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  1. It's also totally unnecessary to drag me for a joke. Lighten up Francis.
  2. Another loose cart from my Genesis collection gets profiled on Genesis Does!
  3. Shadow Blasters!


  4. No one on the corner has swagger like us.
  5. Fair enough. As for Rob Fulop's game being stolen from Jason though, I just can't imagine a seller in good conscience buying Cubicolor #34 and not knowing where it came from. If you know what it is, and you know what it's worth, you know where it came from -- simple as that. It's not something somebody buys in private to keep in private without being aware that a finite number exist and that the paper trail for them is well documented.
  6. Case in point (referring to my post in Classic Gaming) you would NOT be able to get away with reselling Cubicolor #34. Jason has been known as the owner of this copy dating back 12+ years. Whatever idiot robbed Jason might as well have covered himself in one of those ink dye packs that banks put into bags of stolen money. If this shows up at any auction, or any store, or in any collection, your ass is NAILED to the wall.
  7. As the topic has kind of drifted in this direction, I'd like to hear a few thoughts on this. There are a lot of YouTube gamers who DO actively show off parts of their collection. Jason is not a guy with a channel like that, though he did like to show his stuff to friends and visitors, which is understandable. What's the point of having cool stuff if you can't let other people go ooh and aah once in a while? That's why I can understand people doing videos like "The immortal John Hancock here! I've finally completed my entire set of X" with a big smile on his face. He accomplished something, he's happy, he wants to share it with people. Even if they can't come to his home/museum to see it, they can see his video and enjoy it. Hell I enjoy it. I enjoy seeing what people have, I enjoy seeing the joy it brings them, I enjoy them talking about how they did it and showing off pieces of it. Should what happened to Jason scare us all off from this? I've seen several posts already saying "I never take videos in my home, I scrub all the meta data, I don't talk about what I have" and I really do get that. There's nothing wrong with being safe, taking precautions, et cetera. The old saying is "It's not paranoia if you're right." At the same time I don't want to feel like I can't ever do a video for YouTube where I say "Here's a game I have, it's fun, it's also a little exotic because not everybody might have a physical copy, but try it for yourself in an emulator." I don't have a studio where I can go film things, and I don't have the kind of time in the day to go to a studio even if I did. My home is my studio. Should I just quit doing videos of my collection and never film anything again because it makes you a target? Obviously I don't think I need to go to that extreme... but man I'd hate hearing that someone like John Hancock, MetalJesus or John Riggs had their home broken into.
  8. That looks like a great site but not speaking the language I have no way to navigate through it.
  9. Yeah, and the ones that really made my jaw drop were the stuff like Air Raid and Tooth Protectors. I think that anybody who tries to sell those is immediately going to raise red flags because you don't see those for sale in retro stores or conventions. It's like the difference between Earthbound and everything else. People think Earthbound is rare, but you can go to any con anywhere in the country and multiple dealers have it. Air Raid? Tooth Protectors? CIB? They do NOT.
  10. The retro hunt returns tonight at 8 PM ET!
  11. New retro adventures at 8 PM ET!


