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  1. Knocked $20 off. Now $130 shipped for the set!
  2. Bump. Now $90 shipped for the GDEmu for anyone interested!
  3. If you are using Saturn images look for the "Darkwater" rips. These are perfect 1:1 rips that were dumped a few times (five IIRC?) and then verified. The only ones I use. Still looking for a Rhea btw
  4. I've found if you purchase from Amazon and make SURE it is both shipped and sold by Amazon you are safe. Never had an issue with a bootleg card when it definitely came from Amazon themselves.
  5. Dreamcast VA2 model Manufactured NOV 2000 (it *does* play backups, I have confirmed it!) One original Dreamcast controller One original clear blue Dreamcast VMU A/V cable, power cable And the following games (all complete and in excellent condition): Grandia II Jet Grind Radio NFL 2K1 Generator Demo Disc Sega Web Browser (sealed) Some other surprises The Dreamcast looks and works like brand new. It is not yellowed or gross in any way (some of my pictures were taken in dim light, but rest assured it is the original console color). It literally looks like it just came out of the box. Also, the internal clock battery has been professionally desoldered and replaced with a brand new Panasonic battery of the same factory specification, so you should be good with time/date for the next decade or so The VMU has a fresh set of two CR2032 batteries as well. This Dreamcast has been VERY well taken care of. You will not be disappointed! Take the whole set for $150 shipped OBO $130 SHIPPED inside of the USA. PM if you want it!
  6. Interesting....and Kingston cards are supposed to be high quality. I am actually surprised the PNY card I am using works as well as it does (just fine) as that brand is not typically the best But, Sandisk Ultra and Extreme cards should always be fine. It's funny how much difference the brand of card can make. Same goes for CD-R's if you are burning backups and such.
  7. I have tested the entire Dreamcast library. As far as I can tell it is 100% compatible. I think the problem that most people are having is that they are using .CDI images and bad SD cards. John Riggs reviewed it on Youtube and you can see weird stuff like the audio going out on Crazy Taxi and his menu locking up. That is an incompatible or poor quality SD card. If you use a Sandisk Ultra or Extreme card that will never happen. It needs a good fast card to stream the data properly. As mentioned, people are using .CDI images. The GDemu can launch these, but you don't want to use them as they are "scene rips". In other words, they are ripped/hacked games from the groups back in the day that had to do things to make the games fit on CD-ROM. They would rip out videos, downsample things, etc. Those rips are most definitely not 100% compatible. If you use .GDI images however, your experience will be quite different. Those are pure 1:1 copies of the actual GD-ROM games. Those play 100% perfectly and those are the ones I use.
  8. Well, I ended up with TWO GDEmu clone boards. I asked for one for my birthday and two family members purchased one for me For those that are unaware, it is a GD-ROM optical drive replacement for the Sega Dreamcast. Simply pop out the GD-ROM drive and pop this board in, which has an onboard SD card slot. Put your games on the SD card and use a menu to select them. Don't worry, if you don't know how to do this I will help. Anyway, it works only in Dreamcast VA1 units. You can find out if you have one of these by looking at the bottom of the console and see if you have a "1" in a circle. If so, you are good. Find attached a picture of the exact unit you will get (minus the SD card). It has been fully tested in my Dreamcast. Only the board is included, not my Dreamcast, TV , SD card, etc. I would ultimately like to trade it for some form of Mega Everdrive as I have a MegaDrive that I would like to use one of those in. But if not, looking to get $100 shipped $90 shipped for it which is what was paid to my understanding. I know you can maybe purchase these from China for $70-$80, but in my opinion that is taking a chance and no guarantee it will work or even arrive. Mine has been throughly tested and works great. Please be advised however the quality of your SD card is key. If you use a crap card it will freeze and do weird things. I use PNY (in my picture) and Sandisk Ultra cards and never have an issue. Ohh, and as this is a clone board, you CANNOT update the firmware. It will brick if you do. No need to update it anyway as everything works fine. And before someone asks, yes you can put the lid back on and access the card by opening the Dreamcast lid like you would if you were changing disks. I just have my lid off in this picture to fully illustrate how it is connected and show the entire board....and because I am still performing modifications PM if interested.
  9. Good luck. I have a 32 inch Wega sitting in the attic that I would just give away if someone were so inclined to lift it down the two flights of stairs In my neck of the woods you can't ask money for them....just the struggle of taking the thing away is enough!
  10. Some stuff left. If you want to buy a few things make an offer!
  11. Just cleaning house and some random inexpensive items up for grabs. Mostly computer related: 1. StarTech DP to DVI Dual Link Adapter - These are expensive! This was like $120 and I only needed it for one project. $40 and its yours, 2. Commodore branded PS/2 mouse - Perfect for your Amiga if you have a PS/2 adapter...or your PC if you want to show off your Commodore love. Last one I own, brand new. $10 3. Pluggable USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter - Can be used in Windows, Linux, etc. But I used it for the Switch when I had the console. MUCH better speeds over the default wifi. $10 4. Two 4GB CF cards (Sandisk and Transcend) - Hard to come by CF in this size nowadays. I used these in both the Amiga Vampire and the CF to SCSI adapters. They both work great in either. Also great for older cameras - $15 takes both 5. 64GB PNY SD Card - $10 6. Sandisk 128GB Cruzer USB flash drive - $10 7. 10FT (or maybe 12FT, cannot recall) 9-pin joystick extension cable for Commodore, Atari, SMS, Genesis, and so on. This is not one of those new age cheap cables. This is a true solid vintage cable from Radio Shack (Archer) from the old days. $10 8. Old Radio Shack 4-switch switchbox - Handles composite and s-video (either one or the other, not a mix of both). No power required, but works just as well as a powered switch. Nice small box does the job - $10 9. Wii (and Wii U) Sensor Bar - $8 10. Radio Shack mini amplified speaker - Purchased this at a closing Radio Shack some time ago (when they went on major clearance) and this little sucker was STILL $25. I wanted it for a project though. Take it for $10 now. 11. Custom Genesis to SNES power supply adapter - I have had this thing literally since around 1990. In every move it just never got lost...while other things did. Odd. Anyhow, this custom adapter allows Genesis power supplies to be used with the SNES. The purpose of it was because back in those days we were using Super Magic whatever copiers with our SNES and the screen would "blink" due to power draw when loading game roms from the floppy drive. This adapter allowing the Genesis supply to be used (that had a bit more juice) stopped that from occurring. Just a strange piece of history. $10 takes it. 12. Inateck USB 3.0 PCIe x1 adapter - Only one I ever found that had both a USB 3.0 case header AND did not require supplementary power. $10 13. Four port VGA/Audio switch. Essentially a switchbox, but for VGA. It also has 3.5mm audio and can also be used just for audio if you want. 3.5mm audio switchboxes are not very common. This is a solid box. Heavy and metal. And it works better than any other box I have tested. $15 14. Fox-1 Guided Missile slot fan - Purchased from AmigaKit for one of my Amiga systems but never put it in. Will work in any PC. Great for a slot underneath a hot card (like a video card) - $8 15. Seagate 500GB USB 3.0 portable hard drive - $15 16. Motorola 68040 LC CPU - CPU pulled from an old Mac. Nothing wrong with it. It was pulled to upgrade to a non LC version. The LC version (low cost version) has no FPU. But, if you need one it is here. $5 Shipping is not included with the prices, but I will ship the cheapest possible method (unless you want otherwise), or if you purchase a few things and priority mail makes sense we can go that route. In any case, if you are interested in anything PM me with what you want and your zipcode and I will quote you the shipping. Thanks for looking!
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