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  1. Five Super Famicom games for non-Japanese speakers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVgO6rKIZlw


  2. Reviewing another homebrew this week, but this one's from a well known publisher!
  3. Japanese GameBoy games! https://youtu.be/Xr4_lbu75jY 


  4. Watch me eat double hot spicy chicken ramen and try not to die while I play Famicom games and a vintage Pac-Man LED!
  5. Double the spicy, double the dumb! https://youtu.be/_yjcWRYIkps


  6. And this time so does everybody else!
  7. Genesis Does Ms. Pac-Man! https://youtu.be/vpdz6oJl6hI


    1. retrorussell


      Damn fun port.

  8. Before Shockman came this!
  9. Shockman Zero! https://youtu.be/T8flUdhW2So 

  10. "Bass, why must we fight?" Yeah um Mega Man voice actors, about that...
  11. A truly amazing development. Now you can play GameBoy games on your SD2SNES!
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