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  1. I think you can still get your money back. It is not just about if you get your package. The seller sold you "International Karate", which this game is not. Also, depending on what he told you I think it is already a scam if he said this was playable. It is more than a slideshow, but unless there was a later ROM I never saw there is no AI in the enemy or very limited, and collisions do not register half the time. This would have also belonged in the description. Can not force you to, but there are ways.
  2. I would recommend you get your money back. Even if I was not personally pissed about this even happening, you totally overpaid for what you will get. If it is anything like the last build I tried it is barely playable. As in no/limited collision detection. And the backgrounds could be toggled. It was more to see how it looks and moves in motion. Honestly, this move sucks and I contacted the seller to tell him to not sell that again. I doubt it will help, but this is a scam. The game is not IK. He willingly gives no description telling this is an alpha version of a homebrew and not in a playable state. He calls it IK. All to mislead people and make money of other people's work. It has been so long... did we ever release a demo to public? Because if we did not, that means somebody whom we trusted leaked this ROM. Which in turn means you must keep development completely under wraps and only ever hand out ROMs to people actually involved in development. I know the game has been in dev hell for years. But it is not cancelled. If anything, selling this WIP or supporting the thief that makes money with it may well lead to people dropping support for Lynx homebrew. I know matashen is very much against this kind if thing and I can totally see this to be the straw that breaks the camel's back so that he quits the Lynx altogether. Don't sell ROMs of homebrews. And do not encourage scun who do it by paying them.
  3. As for PITS, I think it is safe to assume the full set is probably the rarest, if not one of the rarest releases. The cartridge may have been sold until not too long ago, but the real collector's item is the full cased set. So it is a super rare collectible, but only in the complete set.
  4. TNT Terry isn't even a working game. afair Did someone actually try to sell it? You can do nothing in it afair, gameplay is not really implemented. About EotB, we can at least get a pretty accurate number of the Eric DeLee release, since he had his waiting list here posted publicly on AA. I think it was something between 70 and 100.
  5. Wrong system, dude. This is for Atari Lynx.
  6. Thanks for doing this! You're welcome to do more for the Lynx in the future, lots of new flashcard owners right now, so interest in homebrews is at its peak.
  7. Nice work! I too especially like the way the Lemmings are incorporated. I would probably prefer characters to be arranged some other way than "standing in line" against the blue sky.... but then again, this is quite unusual. BTW, no place for him?
  8. You know, with the great success the flashcard has I wonder if it would be viable to offer new games as donationware ROMs of new games in addition to cartridge releases. So many people want the flashcard... maybe they would be willing donate 5 $ to the homebrewers for a new game if they like it instead of spending 40 $ for a boxed game card. Would of course be completely voluntarily.
  9. Telegames just use whatever they have available I believe.
  10. People actually spend a lot of time creating inlays for clamshell cases for their Mega Everdrives, so I can understand it. ^^ and actually, with cardboard boxes like opd Nintendo and Atari stuff I always use them for display only, but never put them in the boxes so the cardboard doesn't get scruffed etc. i store my games seperately. The Lynx SD flashcard as part of the collection deserves a box too, I agree.
  11. I only got mine in 2009. Bought it in a German Forum, when prices were low. My Lynx 1 cost me like 25 Euros. You can not get one for under 60 if you are very lucky now. My Lynx 2 was a generous gift by LX.NET. It came up when the McWill mod arrived, and initially it was Lynx-II-only. I asked LX.NET if he had one for sale for a good Price, since he is always buying collections and reselling what he does not need. Alas, the system arrived at my home as a gift. Very thankful for that! Back in the Lynx heyday I never saw an actual unit. Atari Germany was not interested in it, instead focusing mostly on the computer sector. A few commercials ran when the Lynx II came, I remember those... but neither in a store did I see a live unit, nor did a single kid I know have one. So I was blown away when I got one in 2009 and experienced how advanced it was. I genuinely wish SEGA had struck a deal with Epyx instead of Atari, because unlike the Game Gear the Lynx could have pulled off wonderful versions of the super scaler games. Space Harrier, Outrun, Afterburner, Galaxy Force... all that stuff could have looked so much better on the Lynx than on the GG. And 3rd party Support would have been better than for an Atari System too. Glad I found this System finally.
  12. Wait, so Trump bought all the new old stock of Lynx games to build a tower out of them? That's why the prices went up so much? I never liked him much, but now I HATE him!
  13. Mine has arrived too, works great! I also immediately installed Gadget's menu 1.5, so cool to have the previews. I just wish longer file names were okay, but you can't have everything. Is there a way for me to blow up all the homebrew ROMs that have akward sizes so they work on the flashcard? I guess a tool would be needed for a non coder like myself.
  14. The UK one is active, yes. At least it was last year.
  15. Why are you talking about Epyx now ??? This here has nothing to do with Epyx, this is Telegames. Epyx has died around 1990 or 91. And no, not all games made for old consoles are homebrews. Homebrew means a mostly non-commercial hobby project. But there are plenty of people developing games for old systems on a professional base, with real money involved.
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