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  1. I was sure from the beginning. First I thought it is too easy, but you have to keep concentration extremely high and that makes it somewhat difficult. I like Voyager very much too, but it is too easy. It only takes me 5 - 10 minutes to win. But a nice game and as it is BASIC, it might easily be modified. But KI is the hardest thing to code. btw: Frank, my email bounced, did you receive a notification email from me? Also thanks to Sikorsoft: As Games are preferred by most users, it is hard to get points for a tool. Especially if it is about a very specific topic. The Morons of H.A.R. already announced, that there will be a more finalised version of HARem with two levels, sound, better FX and all by the mid of November. Looking forward to that one too. Thank you all for participating!
  2. I have several C64s, all of them working without any problems. But all my 1541s make trouble. To me they seem not to be as reliable as the Atari 1050.
  3. Hello. It was in Herten (Recklinghausen). For the 27th time. Where are you located? Please just check the ABBUC Forum to find members near you. If you live in the north, you can join the bi-monthly regional meeting in Elmshorn, where you will meet hardware wizards like tfhh, BigBen, HardwareDoc and many others. I live in Wolfsburg and do some small meetings here too. There are active Atari 8 Bit users from ABBUC nearly everywhere in Germany.
  4. Here are the official results of the ABBUC Software Contest 2012 as voted at the 27th yearly meeting on Oct 27: 1. Ridiculous Reality - 423 Punkte credits: programming - Martin 'MatoSimi' Šimeček graphics - Adam Wachowski, Adam 'Ooz' Powroźnik music - Michał 'stRing' Radecki 2. Callisto - 387 Punkte - Jason Kelk 3. Asteroids Emulator - 369 Punkte - Norbert Kehrer 4. MazezaM - 344 Punkte - xxl 5. HAR'em - 298 Punkte - Morons of H.A.R 6. Caterpillar - 218 Punkte - Holger Bommer 7. Keep on Koastin - 204 Punkte - Jason Kendall 8. Voyager - 190 Punkte - Frank Cernese 9. OTA Nokia Viewer - 185 Punkte - Sikorsoft All participants should have received a notification email. If not, please contact me. Thank you all for participation!
  5. I´ve just found the time to read here again and I must say I am a little bit surprised. First of all: Not "an ABBUC member" released the disks, it was the Head of software ressort (me) who released the disk image. As head of Software Ressort I am arrogant enough to say that I think it was ok. In my reading the contest ends after all contributions arrived. That point is clearly defined by the Deadline. So I don´t feel wrong here. But I think, made some mistakes: - I should have had checked up with the president, to make sure he agrees with me. I was so sure not to make a mistake that I didn´t ask him. - Obviously the rules are not clear enough. As cas mentioned, that will be discussed. - I released the image after the disks arrived at German ABBUC members. That wasn´t clever, I should have wait until international members got their disks too. On the other hand, there was no talking with me before posting here. I don´t blame anyone too. I just say: There were SEVERAL requests by email to release the games as soon as possible. There was exactly ONE email that I know of where an ABBUC member told me, that he didn´t like it that the games of the software contest were released. If there are more, then I have to wonder why they were not sent to me. But that one email seems to be enough to start postings in several forums talking about a problem which actually is not a problem at all. What the heck? But ok, I am old enough, I can take it. See: I assisted the president with copying the real disks. I only made 275 disks, that are 550 copies on my 1050 with SuperSpeedy. Wolfgang Burger did all the rest. So the first persons to have a problem with disk images released should be Wolfgang and me, because we invest a lot of time in copying. I know that there are not many people left using the real hardware only. But testing that the disks run fine on unmodified hardware alone took us one full day with several people. Even if I knew that there is only one single person left using the real hardware only, I would do it that way. It´s not about being economical or so. Bullshit. This is why I call myself to be RETRO. Anyway. As mentioned above, there will be a discussion. Actually, there is a discussion every year. This is what the ABBUC is about. It´s living. And everybody can influence the actions of the club. So I ask you guys here on Atari Age, what do you should be changed at the software contest. If you have some input, please don´t forget to tell me if you are an ABBUC member or not.
  6. The magazine is published and so the games are. So you are free to publish them on your websites of course. For the magazine I translated all english documentation to German. I will also translate the German documentations to English and publish them, but this won't happen before next week, as I am travelling a lot at the moment. Next stop: Belgium. Tasty Wafers and chocolate. Yum yum.
  7. I'll check that. The used only AtariMac800X (as I only have a MBP at home) when we produced the Disks and it worked fine. The images I linked to are made from the original floppies by HIAS. What exactly doesn't work? Sometimes there was the problem that the GameDos didn't load. But you can still access the files using any other OS or DOS, for example QMEG OS or in AtariMac800X just load SpartaDOS as Cartridge.
  8. The magazine was delivered to most Germans today, so I publish the ATR with the software contest contributions: http://skriegel.de/atari/SMAG.zip This is open for everybody, not only members. Feedback appreciated, I´ll publish a vote-sheet for non-members too, because I am interested in how those results might differ.
  9. btw: Will I automatically play for "Team Deutschland" as I am living here, or what? I translated your post in the ABBUC forums, maybe we will get some more support.
