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  1. I am looking specifically for an Amiga 600 in good shape with power supply. If it is yellowed that is OK, just no physical damage or missing components...and of course it has to function. I know this model uses surface mount caps that leak, so if they were replaced that would also be a good thing. I am looking for this model specifically because of its form factor....I have limited space. It does not matter if it is a PAL or NTSC model. I am willing to trade outright for it my completely decked out vintage pre-Dell Alienware system which includes a bunch of modern upgrades to make the computer a joy to use in a modern age. You can read more about it here: We would each cover our own shipping...which will be a better deal for you surely than it will be for me Only inside of the USA. PM if interested.
  2. Bump, price lowered again and now in losing money territory. This is a splendid game...really nicely done on cartridge for the Jag.
  3. My daughter has a jug of rubber cement that I have used with perfect results. Same deal. It holds tight but if I needed to remove it I would use a hairdryer. It does not damage the plastic. Never use crazy glue!
  4. I had a few units in the past that did this. It is coil whine...which still occurs today. I work for a video card manufacturer and when the Geforce GTX 900 series came out they all experienced pretty much the same thing. We received a lot of calls about it but we were all instructed to say that this was "normal" and is not considered a warranty related issue/problem
  5. Confirmed the issue is resolved and the game loads perfectly! Great job on this, it looks and plays fantastic! On a side note I will say the support I have received for the BackBit has been unparalleled. This is the third thing Evie fixed for me in a week...and I have only owned the BackBit for that long
  6. I received an email from Evie this morning regarding this. I'll update and test shortly!
  7. I think we all deserve (and need) an explosive turnout this year. Come on folks, join in on this. I have participated in multiple SS events on AtariAge over the years and each were just a fantastic time
  8. I think a cheesy Genesis game should be placed in this container to make it complete. Maybe...
  9. Never had any issues without the clips back in the day nor do I now...because I do not use them. I installed them one time on my pristine Genesis model 1 back when it was released and to my dismay the damn metal clips scratched the console. I will never use those again. When the 32X is installed in a Genesis model 1 it is a snug fit...there is no movement. If you install it into a model 2 however you will need the spacer that was included. If you have it, again, snug fit. I have had multiple 32X units over the years (mostly purchased as "untested") and they all worked fine after either a good cleaning or removing the two internal ribbon cables, cleaning those fingers and reinstalling. The latest one I have now was also sold as untested with no cables at all. But I sourced the loopback cable and a PSU and that worked perfectly with nothing else required. I have had better luck with these systems over the years than a whole lot of others. As for emulation...meh. If anyone knows me well enough they will know that I have been involved in the software emulation scene since the late 90's. I thought it was great that these games could be brought to the masses without the need for original hardware. I was a moderator of the (now defunct, gone) emulation forum on Digital Press those many moons ago and was a real advocate. But over the years you eventually find its shortcomings. Mainly being the lag that is produced. This alone is precisely why folks are moving either back to the real hardware or to FPGA solutions. Most people will not detect it (or care) but I can certainly feel when games that I have played on real hardware for decades are a "little off". I don't want to turn this into some emulation vs real hardware vs fpga debate as we already have enough of those. But just saying that if you have the ability to play on a real 32X with real hardware you are absolutely getting the best experience....even for the few games that were released. For me it is worth it for Afterburner Complete and Space Harrier...and Virtua Racing alone. These three games are the best home conversions of the arcade in my book. Virtua Racing for the 32X is my personal favorite version of all time due to its arcade feel and tight perfect control.
  10. On a side note, PAL versions did have this...which was kind of cool!
  11. The sticker was most definitely a mock up. I have come across hundreds (maybe even thousands) of Vic-20's since their release in homes, work environments, schools, you name it. And never did they have that colorful sticker
  12. I had this up some time ago but the person who said they will take it has not responded, so its back up for grabs. Mint, complete with cart end label and box protector. I paid $100 plus shipping to get this to the USA. I am simply looking to make my money back. Really great game BTW! $100 $90 $80 plus $8 priority mail flat rate shipping takes this gem. ***GONE!***
  13. I figured I should bump this thread as I just got one of these carts. In all honesty after using various devices from the SD2IEC all the way up to the C64 Ultimate, this cartridge is in my personal opinion better than all of them. It strikes a fine balance between having the options that you really need (ripping to and from real floppies, integrated deadtest cart, SID player, etc) and being simple enough without an overload of settings and being confusing. It is just simple yet powerful. I have been playing with it for days and it really makes the computer even more of a joy to use. The firmware updates (this is updated VERY often) are super easy and fast to perform and Evie is ultra responsive when contacting for support. She is even implimenting a request I had for an option to the firmware to allow games to default launch in C64 mode on a C128 without any keyboard intervention. I can't recommend this cartridge enough. I may have to purchase a spare!
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