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  1. I suppose I should chip in my 2 cents here. After HOURS of practice out of boredom, I did make it to level 36 one time. Seriously.
  2. Ze_r0, why do you think the NES design is poor? Not an attack, I'm just curious to hear your reasons.
  3. I just saw the ad too a couple of nights ago. Wow, that IS wild that a new commercial would use sounds from a 20-year-old game! Cool.
  4. With the current "old is new" trend in the usually "now" video game market, who knows?
  5. I had this very same problem when I had my paddles. It has to do with the potentiometer. Sometimes you can fix them by replacing the "pot" if you know what you're doing, but our Radio Shack never has the type we need. In digust, I finally threw them out. I have since been on the lookout for Atari paddles. It's a sad world.
  6. I never play my Journey Escape game, that's for sure. I will say that I tend to play Chopper Command a little more than H.E.R.O. right now, which I play a little more than Pitfall. Most of my games are pretty fun, though.
  7. Speaking of Atari emulation on the Playstation, did anyone else think that "Activision Classics" sucked? The emulation is horrid! As you can guess by my user name, the first game I went to was H.E.R.O. HERO's head is green instead of red, and the laser sounds more like a stupid machine gun! VERY VERY bad. Pisses me off.
  8. Believe it or not, I usually get fairly good deals on Atari games through eBay. What really gets to me is when I see Atari paddles go for about $15 on eBay. Geez! How am I supposed to compete with people that'll spend a lot more money on stuff than I care to pay for? I can't. Sigh...... It's all about how much you *really* want it. I'd like a copy of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but not enough to justify plunking down $75 for it.
  9. Maybe I'm just dumb, but is there any game like the one where Chevy Chase puts the station wagon in the game and Russ keeps shooting the car? They must have programmed SOMETHING. How did they do that, anyways?
  10. My P.E. teacher in Elementary always blamed my Nintendo playing for my lack of activity during his classes. Then again, he blamed horror movies on my brother...
  11. Texas Chainsaw Massacre was always a fun game for me back when I had it.
  12. Which brings us to my problem--that Pitfall 2 rom doesn't work on my Stella. I bring it up and it's just a black screen. Other roms from Atariage work perfectly.
  13. Today, for the first time, I played Galaga on an arcade machine. I had had plenty of practice beforehand having owned this on the Game Boy Advance, so I was pumped. It still said 25 cents on the front. Unfortunately, I had to put in another token since it wouldn't accept the first one, so I got screwed out of 25 cents. But once I got it working, I was on a roll!! Of course, there was no line to play the game. I tell you, the arcade version is much better than the Game Boy Advance version. People behind me playing Killer Instinct II gave me a couple of wierd looks. When I reached the ninth level, one eventually said, "Uh, wow, you're pretty good at this. Where'd you practice this game?" I smiled and said the GBA gave me a good jumpstart. The arcade I played at was NOT an old one, by the way. It opened about 2 months ago. The fact that the owner actually bothered to buy the Galaga machine (and the Mrs. Pac-Man on the right) really shows faith in the people of old classics. Imagine, after all these years, it stills says 25 cents. Isn't that great? I left that arcade feeling I got an incredibly great value for 25 (well, okay, 50 with the rip-off) cents. Neato. After I left, I noticed a couple of other people started to take interest in it too.
  14. www.vgmusic.com is awesome for video game music. They have some MIDIs for the Atari 2600. Pretty cool.
  15. WOW! How big were the posters? That's awesome!
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