  10. Challenge accepted. Grabbed the first Joystick I could find, so the scores are not the best for T&F: Total Score: 118521 100m: 9.78s Long Jump: 8.24m Javelin: 90.90m Hurdles: 14.16s Hammer: 95.34m HighJump: 2.36m
  11. We will send out the Games on Disc for ABBUC members with the next magazine. After that, we will make the Disk images available for Download for members, shortly after that also for the public. At the meeting we collect the votes, count them and publish the results. It´s some work to copy more than 400 5.25" disks on the real hardware. But hey: We´re Retro and we know it.
  12. Is this what you are planning to do on little Atari: http://www.fddb.org/?shows=chaos-order-%E2%80%93-a-mathematic-symphony (watch trailer from 3:46 Min on)? Would be cool. But Rocco did that show in 4096x4096 pixels and a highly dedicated render farm computed for months for it. One fine day we will do such thing in our planetarium dome in real time, but this is years away from now I guess.
  13. José, thank you for this little but important hint! You are right: this is not clearly stated in the rules. I will discuss this topic internally and make it more clear for next years competition.
  14. I agree that Win 7 is quite good. But 8 is already available and keeps a good tradition: Skip every second Version to be happy! Remember Vista? Crap! XP was quit nice. ME? OMG! 2k. Ok. Etc. Actually privately I switched from Atari Mega ST 4 to Apple iMac in 1999 and are on Mac since that time. But at work I only occupy Win machines (Some workstations, render farm, Server, Dome system etc.).
  15. I am abbuc member but can not download them either @Heaven/TQA: Even the president of ABBUC can´t. But yes, there will be all that stuff Mr. Fish asks for. What we are doing now is to prepare the disks and the text for the ABBUC magazine. The entries have to be compressed so that we can put them on less disks as possible. Then I have to copy some hundred disks. As you might know, the ABBUC is "oldschool" Some say "Retro". After the paper magazine with the disks is released, we will also make the Disk-Images available for download, as we always do. Of course the authors of the games are free to publish Screenshots and Videos. Now that the Deadline arrived that is no problem anymore. I will do so too, but that takes some time as I want to publish it for all entries at the same time to be fair. My focus now is on creating the texts and disks for ABBUC magazine, after that I´ll take care of Mr. Fishs request.
  16. Back to topic, here is the final list of Entries for the ABBUC Software Competition 2012: Games: - Ridiculous Reality - Matosimi - Keep on Koastin - Jason Kendall - Caterpillar - Holger Bommer - Callisto - Jason Kelk - Voyager - Frank Cernese - MazezaM - xxl - HAR´em - Creature XL Tools: - OTA Viewer (Nokia) - Sikorsoft - Asteroids-Emulator - Norbert Kehrer Thanks for participation and good luck for the voting!
  17. No. It´s not from IKEA, it´s a real bed with good tools and an manual which is easy to understand. But it´s big. It has to carry lots of girls. I hope.
  18. Yes, got it. I am busy with assembling my bed so that I don´t have to sleep on the ground anymore. It arrived today and for a single person it is not too easy to assemble it. But here we go: Update (latest entry in blue colo(u)r): Games: - Ridiculous Reality - Matosimi - Keep on Koastin - Jason Kendall - Caterpillar - Holger Bommer - Callisto - Jason Kelk - Voyager - Frank Cernese - MazezaM - xxl Tools: - OTA Viewer (Nokia) - Sikorsoft - Asteroids-Emulator - Norbert Kehrer
  19. A little hint: As the 31st is a Friday and for example Americans have other time zones, there still is Friday when it´s already Saturday here. And of course I respect those time zones. Talking about the US: There is a submission from Florida. Update (latest entry in blue colo(u)r): Games: - Ridiculous Reality - Matosimi - Keep on Koastin - Jason Kendall - Caterpillar - Holger Bommer - Callisto - Jason Kelk - Voyager - Frank Cernese Tools: - OTA Viewer (Nokia) - Sikorsoft - Asteroids-Emulator - Norbert Kehrer
  20. And it arrived. Wonderful. Update (latest entry in blue colo(u)r): Games: - Ridiculous Reality - Matosimi - Keep on Koastin - Jason Kendall - Caterpillar - Holger Bommer - Callisto - Jason Kelk Tools: - OTA Viewer (Nokia) - Sikorsoft - Asteroids-Emulator - Norbert Kehrer
  21. :-) Hello Malcolm. Thanks! So, still three days left to hand it in.
  22. I am still waiting for Mathys "Great European Cross Country Radar Race"...
  23. Of course you could give it a try. Why not? But for the prices the categorie of a program doesn´t matter. So we actually have 5 entries (and some more are announced, hope to get them in time) and the worst you could make is 6th place (at least a small price), IF you add a remark that the software is written for the ABBUC Software Contest 2012, add documentation and screenshots. Then of course you can participate even with such a simple and small program. Blow it up with some graphics and sounds and there you go. It´s that easy. As I wrote: "Handing in SOMETHING..." Don´t feel shy, people! We all know that great sound and graphics alone don´t make a winner game.
  24. Update (latest entry in blue colo(u)r): Games: - Ridiculous Reality - Matosimi - Keep on Koastin - Jason Kendall - Caterpillar - Holger Bommer Tools: - OTA Viewer (Nokia) - Sikorsoft - Asteroids-Emulator - Norbert Kehrer
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