  12. He did take sensible precautions though. He didn't allow people to film or photo the "holy grails" and he didn't want anyone filming the outside of the museum so they'd know the street address. It's sounding like it was probably an "inside job" based on the fact they knew exactly what to grab, even the stuff he WASN'T bragging about. UPDATE: Jason has shared a list of what was snatched. --- This is the list of what was in the safe that was stolen: Atari 2600 all of these are pictured in my book “Classic 80’s Home Video Games” All these are boxed complete unless noted Cubicolor #34 Guardian Asterix Atari Video Cube Crazy Climber Gravitar Gremlins Quadrun loose and new flat unopened box very unique Swordquest Waterworld BMX Airmaster Ikari warriors Motorodeo Death Trap Out of control Spy hunter Tapper Up n down Assault Bomb - Great escape bomb – Wall Defender Bomb – Z-tack bomb Cakewalk Stronghold Boing Tooth protectors foam box and shipping box Dice Puzzle Exocet Harbor escape Scuba diver Seahawk Space canyon Stuntman Tank Brigade Frogger 2 Mr do castle Qberts Qubes Chase Chuck Wagon Glib Music Machine Bumper Bash Gas Hog Master BUILDER Ram it Stargunner Marauder Miner 2049 part 2 River Patrol Springer Rescue Terra Halloween Texas Chainsaw Xman Color bar generator shipping box Off Your rocker Atari 5200 all boxed Gremlins Big box Bounty bob strikes back meteorites Atari 7800 Tank command Colecovision Up n down Tapper Nintendo all boxed complete Bubble bobble 2 Bubble bath babes Hot slots Peekaboo poker Secret scout Athletic world bandi Caltron Bible Buffet Bubble bobble 2 Bonks Adventure Wata 9.4 A Cheetahmen 2 Chubby cherb Chiller Color a dinosaur Wata slab Contra force Donkey kong math Flintstones dinosaur Little Samson Monster in my pocket Panic Restaurant Power blade 2 Snow brothers Stadium Events Cart & manual Turtles Tournament fighter NES Joystick test cart yellow Wata Slab 6.5 NES Power Pad test cart yellow Wata 6.5 Super Nintendo all boxed Captain Novlin with slip sleev new Hagen Final Fight Guy Noahs ark 3 Ninjas Killer Instict Wata 9.6A+ Sega Genesis Spider man carnage wata 9.4A++ Doom Troppers 9.8 A++ Sega CD The Space Adventure Snatcher Keio Flying Squad
  13. Many of us know Jason (Trade-N-Games) around here. He was/is a fixture of video game cons in the Midwest, I'd see him at almost every show year after year, and I even had the pleasure of visiting his store in Missouri a few years back where he gave us "the tour" of his private collection, something I'd see a few big YouTube stars like MetalJesusRocks (also an AtariAge member I should add) do a few years later. Unfortunately it seems that the exposure he gained made him a target, because Jason just posted that his private stash (not his store inventory) got burglarized in what appears to be a targeted attack. They didn't try to clean out the museum, they just went for the safe and the high value items. Therefore if you own a game store in the Midwest or even outlying states and suddenly see a suspicious amount of rare shit walk through your door, like a Little Samson CIB and a 2600 Air Raid CIB at the same time, you might want to call in law enforcement.
  14. I freely admit this episode is all over the place.
  15. This episode is all over the place.


  16. This game SHOULD have been fun and COULD have been fun... but it's not. 8 PM ET!!
  17. Genesis Does Socket at 8 PM ET!



  18. Takes me back to my teenage days!
  19. GameBoy DMG-001!



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      I plan to have this one tuned up as much as possible. It won't be "showroom new" but it'll be good!

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      I should show ya a pic.  It's pretty tight :)

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      By all means!

  20. I really want to be the nice guy, and I think Ritchy means well in his offer above, but he JUST couldn’t resist throwing in that line “you will not complain if any random bugs occur.” Duuuuuude - your DRM is the bug. Taking it out fixes the bug. This has been well established. I can’t understand your obstinacy about claiming your DRM is (1.) not copy protection and (2.) a vital and necessary part of your code. It is neither.
  21. The price was rough but the feel is worth it!
  22. Well said Loafer. If anybody, ANYBODY involved in the programming or production of Risky Rick had approached it this way, it wouldn't have become the tidal wave of trash that it did. There's still time for them to reverse course and say "Hey we were trying to protect our product, we just got overzealous, sorry." I have seen indie developers mea culpa before. Then again I also watch Jim Sterling and I know that a lot of developers double down rather than admit fault. That's another reason I'm well aware of what does and doesn't meet the standards for defamation - the dumbass lawsuit Jim was hit with over by Digital Homicide when they got their feelings hurt because he made fun of their game. They eventually had to pack up and give it up.
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