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  1. I still think it's a bad idea, but since @rbairos's MovieCart has come along since the early discussions about box art in this thread, I wanted to drop a MovieCart version of box art in here just for review. It could just be a static image using the fundamental 10-sprite routine. This is what it would look like... captured from Stella displaying the MVC file. enduro.mvc
  2. Also look at the difference overall in that sequence... lovely diagonals, much more "natural" looking too
  3. Impressive upgrade in many of those scenes!
  4. Sometimes I'm a bit of a tool. And I do optimisations, so there's that.
  5. Well it is a lovely manual. Beautiful. But no, it has nothing about code analysis. there is a forum here though on 6502 tips and tricks.
  6. That doesn't seem right. 1480ms per frame is not 30 frames per second! It's more like 2/3rds of a frame per second, by my calculations anyway.
  7. I will come back to this sometime; I think it has a lot of potential and was fun. But for the short/medium term I will probably not be working on it; I have studies which should be taking up my time for the foreseeable future.
  8. It's your TV that decides if it can display the frame OK. Some TVs can display both NTSC and PAL signals, with autodetect. Many TVs can display "out-of-spec" frames. If you have a 262 scanline demo, you can't really know if it's running on a PAL or NTSC console until you check the colours on the TV. That's the main difference between the two - the frequency/location of the colour information in the signal output by the console. Other than that, the consoles are very close to identical. Very minor difference in clock frequency, but it's negligible. Your question is really slightly worded incorrectly; it's not the console that determines if a demo will lose synch; it's the TV. If the TV is incapable of displaying the # scanlines sent to it, you get a wonky picture, or no picture at all. Nothing to do with the console. Everything to do with the demo itself. You'll get the same wonky picture (just with or without colour) using either an NTSC or PAL console on any given TV. So again, the only real way to determine by looking at things is if the colours are correct on the TV. If they are, then you probably have a console/TV match (both NTSC or both PAL).
  9. It's a pity they're not as amateur as you guys.
  10. What I really love about the ebay ad is in the very first line of blurb... It takes special skill to get "it's" and "its" wrong in consecutive sentences. I'm going to have to read the rest in instalments; I don't think I can stand such stimulation in one go. Yes. Yes, it really does. Wait, what?
  11. Ask @ZeroPage Homebrew about "rage quit" - he's highly experienced with the dangers to hardware...
  12. That already exists - it was demonstrated on the ZPH show, I'm pretty sure. All the hardware and software is open sourced so there's always the opportunity to build one for yourself.
  13. No, not at this stage. I do not think Harmony currently supports MVC files/format. TY I will have a look at it and maybe encode. It's effectively a data file with the encoded movie, that is stored on the cart's SD card. This file is effectively a bin that the emulators can load/play, too. Stella and Gopher emulators currently support the moviecart playback. To view on actual hardware you would need an actual MovieCart hardware board at this stage. I'm hopeful that eventually the PlusCart can have firmware to support, too. But... that's way in the future.
  14. This is so much fun to play with. And it keeps getting better and better. It's astounding how good some of the encodings are. I'm just playing around the edges learning how various tweaks affect the output. Even though I know how it's all encoded, I'm still astounded at the results. So clever. Can't wait to see it as a released product. Video is screen-grabbed from stella playing the MovieCart file. My system can only manage about 35fps. The MVC file playing on Stella looks much nicer. ts.mvc.zip
  15. Here's the MovieCart doing the ubiquitous parrot... parrot.mvc.zip
  16. Disagreeing with someone isn't being hostile to them.
  17. Good to see you here, Steve. So, what do you think of the modern homebrew works like Aardvark, Galagon, and the MovieCart... to name a few?
  18. Get/build yourself a PlusCart and every single homebrew is right there waiting for you to choose of a menu.
  19. Great idea and a perfect use-case for PlusCart functionality!
  20. Some names, to me, defined AtariAge and what community meant. Nukey Shay was one of those. I think we should all be required to post to the forum a "proof of life" photo holding the day's newspaper, at least once a week. Two years is way too long for us to have noticed this.
  21. OK, TY. I will send you a replacement, please PM me your address.
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