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  1. Are these still available? I've reached out to intvnut here and emailed [email protected] and have not heard anything. And it's no big deal. I understand people get busy, but I would like to order one if possible.
  2. **SOLD** All games have been tested and work. I have not sold anything here for a long time, but my ebay id is rod_jeremy138. I also have feedback on blu-ray.com http://forum.blu-ray.com/member.php?u=95574 and gametz (though I have not been active there in many years also) http://gametz.com/user/benjam138.html
  3. Well, to be honest, that's how I originally asked for it. $1300 plus Paypal fees.
  4. Hello! It's been awhile since I've been on here, but I thought I would try selling here before I go to Ebay. It also comes with a boxed 32x. Asking $1300 ($1350 via Paypal) shipped to anywhere in the US through UPS with insurance and tracking. Payment through Paypal or personal check/money order works too. ;)Below is a rundown of the games and conditions. If I didn't put anything regarding the box, it has normal shelf wear. I also have feedback on gametz.com under benjam138 (have not been active there in a long time also). After Burner - Complete (some box damage on right side) The Amazing Spider-Man: Web of Fire (No Manual, some box damage, this is the worst box of the lot but still displayable) BC Racers (Complete, Box in very good condition) Blackthorne (Complete, box is very worn) Brutal: Above the Claw (no manual, box is very worn) Cosmic Carnage (Sealed) Doom (Sealed) Golf Magazine 36 Great Holes (Complete, has some black marker on the front of the box) Knuckles Chaotix (Complete) Kolibri (Sealed) Metal Head (Complete) Mortal Kombat II (Complete, very nice box) Motocross Championship (Complete) NBA Jam T.E. (Complete, minor damage to clamshell case) NFL Quarterback Club (no manual but has poster with offense & defense plays, clamshell case) Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (Complete, box is worn) Primal Rage (Complete) RBI Baseball '95 (Complete) Shadow Squadron (Sealed) Space Harrier (Complete, box in excellent condition) Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (Complete) Star Wars Arcade (Complete, box is slightly worn) T-Mek (Complete, box in excellent condition) Tempo (Sealed) Toughman Contest (never opened, but not completely sealed, back is missing half of the plastic wrap) Virtua Fighter (Complete, box in excllent shape) Virtua Racing Deluxe (Complete, Clamshell case) World Series Baseball (Complete, box is in very good shape) WWF Raw (no manual, clamshell case is slightly damaged) Wrestlemania The Arcade Game (complete, clamshell case) Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000 (sealed) Corpse Killer (Sealed) Farenheit (sealed, minor damage to seal) Night Trap (complete, minor damage to box, disc look like new) Slam City with Scottie Pippen (Sealed, minor damage to seal) Supreme Warrior (Sealed) Brazilian Games by Tec Toy (all of then have a poster) Blackthorne (complete) Cosmic Carnage (Complete, sticker has fallen off cartridge) Motocross Championship (Complete, sticker has fallen off catridge) Tempo (complete) Loose Carts (so you don't have to open the sealed ones Doom Kolibri
  5. My auction. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 270648762594
  6. A cheap alternative is to buy a Sega Saturn stick and then get one of these: Total Control 3 It works pretty good for me anyway.
  7. Ooh, you dirty boy! Err..... girl. But yeah. I guess I asked for that one, haha! A girl that collects "adult" video games? ..... Will you marry me?
  8. Prices are for items w/ shipping - Pics are available upon request - Please PM if interested. 3DO Boxes: $5.00 each 3DO Action Pak (Box for jewel case games - Dragon's Lair, Shanghai Triple Threat, AD&D slayer & Soccer Kid - Has manual for Shanghai & Slayer) 3DO Maniac Pak (Box for Alone In The Dark, Battle Chess, Out of This World & Way of The Warrior - has 1 manual with all 4 games) Battlesport Bust-A-Move Doom FIFA International Soccer (w/ manual) Guardian War Mazer (w/ inserts - NO MANUAL) Pebble Beach Golf Links (free w/ purchase) PGA Tour 96 (w/ game & manual) Samurai Showdown (w/ manual & advertisement insert) Slam N Jam 95 (w/game (scratched but works) & manual) Space Pirates (w/ inserts - NO MANUAL) Space Shuttle (Free w/ purchase) Theme Park (w/ Manual) Waialae Country Club (Sealed) Wing Commander III: Heart of The Tiger (Sealed) $12.00 Wolfenstein 3-D (w/ manual) Game Boy Boxes: $3.00 Arcade Advanced: Konami Collector's Edition (Free w/ purchase) GBA Legend of Zelda GBA Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening GBC - No Manual Madden 95 GB Primal Rage GB Wario Ware: Mega Microgame$ GBA (x2) Genesis Games: Evander Holyfield's Boxing $5.00 Lakers vs. Celtics and the NBA Playoffs w/ case - $1.00 or free with purchase w/o case Mario Andretti Racing w/ case - $1.00 or free w/o case NHLPA Hockey '93 w/ cover no case free w/ purchase NHL 94 - w/ case & beat up manual and poster - $1.00 or free with purchase w/o case Pat Riley Basketball - w/ case & manual $1.00 or free with purchase w/o case Pele - used, but bought sealed in it's box - $5.00 Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Not for resale case, former rental w/ copied instructions) - $1.00 or free w/o case N-Gage Games for sale (all have cases & manuals) $4 EACH OR 3 FOR $10 Asphalt Urban GT Bomberman FIFA Soccer 2004 FIFA Soccer 2005 MLB Slam Moto GP NCAA Football 2004 (x2) Pandemonium! Pocket Kingdom: Own The World Puzzle Bobble Vs The Sims - Bustin Out Sonic N Spider-Man 2 SSX Out of Bounds Super Monkey Ball Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 (x2) Tomb Raider Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (no cover) Virtua Tennis X-Men Legends Atari Retro - for Palm OS - works on N-Gage but w/o sound $8 Various: Ribbit King GC - Cover & Manual - free w/ purchase Devil May Cry PS2 - Cover & Manual - free w/ purchase Sonic Adventure 2-Pack box - free w/ purchase (would ship flat) Tom Clancy's Classic Trilogy XBOX Manual - free w/ purchase (have several) X-Men Legends Strategy Guide $2
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