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  1. Bump, accepting offers too. I apologize for the lack of pictures....it has been a busy weekend!
  2. I hear that. Golf Story is one of the best games on the system. This version in particular is the limited run games release. Same game as the store release but this one is part of the LR Games numbered collection. Still surprised nobody has gone for these extremely rare titles yet!
  3. Two cart solutions up for grabs for our beloved Vic-20. I will have to update this post with pictures sometime over the weekend (I am not posting this from home right now) but I have been planning on selling these and wanted to get a head start. Up for grabs: 1. Behr-Bonz Multicart - This is the NTSC version (all games play normally on NTSC USA Vic-20 machines). Includes 127 cart titles all selectable from an easy to navigate menu. You can navigate with a joystick or the cursor and function keys. This cart was purchased around 6 years ago and as far as I am aware is no longer being manufactured or sold. The cart originally came as board only with a momentary menu button connected via a wire to the board. I have installed the board into an official Vic-20 cartridge shell (home babysitter IIRC) and the button is perfectly mounted to the case internally and is accessible from the top of the cart. $75 takes this. 2. SD2IEC and 35K cart - Excellent all in one solution. Top of the cart has an SD card slot and reset button as well as dipswitches to adjust RAM banks if you wish (I leave them all up, which provides max ram and allows anything to load). The cartridge is a 3D printed cart in the shape of a Vic-20 cart. Well printed and looks good. Also handles write protected cart images (loads retail game cart images via SD2IEC). An IEC cable comes out of the side of the cart and plugs into the drive port on the Vic. Really clean setup. Just turn on the Vic, type Load"*",8 which will load the menu and select the game and it will load. I have tested the 35K port of Doom, Pentagorat, and tons of other retail and homebrew titles. It all works and works splendidly. Don't worry about setting up a card, I will include a prepared card so you don't have to fiddle. $75 for this as well. Shipping will be $8 per item, or $8 total if you buy both.
  4. I'm just curious to see if the paddle works for the Commodore machines (Clowns, etc). I see no reason why it wouldn't.
  5. Bump! If someone wants to take all three of these I will knock $10 off. So, $80, shipping included for all three!
  6. Thank you! Finally after two decades of wishing for one of these...it is mine!
  7. I performed quite a few mods on a Black NTSC Sega Dreamcast a few months ago and it runs like a dream. But, I never play it...go figure. I have attached two pictures I have here on my phone (I am at work) but if you would like more please let me know. What has been done: 1. Original hot running internal PSU replaced with modern DreamPSU (external power plug comes with this of course) 2. GDEMU (clone) installed as well as a 512GB SDXC card (works perfectly, can hold the entire USA set and then some) 3. Noctua fan mod (new modern high quality fan that is quiet and better than the original. New 3D printed housing mounts the new fan and new lid switch) 4. Very high quality 3D printed enclosure for the GDEmu with extra space for SD cards 5. Controller board clock battery removed and replaced with battery holder and new rechargeable CR2032 The system also comes with a VGA box (third party but a GOOD box! one of those see-though models that you cannot find anymore) as well as a VGA to HDMI converter box that makes this look incredible on a modern flat screen TV. Along with those, two like-new official white controllers, one official white VMU, one brand new unopened see-through green VMU, and one official Sega Dreamcast keyboard. In all, I damn nice set that took me a lot of time (especially to acquire the components and 3D print the parts) to put together. Hassle free Dreamcast gameplay...no swapping disks! Just sit back on your couch with the controller and easily launch a game, play, back out to the select menu and choose another. I am looking for $350 shipped OBO for the entire set. PM if interested. ***SOLD!!!***
  8. Nowadays I do not use disks as I just see no reason to. If it were all I had I would of course, but disk images (ADF, etc) combined with great devices like the HxC floppy emulator (or a cheap Gotek if that's your thing) are just convenient and I can do all of the same stuff. I can format images and copy stuff to them through various PC tools and bring them right to the Amiga no sweat. This can be done now with any disk based vintage computer. Using real disks does have its nostalgic properties of course, but I'm done with them myself
  9. These guys were able to image over 12,000 Amiga 3.5 inch floppies that have been stored in an attic for over 25 years: http://www.amigaclub.be/projects/bs1 From the looks of it they were all in proper disk cases so proper storage is key. And I can bet the attic was somewhat climate controlled. That said, keep em stored well and limit the amount of times you format and re-write to them and they can be extremely reliable.
  10. All prices lowered by $5. Remember, if you purchase $60 or more of games the shipping is free!
  11. Brand new AA member who found us by googling for a Sega Saturn that he wanted to purchase. He found my thread here regarding one I had for sale and messaged me. Being leery of a new member wanting to purchase this high ticket item I insisted on payment first as paypal gift. He went ahead with that and he now owns the Saturn. Very nice person to work with and great conversationalist. I encourage you to stick around the AA forums and contribute! Thank you again for a smooth transaction!
  12. Ordered one from Amazon as well. I am really digging Hyperkin's stuff lately. I recently received the Trooper and I am really loving that!
  13. The first thing I did was use the Apple II Game Server online to stream games from my cell to the Apple II. So cool, and all you need is a 3.5mm headphone wire: http://asciiexpress.net/diskserver/ http://asciiexpress.net/gameserver/readme.html Great way to test the machine with games right from the get go!
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