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  1. I´ve updated my SIDE3 to the latest Firmware and now wanted to access the FAT-partition from SDX. I know, there is a huge thread, but I didn´t find a solution there, except from copying a prepared image. But I want to do it from scratch. First: I have a Mac with OS X Big Sur and a Windows 10 machine with the latest update. Atari800XL with U1MB, SIDE3, SIO2SD, 1 SD Card with 4GB and 1 SD Card with 16GB. What I did: - 2 GB SD Card in SIDE3 - Boots into SDX 4.49e - FDISK: 2 Partitions: 2000MB FAT16, remainder APT - Create APT Partition "C" with 65535 sectors bootable - format that with FORMAT from SDX - put SD into Mac, use DISKUTIL as described by Jon - successfully got FAT16 partition, which the Mac mounts. Put two *.xex on it - Boot SIDE3 into Fileloader: FAT-partition recognized, can start both files (and wasted an hour playing TimePilot) - Boot SIDE3 into SDX, using FDISK to install FAT as EXT partition - try to access DK: - Error 138 - Install FATFS.SYS 0.87L (from SDX toolkit): Still Error 138 So: Everything´s working, but I can´t access the FAT16 partition from SDX. CHKFAT says "Not a FAT disk" Next try: Use Windows 10 to format the FAT volume. No success. Last try: 16GB SD card, initialise as FAT32 (4GB), format it with Windows 10. Same as above: All is working, but I can´t read the FAT partition from SDX. The Config.sys on the SIDE3 is unchanged, I´ve also tried loading FATFS via AUTOEXEC.BAT, but simply can´t read the FAT partition. Any help (that does not sound like "use Linux", simply don´t have and want it) appreciated. Edit: Stupid me, I just realise, I used CHKFAT on the APT (C:) partition. Will do correctly now, one moment. Addition: At the last try I forgot to give the FAT partition a Drive number (DK:). When doing this, I get Error 148 and CHKFAT looks like this: Still can´t access K:
  2. One more thing: I´ve also separated ATRs from PDFs.
  3. Think, I never added mine here: S/N: 72R DA 26797 263 Made in Taiwan And it has that label on its back:
  4. This is to inform all ABBUC-members who are registered to the ABBUC website and can access the downloads: I´ve created a new section "ABBUC Magazine - ENGLISH" where you find only the english PDF-versions of the magazines. Currently #140, #141 and #142 (Title page will be english soon, too) are online. #143 will follow soon (translators are busy, let´s hope for this week), as will Special Magazine #52 (ABBUC competitions). I´m very optimistic, that #144 will be available as english PDF as soon as the printed magazines ship. But I won´t put it online, before the first magazines arrived at the members (which normally is one day after shipping). The disk images still are in the other folder, I might create a separate section for the ATRs, too. And: On Monday we reach the deadline for texts, graphics, sounds, games, tools... everything for #144 (printed and disk). So check your stuff and send us, want you want to share.
  5. I don´t like it that much, as I prefer to use them. But finally I had to organize home office, but my home is small. Now a big Rendermachine is lurking next to my Ataris and eating much space under the table. Home Office is not good for my knees...
  6. Just put a Sophia 2 in my (PAL modded) 1200 XL. By accident (Home office) there is a 4K-Samsung, so I used a DVI -> HDMI adaptor to connect the Atari to it. The images should speak for themselves. I´m more than happy.
  7. Was it like opened, or like never closed (plastic above adhesive) ? The latter could be my mistake, but when it was like opened, someone was keen on looking inside. Maybe that happens due to the stamp: 3,20€ is a special price for magazine shippings, the same with a "personal" letter costs 3,70€. So they might just have checked if the content is a mass product and not an individual letter or so. P.S.: 142 in english is finished (just wait for approvement from the translators) and will be tomorrow. 144 will finally be created in GE and EN simultaneously.
  8. Thanks for the information. The stamp date should be the same on all envelopes, as all magazines shipped the very same day (boy, they´re heavy - or I´m gettin weak...). As I was focussing on getting the magazines out, I´ve updated the database after christmas. All fine with your account, it currently reads 31-10-2021. We´re already working on #144. There are still a few days left for transmissions (texts, graphics, sounds, demos, games...)
  9. It´s getting crazy. Unbelieveable how much time and energy I need to spend for simple tasks like shipping stuff. The newest joke happened yesterday. I got a message from a German member, that his letter was returned, as the addressee couldn´t be found: This is on front of the door to my house. Those are the mailboxes in the house: Close up of my Mailbox: But German Postal service returned this to sender: Addressee not found: You can see, that he used the same address which is printed on the envelopes I use for the magazines. Some of them returned for different reasons, so in general, the address seems to work. As there are other things I´m missing (a repaired 1050 was "delivered" to me regarding to tracking, but never showed up here) I´m really nervous about how many deliveries might have been lost. So please: If you ever send something to the ABBUC headquarters, always send me a message via mail or messengers so that I know something´s on the way.
