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  1. It is like what you linked, yes. But my adapters are of much better quality
  2. Sold him some XBox games this time around and everything as always was excellent! Highly recommended!
  3. I can personally guarantee if you are a person into classic game consoles and computers this will be the purchase of the year for you...perhaps even the decade A lot of time and effort went into this build....not just building it but obtaining all of the parts. But, it was certainly so well worth it.
  4. Some games up for grabs. All in excellent condition (some new): Xbox One Games (and series s/x): Yooka-Laylee (new) - $10 Rare Replay (new) - $10 Shovel Knight Treasure Trove - $15 Trine Ultimate Collection (Trine 1-4) - $10 Crash Game Bundle (CTR & N-Sane Trilogy) - $25 Tempest 4000 - $10 Xbox 360 games (all play on One/X/S): Ducktales Remastered - $20 Portal 2 - $10 Xbox Live Arcade Game Pack - $5 Shipping is not included and will be calculated by zipcode. In most cases flat rate priority mail is the best choice depending on how far you live. If interested, PM with what you want! I can fit three games per small flat rate box for $8.45 anywhere in the USA as an FYI.
  5. Another fantastic device I built a few months ago that I barely play nowadays. If you are not familiar with the MiSTer FPGA, you can read about it here: https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/Main_MiSTer/wiki It handles dozens of classic consoles and computers with accuracy on par with the original devices. It is more simulation than emulation. Basically, it is the best experience I have ever had next to the real computers and consoles. The device is not cheap to build. I think I paid nearly $600 in order to get this together. It includes all of the best components: 1. DE-10 Nano FPGA board 2. FPGA RTC board and custom 3D print stabalizer 3. 128MB MiSTer memory board 4. MiSTer FPGA v6.1 IO board with super quiet Noctua fan 5. MiSTer v1.2 USB hub board 6. Custom top/bottom case housing 7. 512GB microSD card pre-prepared with the OS 8. Wifi dongle for system updates 9. 5V 6A Power supply (enough power for many accessories connected) 10. MiSTer FPGA SNAC adapter with various classic console USB adapters (Nes, SNES, Atari, Genesis, PCE, TG16....use real controllers with it!) 11. EasySMX Xbox 360 style controller with dongle 12. HDMI cable, power splitter, and VGA to Component cable (if you want to connect it to a CRT) A really awesome setup all ready to go. $500 plus shipping takes everything. ****SOLD****
  6. Price drop to $140 shipped OBO.
  7. Yes, for a very long time now And yes, it is really that good!
  8. I was lucky enough to get in an order at the tail end of 2020 for an Xbox Series X. I played it a few times, signed up for Xbox Ultimate....and then life changed. I was promoted to a much higher position with my job and it has consumed most of my time. It is partially the reason you guys are not seeing me as active here as I used to be. It is also the reason I really have zero time for games and gaming anymore. The Xbox Series X has not been touched in over two months...and I am still paying the Ultimate fee each month which I plan on canceling shortly. All of that said, I think it is best to move the console along to someone who will use it. This is what is included: 1. Xbox Series X in like-new condition (very minimal play time...a day or so in total maybe) with original packaging, all paperwork, accessories, controller, etc. 2. Official Microsoft Rechargeable batter pack for the controller (with box, etc) 3. Streets Of Rage 4 complete 4. Sonic Mania complete 5. Secret surprises? #5 is there because I think people know by now I hook them up with secret goodies Just looking to try to get most of my money back really...no scalping here. $600 shipped anywhere in the USA takes it all. Pictures to come (if it does not sell before I can get to it) PM! ***SOLD!!***
  9. Bump. $25 shipped for the SGB!
  10. I purchased these some time ago for my MiSTer but never got around to using them. What the SNAC basically is is a device that connects to the dedicated USB on your MiSTer IO board (the one labeled "not a USB!") and it allows you to use various adapters in order to use real controllers in the cores that support it....which are many now. I have used these SNAC devices in the past (I had another set that I let go of with a MiSTer I traded someone previously) and was able to use real NES Zapper and SMS Light phaser guns on the MiSTer which was quite awesome. Selling this all as a set. All are new, unused: 1. SNAC module and left angle USB extension cable 2. One SNES SNAC adapter 3. One NES SNAC Adapter 4. One PC Engine SNAC Adapter 5. One Turbografx 16 SNAC Adapter 6. One Atari 2600 SNAC adapter 7. Two Sega Genesis SNAC adapters These adapters are of very high quality. It is recommended to use them with the latest v6.1 Mister IO boards, and that is all I have ever used these types of adapters in. I also heard some cheap Chinese Mister boards are actually built wrong and their SNAC connectors actually do not function....so if you purchased some cheap mister IO board from China your mileage may vary Take the whole set, $150 $140 OBO shipped.
  11. Price dropped. Priced at retail plus shipping. PM if you want em!
  12. Been sitting on these for some time. Never opened them and they have been taking up shelf space. $75 OBO $60 for the set plus $10 shipping. All are brand new sealed. And before anyone asks, no, I will not split them up Volume 3 is the star of the show here for me at least as it contains 5200 games as well...not to mention it was hard to get at any decent price IIRC. PM if you want em! **GONE!**
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