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  1. What's your favorite game by CBS Electronics? Mine is Wizard of Wor
  2. Thank you. I plan to buy a copy regardless.
  3. What's your favorite game by 29th Century Fox? Mine is Worm War 1
  4. Will they be sold here on Atari Age?
  5. I'm going to buy the fake money and use it to buy the fake game.
  6. I just offered him $25.00. Declined.
  7. Superman for sure. I always found Spiderman to be too frustrating.
  8. How did you go about getting that from the AtariAge store?
  9. I think it's good. I'm probably overdue to play it again.
  10. It looks like you tested it with Pitfall. What was the second game? Activision games are the most problematic games.
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