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  1. It does. I haven't taken a picture yet but it's a white label.
  2. I found this in my console stacks yesterday. I've never seen a 4-switch Vader promo before. Especially one manufactured in Sunnyvale.
  3. Recently, I picked up a boxed but incomplete Sears Video Arcade 4-switch. But I need to get a cardboard insert for it. I guess it's the same insert as a regular Atari 2600 4-switch insert? I'm also looking for a box, insert, manual for my Sears Super Video Arcade (Intellivision). If anyone can help me out, it'd be much appreciated. I can do cash via Paypal, or trades.
  4. What are you looking for int eh way of Sega CD games? I'd love to get a Super Street Figther 2 Turbo.
  5. Irony. NBA Jam TE later appeared in a Shaq movie.
  6. I have seen a lot of stuff over the years. Most I've forgotten where. But at my (Previously) local skating rink, there was a Super Mario Bros. 3 with a timer. There was a Bombjack machine in Florida somewhere I played. It had Mario and Luigi, tossing Bob-Ombs at goombas. I spent -YEARS- looking for an NES or SNES port of this mythical (to me) Mario game. My local cinema had a Rainbow Edition SF2 SCE And, a dedicated Metal Slug machine. It was a Neo*Geo but it only had one game, and full sideart and marquee for Metal Slug.
  7. UPDATE: I managed to power my Sears console and when hooked up, the RGA-1360 unit powers on as well. Since it's a simple switch I take it to mean the unit is in working condition. I still need to get a video box on my Sears Console. EDIT: And a blurry pic without the camera's flash. heh LED's are so shiny...
  8. Hehe no. I have a collection of consoles I am rebuilding from ones I've owned in my childhood (Hence Sears VA 2 insrtead of a Flashback2 or Heavy Sixer). And that doesn't have a power supply... Yet. As someone requested of me in private. Here is the switcher. (Yeah, the desktop power station is rusted a bit.. But it's saved my equipment from lightning so much and is the most reliable bit of kit on this old system. It's like a lucky charm.)
  9. I have no reason for using this thing. But it is in excellent shape. I picked up a Sears Video Arcade 2 (For my personal collection) and got this with it. Any interest? Oops. Make offers if interested. I'm not looking to set a price cause I figure if anyone wants it. They'll pay what they think it's worth to them.
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