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    First generation Camaros, classic consoles, vintage stereos, Hess Toy Trucks, Texaco Die-cast Airplanes (Wings of Texaco), Star Wars (IV, V and VI), RUSH, Led Zep and Baseball.

    My all-time favorite arcade/home console game is Asteroids. If you’re a fan of Asteroids, check out Space Rocks (2600 - Darrell Spice, Jr.) and Asteroids Deluxe (7800 - Bob DeCrescenzo). Both are excellent IMHO!

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  1. sramirez2008


    Can never have enough twin-stick shooters.
  2. Lol! I just played a couple games. Please keep first things, first Bob.
  3. Further proof that Atari employed quite a few characters. Thanks for sharing Mike.👍
  4. No problem. Thanks, I hear the sounds now. Really like the colors you chose. They look great👍
  5. Holy crap! Just tried this and it is an absolute blast. I can't wait to see how it progresses. This will be an amazing party game. Btw, I think the cars sound great as is. Would be cool if a photo finish (something akin to instant replay in Food Fight) could be incorporated.. Nice job so far👍
  6. Works well Karl, but I'm not hearing any sounds.
  7. My favorites are Trichotomic-12 and Glacier Belle, but I decided on Glacier Belle as my #1.
  8. That screen capture looks great. Can't wait to try this out with the family. Thank you.🙂
  9. Sweet pickup👍 Please post an updated pick, once it’s all setup.
  10. Excellent episode dudes! Here are my Top-10. Asteroids (my favorite coin-op) Tempest Battlezone Omega Race Robotron (love this twin-stick shooter. My older sons favorite coin-op) Tron (This is my younger sons favorite coin-op) Satan's Hollow Sinistar Phoenix Zoo Keeper Noteables: Bosconian Lunar Lander Galaxian Ms. Pac-Man Missile Command ** I came across an Asteroids/Asteroids Deluxe cabaret at PRGE (2017). I would love to own one.
  11. No worries, thought you might have it handy. Thanks.
  12. Very cool. Ninja Golf is one of my favs. Is the interview still available?
  13. Good Deal Games used to sell it, but its currently not available. Their displayed cart label looks like @groundtrooper
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