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    Atari 400

    The pleasure is on my side. You are one of the guys I meant with "hardware pro" :-)
  2. skr

    Atari 400

    As I promised to you, I took a fast look into my (PAL) 400. This is the board: The inner board must be the RAM: I am not sure how it works, but tomorrow I go to the Fujiama-Meeting and have the 400 with me. There are surely some hardware pros who can explain, what kind of RAM extension this is.
  3. skr

    Atari 400

    I have a 400 with 48k, but I bought with that RAM, so I don´t know, how it was expanded to that amount. I know there was a page where it was described, how to expand the 400´s memory, but today Google isn´t my friend. Maybe it was in an scanned article, I will post it here, if I should find it again. Later on I will open it and take a look at the RAM.
  4. WOW! Thank you so much, this is just amazing. These sounds are surely some of the best ever made on A8!
  5. Not exactly what you mean, but worth a look: http://herale.org/ His Atari has a lot of fine things inside. :-)
  6. Don´t want to interrupt this discussion, but I need a little help with the C64: What is the easiest way to transfer files/disc images from my Mac to a real floppy disc? I am absolutely an Atarian, but also own a C64C with a C1541-II and lots of discs. But I never heard a sound like the one in "Edge..." on that hardware. I want to run EoD on the real hardware, so how do I do that? On the Atari I use the big ASCB from mega-hz which has a built in SIO2PC. Is there something similar for the C64?
  7. For me "Universal Hero" was very annoying, because it was unsolvable. I tried over and over, but always stuck at the same place. Later on I somewhere read that there was a bug in the game which made it impossible to play it to the end. Grmpf.
  8. I had the same problem with Bomb Jack. I own Bernd´s 512k memory extension and thought, it was to blame. But checking my Atari showed, that it was a simple power problem! I used a PC power supply from motu. But it didn´t give my Atari full 5V, only 4.6 were on the board. Too less, Bomb Jack crashes exactly the way that you describe here. With the original Atari power supply I got 4.98V: Bomb Jack doesn´t crash! So first step for you should be to check the power supply! Take a simple multimeter and look, how much power your Atari really gets! It shouldn´t be less than 4.9V. If it is a little bit more than 5V it is fine, too.
  9. Call it whatever you want, but the fact is: You made a change (=modification) to your hardware. Otherwise you could use carts without problems. That´s easy: they want to make money with the game. And if they released it on a disk, a lot of people could not use it, because they don´t use disk drives anymore but SD cards or hard discs. A cartridge can be used by nearly everyone (except you ) who has an Atari. I fully understand that. From the it was clear to me, that they are not interested in releasing a binary (in what way ever), so we just have to accept that. It leads to nothing, if people keep on asking. That is the point: Accept it or leave it. If you want the game, you have to buy it. The only one who sells it is the one who decides how it is released. Like emkay says: There are lots of people who release great games for the Atari just for fun and you can get them for free. But there always will be people, who want to make money with such things. I wanted Tempest Xtreem and Xenophobe, so I bought them. I also wanted to play Bomb Jack on the Atari immediately, so I had to buy a memory extension to be able to play it.
  10. In Germany we say "Einzelschiksal". That game is for Atari Computers and does run on unmodified computers. If you modify your computer so strong, than there is absolutely no reason to complain. It´s a paradoxon in my eyes: The strenght of our old machines is, that developers can count on the fact, that the hardware is always the same. And now you complain, because they didn´t care about a modification which is not standard? I think, most Atari 8 Bit users can use their computer the way it is meant to be. They have no problem playing the cart. So, what is the issue? The Atari 8 Bit is designed to play cartridge games. So that alone justifies to release games in a cartridge version in my eyes. Edit: 831830 :-)
  11. Just got my cart today and love it. Parts of this discussion here are strange for my eyes. Somebody is selling a game. I can buy it or I can let it be. Nobody forces me to buy it. If I thought it were to expensive, I just wouldn´t buy it. If I thought it is not good, I just wouldn´t buy it. There is no free binary, so there are only the two choices: Buy or not. No further discussion necessary in my eyes. I would like to own a little helicopter, but I even can´t afford to buy a Bell UH-1D. So I ask for a free one. They don´t give me one. What to do now? Steal one? Surely not. But some critics at the game from me: The Bonus-sequences are a little bit disappointing, if you are used to the old Activision game "Master of the lamps".
  12. Ah, ok. I still didn´t try S-Video. Perhaps that would give better quality than my low-tech FBAS-Cable. I also capture to DV-PAL and compress with H.264, i know about huge videofiles.
  13. Great, that is much better than mine. I really should apply the Super Video Mod fast. How did they capture the video?
  14. Thank you for the information. I took your proposal and changed "maximale" to "Standard" and added a new line with "your" maximum and put a link to this discussion here, so that one can look for the current top-resolution which is being discussed here.
  15. Here you go: http://skriegel.de/WordPress/?p=373
  16. Shouldn't be "320*192 Pixel standard Bildschirmauflösung" or "384*240 Pixel maximale Bildschirmauflösung"? As far as I know the Atari shows 320*192 Pixels in Gr. 8 as highest possible resolution. This is what you get out of the box. How do I get 384*240 Pixels? Which graphics mode is that? How can I write that without confusing people? Remember: My Blog is also adressed to people who never heard about Ataris before. So I have to keep it simple. More detailed articles will follow, but I am not a hardware specialist or coder. Just a fanatic user who loves that little machine.
  17. Really great stuff. Amazing what one can do with those little computers! Yes, there will be. I just created an 8 Bit page on my Blog and opened a Vimeo.com-account for that reason. Meanwhile you can enjoy the full video of "Numen": http://skriegel.de/WordPress/?p=309
  18. Hello everybody, we had a little discussion about capturing Atari games in realtime. So I took my Formac Studio DV and my MacBookPro to test it. For the test I took the Numen demo. Completely, including the loader. http://skriegel.de/WordPress/?p=309 Don´t be afraid of the german text. If you go to my Vimeo page (find the link in the video on my blog) you will find a short english description of what I did. Greetings from Germany, Sascha Kriegel
  19. I get a blue screen without "READY"-Prompt when I boot without the BASIC Chip (it´s the one above the ROM). Open the computer and check, if the chips are socketed or not. Slightly lift all socketed chips and then firmly push them down. Especially BASIC and ROM. If you have socketed ROM and BASIC it is easy and cheap to replace the original chips.
  20. If you once found out, how to solve a level it is rather easy. The problem then is the timing. I personally can´t play it very well in the emulator because keyboard control sucks. But played on the real hardware with a Competition Pro 5000 control is great. But I still didn´t beat "O"... have to play more. Perhaps I make through all levels before the competition ends. If there just weren´t that damn thing called "work" which keeps me away from playing...
  21. Not me. Currently I lose all my lifes at Level "O".
  22. Didn´t play that for two decades. Add me to the list. :-)
  23. Just bought a 600XL with 1064 Memory Extension plus a 1050 and a Seikosha printer. Only wanted the 1064.
  24. Didn't someone recently release a Competition Pro remake? IIRC there was a classic version with a 9 pin connector and also a USB version for PC. German company "SpeedLink" sells an USB version of the CompetitionPro 5000: http://speedlink.de/?p=2&cat=313&p...8986&paus=1 The 9pin version is available at the German go64-shop: http://www.go64.de/shop/product_info.php/i...tick-Retro.html Got them both. I think they come out of the same factory but nevertheless the 9pin-version "feels" better.
  25. I also like it, great game. Currently I am playing it with a ST mouse, waiting for the TouchTablet support.
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