  10. You just forgot to flip the "R" for a nice M.U.L.E.-reference. Thanks.
  11. Ok, now I really have to go to bed and leave you with this, which I think is not meant to be like this, isn´t it? The left side is showing the Letters correctly.
  12. Thanks, I´ll try that. Was a little bit afraid of testing all those patterns.
  13. I don´t know that particular printer, but if it makes as much noise as mine, I recommend printing noise dampers. Did this for my Prusa and the difference is unbelieveable. My printer is on an IKEA Lack table and created lots of noise and vibration, but when I put the dampers on, I had to check the printer every minute, because I thought it stopped worked. But actually it just became very quiet. I used those, which are very simple and fast to print: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2773885
  14. Your link seems to be wrong, in Chrome 404 pops up, as there is a "-" after the last slash. But removing it brings up the site. Thank you very much for the fonts.
  15. Yes, I remember shipping yours very well, as you currently are the only ABBUC member in Greece. It´s definitely on the way.
  16. Yes, registration is started. Check your mails.
  17. This whole thing is making a lot of work. I wonder, if it would be worth the effort to create something like a feedback list, where members can log in and mark a check box, so that I get an overview of when the magazines arrive.
  18. Is this a typo and you´re saying "past"? In that case I would consider #142 (with SMag 52) as lost in Space and will send a replacement immediately. #143 was shipped on Dec 23rd, this one probably still is on the way. That adds the point "put some extra envelopes and magazines in the 'US box'", so that replacements could be send faster. Lots of work last week, but now there is a "real" weekend ahead, so I will focus and finishing the missing english PDF versions, start #144 and do another very important thing. Start bothering me on Monday, if the english versions aren´t online then!
  19. Update: Postal service is kidding me. Got some returns, mostly from UK and Poland. The sticker said, the stamp was too cheap. Kind of funny: When sending out the magazines I buy online stamps and have them automatically printed on the envelope in one turn with the address. That´s a stamp for 3,20EUR. When sending out replacements or letters to new members, I simply use a standard stamp which I have to lick (ok, actually I put it on a wet spongue, no DNA from to be found ) and most of these letters are delivered. But obviously not all. I just bought stamps for 0,5 EUR (the amount they said would be missing) and added them and sent it out again. The postal sticker from Deutsche Post says, that would be sufficient, even if the 3,20EUR stamp was already marked. So if one of you gets an envelope with two stamps, where one is a 3,20EUR and the other is 0,5EUR, please let me know. Just to make sure, that at least this works.
  20. Maybe you can combine this with an rsync or so: https://github.com/VR51/get-em
  21. I sometimes think, I must have been the only person in Germany who bought an original copy of "Rescue on Fractalus" back then, just to figure out, that I already owned this game, just named "behind jaggi lines"... But I never attempted to remove copy protection and spend lots of money in buying original games. I was quite young and no one of my friends had a computer at all. So JoySoft, Kaufhof, Karstadt and Vredes in Cologne were my only source for games. And of course I´ve typed in any listing I could find in any magazine. Had to pay like 15DM for a copy of "Antic", which was available only at the book shop at Cologne Central Station. Ah, those days, when I did my math homework on the Atari and plotted it out with the 1020...
  22. Thanks. So, anybody in the UK who does not receive their letter with the membercard until Friday please send me a message then. Will send replacement on Monday then.
  23. There were some delays on my side and I was so busy with finishing mag 143, that new members of the last quarter 2020 might get 143 BEFORE mag142/smag52, as I first wanted to ship mag143. Additionally the short phase with the complete closing of the UK borders impacted shipping heavily. Did anybody in the UK receive 143 already? Everybody, who is missing something: Let me know! The start was a bit rough for us, as we were (positively) overwhelmed by the number of new members.
  24. Thanks. I should have checked the slicer before printing, as there is an issue: The left wall is thicker than the right one (looking from the front). Turned out for me, that on the right side the logo and letters are "flying". Kind of worked anyway, but I think, you could improve the model. The wider carts now fit. The letters on the right have no contact to the wall (surprisingly it printed them anyway, but they fall apart easily: Left side is ok, ignore the line at the bottom, I had a clogging nozzle, to which I reacted too late. Just paused printing, unloaded and reloaded filament and then resumed: Left and right side in PrusaSlicer: Left is ok, but right is too small and has no contact to logo and letter: But thanks for the wider slots, as I have dozens and dozens of carts, I will use this one anyway.
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