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  1. I'm another one who doesn't understand the popularity of Empire. I get bored and turn it off long before the game is over. Jedi is my favorite Star Wars game by far.
  2. Ghostbusters uses the right difficulty switch
  3. I used to think it was an arrow too. That's the problem with not having the instructions.
  4. M Network Adventures of Tron, Burgertime, Kool Aid Man, Astroblast and Frogs n Flies are all great games.
  5. Does the tv have a cable jack like this?
  6. From the way he's holding the joystick, I'd say he's not playing anything.
  7. I seriously can't think of one. I never liked ET, bet whether or not that's a classic is debatable.
  8. There's this one but Yars Revenge is not in it.
  9. Is China Syndrome based on the movie?
  10. Astroblast Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Jr Wizard of Wor Gorf To name a few...
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