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  1. all those parts might be a candidates for that replacement XE mb project...
  2. There is knowledge to be gained by seeing how it's done on other platforms, be it successful or failure... you get insight as to what to do or not to do... just because it didn't work on some other target doesn't always mean it won't work on what your current target it is. The machine you snag the idea from might have been weak in that area while your current target is stronger in that area making things work nicely and vice versa.
  3. when a disk has such discoloration and mold you can carefully clean it as outlined numerous times on here on AA and use a double sided drive to get the contents of the disk (two heads are smooth and prevents damage)... using a standard single sided drive might end up with a dirty or clogged pressure pad (rabbits fur, collect the loose material and can damage the disk and future disks)
  4. this is part of why I kept saying to piggyback UAV on the 4050 and keep all Atari outputs and functions working... but I always got the 'it works for me' response... yes it works for now... but how about later... Thanks for the write up tf-hh you are once again the voice of reason with full explanations !
  5. the X-COM Wedge by Bachman uses the compy/antic/XE memory access as well especially when using the formatter under spartados disk based versions
  6. I was referring to your programs, themselves, not the other examples. I had clicked the first link in the thread, not the one that came later... 😮 so it makes more sense now.
  7. could the description texts include the target machine within them as well as what each is as a program and what the optimization thoughts would be?
  8. I hope this is in the install notes and where ever pokeymax sells or go's. Thanks tf-hh !! And in fact where ever the 600XL is listed for that matter... this is a critical fix when considering the 600XL as anyone's machine for most use!
  9. Why it should be silver for the blade and smooth and shiny..... no it should be the color of sand and have a rough texture... no it should be white for the mouse... but hey it should be....oh heck with it... Love the Red cartridge... we need some games with names along the lines of ... Red Alert, Red Sector, Red Pill, or maybe, Captain Blood, Blood Bath.... yeah Valentines day games etc. etc. hmmm. Red Skies, Fire Truck, Red Ford Runners... yeah that sort of thing...
  10. Necromancer, perhaps save the trees has something to do with it.... poignancy? I never played it much and then I played it alot once I figured out what I was doing.
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/crk8gcx32zh81ki/latest menu makes etc.zip?dl=0# 8 bit menu disks maybe of some help, thanks Mr. Kline!
  12. yes, update both the the tk if possible and the pokeymax... it's good to be up to date with the fixes, even if not needed now, you never know when things won't get along or will be moved to another machine that needs them.
  13. https://13leader.net/ this is where there might be some info as well
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