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  1. Haunted House can be beaten in about 10 seconds if all the trophy pieces are on the first floor.
  2. There's no need to apologize. If people don't want to discuss Atari games, they're on the wrong website. They should probably stay off the internet all together if they're that easily triggered. And my favorite is Spiderdroid. But only because it's a clone of Amidar.
  3. What's your favorite game by CBS Electronics? Mine is Wizard of Wor
  4. Thank you. I plan to buy a copy regardless.
  5. What's your favorite game by 29th Century Fox? Mine is Worm War 1
  6. Will they be sold here on Atari Age?
  7. I'm going to buy the fake money and use it to buy the fake game.
  8. I just offered him $25.00. Declined.
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