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  1. Bump. Only a couple of things left, but if there is something on this list that you want I am inclined to accept any fair offers!
  2. They definitely check the weight (as does UPS and FedEx). I know this as sometimes I receive an email stating that the dimensions or weight were a little off and they have charged the difference to my paypal account. But even that is shady. A few times they said the dimensions were off on 22x22x22 boxes I shipped. But those boxes are labeled 22x22x22 and that is the size sold from where I purchased them (home depot)!
  3. I believe it Stephen. As a said earlier, shipping is expensive nowadays. The only way I am able to get the discounts that I do for folks here on AA is because I use www.paypal.com/shipnow . I believe you need a Paypal business account to use it (I have one) however. Without that, yeah, a Maxi going from NJ to MN would be around $40 so the ebay calculation is correct. With my discount it would probably be around $30.
  4. Well, to put it simply, that guy screwed up. As someone who ships a LOT all around the country I can tell you for a fact that he will very quickly find he made a huge error somewhere. You are not shipping a C64 and a heavy 1541 disk drive half way across the country for $16 and change.....and expedited no less. It's going to cost that guy $50 UPS ground. Shipping is not cheap nowadays. Resources are limited due to covid, social distancing measures, etc. And, regardless of that, shipping has been high. For large packages UPS Ground has been the best option. For smaller items...if it can fit in a USPS Priority mail box that is a good choice generally. OMG, he's got it set to priority mail: I guess he'll ship me a C64 and a drive for $12
  5. The shipping is only $24 for me. The seller is in Maryland and I am in NJ. $43 may just be the price for the size of that package from MD to you in MN.
  6. Cleaned up the main post, sold items removed and edited the title as there are no longer "many consoles available"
  7. I've used www.makexyz.com a few times and it worked out great. But, sometimes, the price is not worth it. Still, you can upload the STL files and see what it will run you.
  8. eightbit


    Maybe you should adjust the title of your post to what you are looking for as opposed to your AA username.
  9. Haha! Yeah, the 3D glasses absolutely work but remember they only work on CRT televisions just as with light guns. They are old shutter based 3D technology that rely on the timings of CRT displays. Those glasses were actually sold in the 90's by Asus (and others) for 3D PC gaming back when everyone of course used CRT computer monitors. As the headphone jack plug is the same as the Master System 3D glasses plug I tried it one day and was actually not so surprised that it worked fine. Since the glasses are much more sturdy than Sega's glasses (they don't snap in half!) and they accommodate an adult head I scoured around and purchased a few more of them for safe keeping. That said, I have a few more of these glasses if anyone is interested. No more SMS adapters, but I do have some NOS glasses
  10. Great guy to work with. Many transactions in the past. Recently purchased my TG16 set and all went smoothly. A pleasure!
  11. It is a pleasure to start a user feedback thread for this fine gentleman. He recently purchased a significant amount of my collection and all was spectacular. Thank you Roger!
  12. If all you are looking for is composite, I have this: Its cheap and hollow feeling, but it works perfectly. You can have it for $5 plus shipping if you want.
  13. Bump. Still some nice stuff available. No reasonable offers refused
  14. That all means nothing. It could have been wrapped up nicely in order to be returned to the place of purchase because it didn't work. It's open. Might as well test the thing and make sure it works. Trust me, you can return those twisty ties exactly to their perfect locations on the wires when done.
  15. Always a relief when I hear something arrives safely I mean, I package things like they were being sent to a third world country, but you have to these days. The whole packaging process is a ritual that takes me time, but well worth it when it arrives exactly how I shipped it. Enjoy my friend.
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