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    My all-time favorite arcade/home console game is Asteroids. If you’re a fan of Asteroids, check out Space Rocks (2600 - Darrell Spice, Jr.) and Asteroids Deluxe (7800 - Bob DeCrescenzo). Both are excellent IMHO!

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  1. And here's another favorite... @TikiDan My thanks go out to you and your brother for taking the time to meet with me and sign my carts.😊 I can't wait for Gold Rush to become available.
  2. I have no complaints about my blue label cart!😉
  3. This just gets better and better. Can’t wait to see and hear this one.
  4. Thanks. I’ve been using a Suncom Slik Stik. They have a very short throw, make it a bit easier to respond. I think your game is progressing nicely. Can’t wait for you tackle the random missiles as well as the missile trajectories. I see that you received reply’s from Debro and Ed Fries concerning the missile trajectory logic. Great to see members supporting one another.👍
  5. Latest HS using build 20200218 I like the Moon phases.
  6. No worries. Thanks for the quick updates. Can’t wait to get home and try the latest build.
  7. Wow...anyone else try out the 202002170-a ROM? The missiles are dropping really fast, right from the start.
  8. Played a game today. There’s still one bomb that falls near the power plant, but is nearly impossible to hit.
  9. This! It’s going to feel like Christmas, when this CIB becomes available. 🙂
  10. Phases of the moon... @TwentySixHundredBased on above, the sequence could be as below, assuming you want to begin with a "New Moon"
  11. You need a Starplex Controller. This is the best way to play 2600/7800 Asteroids. I also use mine with Space Invaders and other SMUPs.
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