7 Donkey Kong https://photos.app.goo.gl/7jq8GUrAZ7fGf5nRA Hooked to my CRT TV Via S-video cable. So try to swap the GTIA from the 400 to the 800 to see if that works? and then if so get another...
  2. Well... I can now see how busy my life is now that I'm visiting this over one year later lmao. Decided to take a week off of work for a staycation of sorts lol. I've got this hooked back up and have been messing around with it. I took it all apart and re-seated the chips on the CPU card (I'm not sure yet which was the antic and gtia etc...) but I took them out and re-seated either way. I didn't try any contact cleaner yet. However I just a couple weeks ago aquired an atari 800xl, and I happen to have a Atari 400... I assume the 400 would have the same card in it correct? should I try swapping the GTIA between the systems to verify? here is a pic of the one out of the 800: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Uaj1mHQsRiGay23S9
  3. This page? http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/custom-i.htm any advice on common items that may go bad typically on atari 400 or 800 to fill the $20? I'll play some and upload some video to youtube I love tinkering and working with stuff like this, but have a lot to learn!
  4. I thought that was more for color or clocks? ahh I see different modes... so if I open it and see no signs of issues (corrosion, traces, components, solder joints etc) then only option is to source a replacement?
  5. While I still own my original childhood Atari 400.... when Iwas presented with the opportunity to purchase an Atari 800 at a yard sale for $20 I hopped right on it. I got it home, made an s-video cable for it and started testing it out.... only to find out something was odd I'll try to get some pics of it (or video of it in action) but in the mean time I can only describe the problem as the characters or sprites on screen are enlarged. For example on MS Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man and the ghosts are irregularly large while the maze looks normal. In space invaders everythign looks off and the device you are shooting from to derstroy the aliens is half the screen.... I still have yet to take the system apart fully and check for damage, but I did quickly take the rom and ram carts out of the top and clean thier connections and slots. The same games play fine on the 400, so it is not the carts.
  6. Game specific BIOS for that arcade game it's looking for the game as well as the arcade board
  7. Welp I did the obvious thing....I found an ISO for Shootout at old tuscon and sure enough the unit is functioning and reads / loads the game
  8. removed ROM 2 with no luck still same results.
  9. interesting.... Pebble beach and the 3DO Buffet disc both try to read... and eject (2 attempts and ejects in 10 seconds). I burnt Return Fire.... and it stays in for quite some time withthe access light staying on as if it is trying to load it up...for much much longer. However the disc does eject after a bit. I think it is trying to load it but the second chip is saying hey wait this isn't the game I'm supposed to have let me look further... and then doesn't know what to do so it spits it out.
  10. he mentions return fire works I'll burn that and give it a try, my other 3DO + 20 games will be here this week to try and test those I tried Dragons lair (Burnt) and a retail music CD, neither worked. I now have a 3DO sampler disc and pebble beach retail so I'll try those too. My gamepad from amazon never came so not sure wherethat is.
  11. ctually found one on ebay with a bunch of games and controllers buy it now for $75 of course it is listed as doesnt read disc lol
  12. THE MYSTERY HAS BEEN SOLVED!!!!! This is not an ordinary 3DO unit... This is from an arcade machine that utilized a custom 3DO that used a special BIOS that would only work with that game and hardware!!! That explains why when I try to load anything it doesnt operate as a normal 3DO would. The clues were pieced together by a few things, the first where I purchased it to quote my first post: Yesterday I came across a Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 at an estate sale. This estate sale was unlike no other I have been to in the area as the person was a Arcade / coin op machine repairman. On top of the 3DO I saw 2 things, first the $15 price tag (and there was 25% off that day too!!!) and a sticker indicating a new brush-less motor had been installed. Sadly they couldn't find the controller for it. this is why it doesn't work lmao.. well hell... I ordered a controller for it today lmao
  13. I've been hunting around for CD drives lol I know there was a creative labs model that would work, I come across all sorts of things so it may be a matter of some patience. I'm getting ready to solder a few leads to the test points to be prepped for when I am able to use the scope. I think resistance was 800ohm but for some reason it never went back to that 530 seems the highest I can go now and it goes down to 100 then goes back up... very confusing which is why I want to look at voltage instead and look at a scope with leads instead of using my multimeter lol Actually going to mess around with it for a bit now!
  14. Loaded up a video finally to show it and what it is doing
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