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  1. Ok, for I am not a native english speaker, I have to correct something, as my posting could be understood wrong. Correct is: There MIGHT be some Freezers left as people didn´t react to invoices or didn´t pay, and they will be available later. Of course they first will be offered to ABBUC members (no matter how long one is a member) and then the list extends to others. So please understand that you will be put on a list without the promise of getting a freezer, as production is extremely time exhausting. So please do not be disappointed. But you can always ask in the ABBUC forums, if there are members who have bought more than one freezer and might sell one.
  2. Kudos for you to enter the competition with this. You did not lose, you are the 14th winner! Maybe you extend the progam by creating an editor, so that other languages can be implemented by the user. That would be cool.
  3. I can´t reproduce this bug, but all my XEs are bug free. I will organize a damaged XE so that I can also test for this bug next time.
  4. Ok, next time I do not post anything before all the beer really left my body... Corrected. Thanks for the hints and do not stop telling me, help is always appreciated.
  5. And corrected that one too, thanks for the hint.
  6. Write to Wolfgang Burger from ABBUC (or to me at software<at>abbuc.de ), there are some unpaid freezers which will be avilable to buy.
  7. Ok, pseudografx is faster than me. Yes, the results are online: http://www.abbuc.de/atari/software-ressort/78-software At the JHV the president decided also to award places 11-14 with a small gift. Congratulations to all Participants and many thanks for a great competition! Bet regards, Sascha
  8. I´ll post the results tomorrow evening after the JHV.
  9. I must admit that I couldn´t figure out how to create a working ATL-file. I do not have Atari Schreiber (or Atari Writer) and the only text editors I use on the Atari are Austro Text and The Last Word. But when I create a simple INDEX.ATL like <SL> ABBUC SWC 2013 <BL> The Results and then start the viewer, I only get a full black screen. What´s wrong here?
  10. Heli in the cave is one of those games you need to play more often to get into it. In the beginning it might be frustrating and/or boring. I don´t know how many levels it has, but I´ve started drawing a map to not get lost. First you should stay in the first 3 screens and grab money to get all upgrades. That takes some time, but once you´re well equipped, the fun starts. 16. The aliens in the last screen move 2 fields. Sorry.
  11. I have to admit that I had the most time to play... AssembloidsXE: 7530 The Hunt: 175 (Already had 205, but lost the screenshot) Xirious Defect: Solved (about 25 minutes)
  12. That´s too close. But I´ll most probably hit the UK in spring 2014 (Leicester and Brum again), what´s up then?
  13. @TMR: Sorry for the delay, you have an answer now. I was NOP for a while, but now are back up and running. As mentioned more than once: We are RETRO. We still distribute real disks and that makes lots of work. So we do not make our own work obsolete by distributing ATRs before the disks. We always discuss how to handle it in the future, but for now just live with it. Waste of time? Not effective? Remember: We are RETRO. Thanks to Andreas great work the entried all fit on 4 disk sides, which had to be copied manually by Wolfgang Burger. That are more than 800 disks and 1600 disk changes (he uses a 1050 with SuperSpeedy). This year I couldn´t even support him, as my SuperSpeedy produced errors (will have it checked by tfhh hopefully or get a new one, also from tfhh). So: Disks are out and will arrive all over the world within the next few days/weeks. The web pages will be updated after the annual meeting (JHV) at the end of October.
  14. Good point, I´ll try to speed things up reorganizing the pages of the Software Ressort, so that you can find all the links there.
  15. Most of the credits for copying go to Wolfgang Burger! He is doing it four times a year for more than 26 years now!
  16. The ABBUC annual meeting (JHV) where the results of the voting for the software competition will be announced (final votes are possible at the meeting) will be held in Herten/Germany (not too far away from The Netherlands and Belgium) at October 26th. Would be a nice occasion to present a better version after the vote.
  17. As far as I know, ALL 600 XLs are fully socketed. But I can´t prove that.
  18. I´m going to do that too. Should work, you only have to figure out where the CPU and GTIA are located. Take a look at the installation instructions: http://lotharek.pl/zasoby/produkty/45/pliki/simple_stereo.pdf
  19. Haha. No, that was not my intention. Honestly: You run OS X? So why don´t you use it? It won´t hurt. I swear!
  20. WTF? If you run OS X, why did I had to test the OS X version for you?
  21. Carefully here, not all 5 pin cables work! I´ve just separated my not working cables from the good ones and cut them into two pieces to make monitor-cables out of them. @Andreas: If you like I send you two tested cables which definitely work.
  22. I´ve informed the authors via email but did not hear back yet. I want them to decide on their own if the public gets informed or not as they´ve put a lot of work into their project.
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