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  1. Long shot I know but I'm on the hunt for a 68881 co processor board for the Atari Mega ST. C103067 / SPF004.
  2. I love my A1000, just wish there was an easy and cheap way to get some fast RAM.
  3. Oh my god Amiga power bricks, I've been fixing A1200s and A600 lately and having to put the psu brick next to the amiga on the bench just doesn't work (thick cables everywhere) pain in the bottom. The atari is so much cleaner on the desk
  4. Totally agree with this, there's a lot of great work going on
  5. I wonder what the STE version of the T28 had different to make it work with the blitter :/ I'd love to stick mine in an STE.
  6. I've just been messing with the spectrum emulator, it almost runs at full speed on a 28MHz 68000 STFM. Photo https://www.facebook...46&l=f66886c437
  7. I'm not really interested in these things till they run TT or falcon compatible software, As these are the machines out of most peoples reach.
  8. I lurk a lot too I'd better let you get back on topic.
  9. Wow nice, are you on the 3dozero forum?
  10. Really, I'm a 3DO collector too. Here's some of mine. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.441502374745.225309.684989745&type=1&l=7c5737b1dc
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