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  1. The one console (other than an Adventurevision) that I have never owned was the Vectrex. I always think about it. I would love to have one. It was never really a matter of having or not having the money, but really a matter of getting one that was in excellent working condition from a reliable source...and one that will package it well to send it to me in undamaged condition. So, what I have to offer is a fully stocked MiSTer build. This build ran me well over $500. It is the DE-10 Nano board, USB hub, 128MB memory module, IO board, 512GB microSD card pre configured, and acrylic top and bottom case as well as a 5V 6A PSU that can accomodate many more addons. I also have a SNAC adapter for it with various adapters to allow other peripherals to be attached (NES, SNES, Genesis) . It also comes with a nice wireless Logitech keyboard/mouse combo as well as a 8bitdo SNES controller. I'm not going to provide pics at the moment as I just want to see if someone would be interested in such a trade before I invest that time to do so. So, if you have one of these in great shape with some games (or a multicart) and are interested, chime in! **PENDING TRADE**
  2. There's no doubt that an incredible picture can be obtained on modern TV's. I was doing that primarily with all of my consoles for quite some time. The only problem was the lack of depth. It's hard to explain but even with the crisp detail and simulated scanlines something is lost here. It is sort of like emulating a screen image experience you had back in the day. You can emulate it and get some pretty outstanding results, but at the end of the day you are only emulating or simulating what the real thing was. I love the fact that I can hook up the Jag and other consoles to modern TV's with near zero lag nowadays and sometimes that is the more convenient option. But, having the choice....got to go to a real CRT.
  3. There is no Skycopter...only Skycopter II as far as I am aware.
  4. No, IIRC he wanted somewhere around $600 or so for it and at the time I just didn't have that kind of disposable cash. I was living with my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) and she was pretty livid that I spent over $300 for a game cartridge to begin with I didn't want to bother him for pictures for something I knew I was not going to buy. I haven't spoken to him since then...almost 20 years ago. I wonder how he is and if he still has that stuff.
  5. Mario Perdue has (or had) a custom controller for Skycopter II. After I acquired the Speedster II prototype in 2001 he found and reached out to me to let me know that he had a copy of Skycopter II and the custom controller for it and offered both to me for purchase. I was considering it but I recall the prices being way out of what I could afford at the time and I declined.
  6. As shown here: https://songbird-productions.com/product/early-years/ Fun set of games and demos. I particularly like JagMIND: Bomb Squad. I only purchased this from Songbird two or three months ago but now find myself in need of some funds. I paid $80 plus shipping for it. Includes box, manual, box protector and cartridge...all mint like new. $70 shipped via priority mail small flat rate. PM! **PENDING TRADE**
  7. Bump. I have so far: Mickey Mouse Super Mario Bros Mario Bros Donkey Kong I am not going hardcore for a complete collection, but I do want some more in good shape, clean working with battery covers. I am OK if the battery cover is not the original, but I would obviously prefer original covers. I am up for any G&W. I never had these as a kid and it is pretty neat to try them for the first time. If anyone has any that they want to part with PM me. I would rather go through here than ebay!
  8. What a lazy Gotek install the last owner has done. There are 3D prints that make it look great and make it sturdy....but looks like he just dropped it in there and let it flop around
  9. But, I did....nearly 20 years ago...right about the time of the 9/11 attacks: http://www.atarihq.com/reviews/jaguar/speedster_2.html I was the person who won this on ebay 20 years ago for around $350 IIRC....a lot of money in 2001 What a dumb review...stupid 25 year old kid I was. If you want to see what the cartridge looked like, look no further than here: https://atariage.com/software_page.php?SoftwareLabelID=1154 Al purchased it from me maybe a year or so after I purchased it. I just figured it was pretty interesting as I just happened upon that review online looking around for more information on the prototype I once owned. I know I reviewed a Sega Master System kiosk I once owned for some other website around that time. I'll have to see if that review is still live out there somewhere.
  10. Excerpt from the website regarding this token here: Full URL: http://digthatbox.com/dig_that_box_arcade_token_collection.html I own one of these extremely rare tokens. I have decided to put it up for sale to help my school friend's family (also posted about that in my Palm Pilot sale thread). It is an awesome and extremely rare token. I will not reveal what the other side of the token says (as Dig That Box does not) but it is the logo from the "popular gaming expo" they mention they could not attend. I have no price guide or value on it as there is not much to go by as there are so few in existence. But I do want to use it to contribute to the funeral expenses I mentioned so I am pricing it at $100. If one of you guys or gals are a arcade token collector this is one of the holy grails It is mint, untouched and sealed in a cardboard coin protector (which is how I received it). If it does not sell by tomorrow I will post pictures of one side of the actual coin. PM!
  11. Now that I have the MiSTer connected to a CRT I figured I'd try the SNAC with some light guns. Zapper, Light Phaser and Justifier tested...all 100% functional! Simply awesome.

    1. wongojack


      Which cores?


    2. eightbit


      The NES, SNES, Genesis, TG16 and SMS cores support the SNAC from what I have tested. Probably more (if not all) of them by now. Nice to use real controllers with this!

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