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  1. I'll be out of commission for at least a month and a half.... real life...

    1. Stephen


      Sorry to hear this.

    2. Dutchman2000


      Sorry to hear this, feel better soon!

    3. Atarian7


      Out of commission sick?   Or very busy at work?  Or very busy at home?


  2. https://www.insentricity.com/a.cl/200/A800-2764
  3. still think these would also make excellent caller bonus price items... or part of a caller auction... must call bbs to bid
  4. You don't want the ingot power supply... cut the wires off it and ship the the wires... not the super epoxy filled boat anchor... You might have considered making these call bbs to bid items or even caller prizes...
  5. I think on the original xl fix mod it disabled internal basic chip and enable xl fix os if switching xl fix off internal basic would be back on... basic is suppose to be on cart when in 800 mode... I could be mixing old runner os up with xl fix os though.... just don't remember the specific details anymore...
  6. it's normally pin 14 or pin 10 of the normal connector to pin 4 of the mini... depending on if the ribbon has the twist in it or not...
  7. off the top of head.. 1N5819 , or one of the bat50/85's etc. it really is the way to go... tested and suggested these and a couple others... always the better choice where SIO is concerned... if I remember anything else I may post it or if someone wants to dig up more about it... that would be cool
  8. don't like the diode choice, which has been covered quite a bit lately.... the reason being the number of sio devices these days and some of the new mother boards as well. Check it out. I know we can sub whatever we want... but it's sure to lead to a couple of those why isn't this working with this or that threads...
  9. Yes the topic is fairly well covered, being a part of those conversations can make the brain hurt... I modified my XL's to shift more towards the XE for Jingle disk... looks much better that way. I think I even pointed out a capacitor involved at some point in time.
  10. if your hardware, whether it be old NTSC or next gen NTSC is calibrated and is matched to your television or monitor, it will always be the same color unless there is a power supply replacement or degradation involved. Drift from a signal transmitted from 150 miles away doesn't exist in this setting. If you have an issue where the color are never the same twice... you have issues in your television or broadcast station. It's great that people like the artsy fartsy acronym association- but it has little to do with the reality of closed circuit NTSC. PAL had a myriad of problems in it's first couple incarnations. Folks really need to read about all of this... rather than latching on to such things.
  11. https://sites.google.com/site/ataripal/ataritranslator I did a quick search for the XL-Fix OS and this is all I found, which is sad because there used to be many sites with all of these upgrades laid out in great detail....
  12. okay, looks like BillC can see the whole thing... the new pictures show the hole for the switch was in the middle between the rf modulator and the monitor jack... and yes sadly something is missing...
  13. I can't see all his stuff either, but I do recognize what I believe to to an old runner or XL fix OS with a switch to go between standard OS and Translator OS... it should come up as a Grey screen or memopad or standard Atari basic depending on installation and switching... in addition to that I see what I believe to be a memory upgrade... Logical failure points being bad memory, bad switch wiring, or failing eprom... so a clean and re-seat, followed by verification of installation and a test of ram, and eprom os seems the path to take.
  14. You've got a memory upgrade and an OS upgrade... looks like a switch is missing... check the ram and re attach the switch... might be good to make sure nothing is jamming up the cartridge port either, sometimes you find the weirdest stuff in a cartridge slot.
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