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  1. Getris http://madteam.atari8.info/gry/getris.7z
  2. Better Ctrl + ESC Interrupting the search is also performed ESC. A possible mistake. it happens to me.
  3. Selecting a joystick - fire on file: as launch - missing: backspace parent dir - see photo
  4. See: Pad s(nes) 4 Atari https://translate.google.pl/translate?sl=pl&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.atari.org.pl%2Fforum%2Fviewtopic.php%3Fid%3D7842
  5. Damage to Flash memory in Atmega. Old Fusebit settings did not protect. Atmega for programming. New good fusebit http://sio2sd.gucio.pl/wiki/Hardware_en See also http://atariage.com/forums/topic/179038-what-happened-to-sio2sd-wiki-site/page-2?do=findComment&comment=2269431
  6. Store Steam promo -80% https://store.steampowered.com/app/48000/LIMBO/?l=english
  7. Good programs! Editors can include a 48-character wide screen? Better - could you declare the screen size of X = 9999, Y = 9999 and edit only a part of the whole. And add scrolling X, Y greetings
  8. I did not know: right click> Go To Source Thanks
  9. Now I have to point to the file to open - see photo. The switch will do it yourself
  10. Altirra Command-Line Usage: Altirra [switches] <disk/cassette/cartridge images...> Please add a switch to indicate to the debugger the source code: /source <txt.asm>
  11. What's the difference between a014 vs b014 ?
  12. BadApple,car: my cardridge works (b014)
  13. I run EXE directly from the AVGcart menu, I do not have an SDX
  14. @tmp - thanks for update firmware menu, cursor left/right = pages menu, cursor on down/up = pages, This is ok but what if the name is too long (>38 sings), how to see the end? search: SD card 4GB = ok, super works ! search: new color backround I must correct my collection, rename polish letter to unicode (or better atascii), example Ł to L https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_alphabet#Computer_encoding Do you plan to issue control documentation? What they are used for: $D500-D507, D5FF, BFF0 I added a game, which you will not break: left button card + Reset. It must be a cold start. It's good that I have QMEG Pac Man (-)(Day, Martin)(US).xex
  15. For interesting programming, restart AVGcart lda #$19 sta $D5FF inc CRITIC lda TRIG3 sta GINTLK dec CRITIC cli jmp $e477
  16. @tmp - you made a great card, he needs some programming, and it will be perfect, thanks for this, for your time
  17. Ultimate1MB problems? Not resistors ? http://atariage.com/forums/topic/227779-resistors-for-ultimate-1mb-atari-xegs/ http://spiflash.org/node/18 http://www.bitsofthepast.com/?product=super-mmu-adapter
  18. Sorry, Sio2SD works. My problem I used the old configurator 3.1 Actual version it 3.5 = it working from AVGcart
  19. every long procedure must check the left button of cartridge = mechanical stop it can also change the PBI byte, from controlling cartridge = software stop many: 28 639 files, 6 436 folders 4GB, SDHC, FAT32, no error (bad clusters) example: download AtariOnline.pl database: utils: http://atarionline.pl/archiwa/archiwumuzytkow-atarionlinepl-2017-10-12.7z games: http://atarionline.pl/archiwa/archiwumgier-atarionlinepl-2017-10-11.7z scene: http://atarionline.pl/archiwa/archiwumdemosceny-atarionlinepl-2017-10-12.7z example: 1GB, SD, FAT16, full format create dirs: ATARI/TEST in root dir, search: "side" nothing not found, two backspace keys = OK but copy AtariOnline database to card SD to directory ATARI into 970MB will fit, see photo in root dir, search: "side" and break, cartridge not reading at directory steps (is empty) maybe this is catalog, look: DemoScena\cp\Forever 12 2011\GFX\Ripek_Lupine Archer\ movie: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-IYublF2ZPn9JgMLUGWMYpFSzX6eJSEu
  20. If during the search you turn off and on the computer, overhang, see photo Next, turn the computer off and on, cartridge is for programming (unbricker) If during the search you press Reset, how to return to the device menu? With QMEGa it's easy .... look video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t5nSHm0HNZTBirMzE4oGRqqfmSb3tmJw/view?usp=sharing Only in the root directory: Filling the search results, hanging, see the second photo It helps off / on atari Sio2SD configurator 3.5 Loading files has an individual IRQ interrupt. It does not work with AVGcart. UPDATE: works, it my problem, sorry Sure to verify the configuration The SLOW version works, see atachment Sio2SDslow.xex
  21. - searching: empty directory = suspension of the operation atari (exactly: cartridge suspended) If you start searching in the ROOT SD catalog card!
  22. - searching: empty directory = suspension of the operation atari (exactly: cartridge suspended) - removing the SD card from the slot = suspension of the operation atari (exactly: cartridge suspended) - updating firmware (shift+option+U): before click start - you can not cancel
  23. TMP: thank you for help instruction, if the cartridge was interrupted programming 1. remove cart from the shell 2. plug unbricker into the cart 3. plug cart into atari 4. turn on atari 5. plug unbricker into usb (computer or usb charger) 6. wait until it stops blinking 7. press reset on atari after that, avgcart menu should come up and you should be able to start the update again (unbricker will fix it just temporarily, you need to run the update again to program the flash)
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