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  1. Only 3 votes. I thought more people would see it here.
  2. Can you take a picture of the front of the cart?
  3. You might get more responses if this was moved to they main 2600 forum. I don't think as many people check out the rarity forum.
  4. Looks like Combat and Missile Command. What are the other 2 games?
  5. Is that confirmation that the highest bidder actually paid?
  6. How much do boxed homebrews go for? 50? 100? Keep it.
  7. Some games like Solaris are Beamrider Star Strike Buck Rogers I'm sure there are more. Some of my favorite games are Yars Revenge QBert Kaboom
  8. Yes it was. I got mine on ebay.
  9. Number 2172 here. I got my shipping notice this morning.
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