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  1. Yes it was. I got mine on ebay.
  2. Number 2172 here. I got my shipping notice this morning.
  3. Street Racer is 2 player. 4 player if you have 2 sets of paddles.
  4. Space Cavern is the only one I had as a kid. I know it's nothing ground breaking but I always thought it was fun.
  5. Nice review. I just watched your Ms. Pac-Man video too.

    Pong Sports

    Are you talking about ebay? Check sold items. They're less than $20.
  7. I'm another one who doesn't understand the popularity of Empire. I get bored and turn it off long before the game is over. Jedi is my favorite Star Wars game by far.
  8. Ghostbusters uses the right difficulty switch
  9. I used to think it was an arrow too. That's the problem with not having the instructions.
  10. M Network Adventures of Tron, Burgertime, Kool Aid Man, Astroblast and Frogs n Flies are all great games.
  11. Does the tv have a cable jack like this?
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