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    My all-time favorite arcade/home console game is Asteroids. If you’re a fan of Asteroids, check out Space Rocks (2600 - Darrell Spice, Jr.) and Asteroids Deluxe (7800 - Bob DeCrescenzo). Both are excellent IMHO!

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  1. I’m going to want to order one of these shells if/when they become available. These are too nice to pass up👍
  2. Mine arrived today. Thank you!
  3. You came to the right place. I see that someone already provided a PM. You won't have problem selling that lot for $40.00.🙂
  4. Wow This looks great! I have to say it again, this is an awesome time to own a 7800. You Developers are on fire. Love all of the new gameplay that’s been completed recently or is in the works. Bravo!!!
  5. Beta 2.5a test results: - Confirmed. Bottom line text on Intro and Credits screen look good. Maybe could center the bottom line text a bit more on the Intro screen. Confirmed via SaveKey. Also confirmed that the scores are retained (between shut downs/start-ups) Just want to confirm that "Arcade" mode is the only one currently available, correct? I am able to select 1 or 2 players. *Tested with SEGA Genesis 3 button via Edladdin Seagull 78 controller adapter* This game really is stunning to look at.
  6. Just read this too. My condolences for you and your family Matt.
  7. Excellent! Looking forward to the first release candidate.👍 Love the enemies, sounds and look of your ship in this game. So looking forward to this one. @PacManPlusThank you.
  8. I’ll try it on another CRT and my Commodore 1702 as well, and report back. Just tried the ROM on my back up Toshiba and it’s the same.
  9. Darn. I have trak-balls for my 2600/5200 & 7800s, but answered the poll question before trak-ball was added as an option.
  10. Can never have too many paddle games and I’d love to see a new game incorporate keypad or kids controller.
  11. I finally loaded this onto my Mateos multicart and it looks amazing on my CRT with s-video/composite. The pictures from my phone don't do it justice. I don’t notice much flicker at all. However, the last line of the title and credits screen is a bit low. Not sure if it’s just my particular CRT. I didn’t have time to dig out my other one(s) to compare. Has anyone else played this on real hardware with a CRT and noticed this? Excellent work. This version looks and plays well, although I suck at it.👍
  12. @Muddyfunsterif you can make the planet rotate, I’ll buy a copy just for the title screen. Seriously though, very nice work👍
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