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    My all-time favorite arcade/home console game is Asteroids. If you’re a fan of Asteroids, check out Space Rocks (2600 - Darrell Spice, Jr.) and Asteroids Deluxe (7800 - Bob DeCrescenzo). Both are excellent IMHO!

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  1. Love the music and after seeing that album art, maybe the yellow + should be replaced with a penguin.
  2. Wow, this level is hard! I don't have time to play, but this BIN works fine (NTSC mode), with no corruption.
  3. I have a POKEY chip ready and waiting!
  4. Any chance of 50th Anniversary patch? ☺️
  5. L.E.M. is one of my favorites and most appropriate with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Below is my best score. See if you can beat it.😉
  6. Got this to work on my UnoCart, however there is some corruption. The + moves around very well as does the "look around". Note: Couldn't get it to work on my Harmony Encore.
  7. I know we're talking 2600 here, but I can't wait for Arkanoid (7800). This game would have helped sell many a console BITD.
  8. Quite a few, however here are my top three... Thurst+ Platinum Space Rocks Mappy
  9. I mentioned this in another thread, but if your interested in the Apollo 11 moon landing, you may want to listen to this podcast series: http://www.bbcworldservice.com/13minutes
  10. 2nd Diamond. Game is fun! Need to get better at controlling the Panther.
  11. This! Instant replayability. This is why I'm excited about savekey support. Might help sell a few more savekeys too.
  12. I like to hear from the developers. Thanks for doing the interview.
  13. That is a great looking cart. Like Captain_Combat and save2600 said, Shawn does great work. I've purchased several carts from Shawn, excellent all around service. @Captain_Combat Nice of you to pick up the tab for our new friend.
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