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  1. Right, Racing the Beam it is. Maybe I'll look into getting Once Upon Atari for Easter or something. Thanks for everybody's opinion. Dragonstomper: I'd be surprised if it wasn't available. Surely, it couldn't be too hard for him to just burn off a copy as and when orders were made?
  2. Same here. I really like the effects in the present build and have them on so that I can have a nice blurry, colour-bleeding flashback to my childhood. Are the Blargg effects so much better? I also notice they are NTSC filters. How will that effect PAL ROMs in Stella. Sorry if that's a silly question! PS: Shame we'll lose the effects (especially the phosphor burn) for the next build. But I still appreciate your work! EDIT: Grammar.
  3. Ooh, Scramble! Now there's game. I'd love to see that too. Not so sure about Zork... The text display would kill your eyes!
  4. Galaga 90. My favourite shmup of all time. I reckon the 2600 could do a fair approximation.
  5. Thanks guys. It's looking like the book is getting the vote so far. I don't intend to code for the 2600 as assembly is way over my head. Maybe one day I'll have a go at Batari though. Having said that I am geeky enough to follow psuedo code and general programming ideas and have an uderstanding of older TV tech (raster timing etc) so the book does really tickle my fancy. I take it the DVD doesn't really contain much more than extensions of the IGN/Youtube clips? I don't mind the gaming culture kind of thing either but I'm not sure I'll learn much more as I already know they got drunk and smoked a lot of dope!
  6. We have a really big family so for Christmas we do a Secret Santa so that everyone gets one present (we're not big into masses of gifts). For the past couple of years we've had a web page/blog where each member of the family can post their 'Christmas wishes'. Everyone has put up their wishes except me. Now, my girlfriend is pressuring me as time is getting short! I've decided that I want to get either the book Racing the Beam or the Once Upon Atari DVD but I really can't make my mind up! I've watched the IGN clips of OUA on Youtube. There are 9 clips each about 4 minutes long - that's pretty short for a documentary. Is the DVD much longer and does it contain more information? Are there any extras such as a commentary?? Is the Racing the Beam book worthy of my single Christmas wish? Is it biased, does it lack detail, are their lovely pictures, etc, etc? Help out a confused old fart and give me your opinions! Thanks for any feedback.
  7. That's great! Thanks folks for the info. I'll dig out my dusty old Trak Ball this evening and give it a whirl.
  8. Well, see, you just proved my point. With my grasp on the facts I'd make a perfect Atari CEO.
  9. Necro-bump! Has this project finally died? I have never seen the 2nd volume anywhere. It's a real shame if it just never released...
  10. Yeah, that's kinda what I figured. I really want to try out Missile Command TB but I don't want to shell out for a cart and a Trak Ball without playing it first...
  11. I've looked around and presume the answer to be no but I'm looking for an unequivocal answer. Does the Stella Adapter support Trak Ball usage through the Stella emulator? I can't find any info stating that it does so I presume it can't. The flip-side is I can't find anything that explicitly states that. There's probably a million threads on this subject but I seem to be rubbish at finding information on this site - there's a lot to trawl through! Thanks for any help.
  12. Pay the programmers real wages thus keeping 'Activision'. Do the deal with Steve Jobs for what would be Apple and leave that business to concentrate on computers. Do the deal with Jay Miner and merge 'Apple' and 'Amiga'. Keep legacy consoles alive (Flash Back units with SD slots anyone?) - Atari's biggest asset was it's early market penetration keep the momentum of that going while developing newer iterations. Quality Control on game releases would have to be a big thing too. Price games at am impulse buy level. Create proper franchises to fuel merchandise a la Ninty... Hey, this is easy! You know, I should've been a CEO.
  13. ^ Here's a link to the adaptor page. You can order them there. http://home.comcast.net/~tjhafner/2600-daptor.htm
  14. Damn! I can't believe I missed this!! Please don't point and laugh at me... Anyway, I'll buy the album on release. Gotta love them 2600 chiptunes.
  15. I've looked around but the terms 2600 and homebrew are pretty generic and haven't really lead me anywhere. Anyway, I was wondering is there a section of this site or even a specific page somewhere dedicated to homebrew? I've been out the 2600 loop for sometime and while noting a fair bit of activity in recent months and years I haven't really tried any of this stuff out. Now I'm looking to give some newer stuff a blast. Any specific place? Thanks, PFL
  16. Thanks for replying. I've sent you a wee PM.
  17. So, can I ask what's taking so long? I'm genuinely asking. I mean, is it parts that you have to wait for? Other controllers to make up the numbers? Spray painting time? I'm just curious why months go by and there are no updates. Please don't take this as a dig. I'm honestly interested and would like to know if there's any sort of time scale that can be put on the project...
  18. I just looked to confirm but I never received a PM either...
  19. Just wondering if there's any news on the 7800 front?
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