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  1. http://playermissile.com/jumpman/ probably need to @ the whole team...
  2. This is good stuff, getting the carts into a state usable by the entire line and all devices is a wonderful and welcome turn of events. Thank You!
  3. the post doesn't really apply any more and doesn't matter, as indicated later, using any of the maxflash or other cart software with translations or soft OS wedged in doesn't get the job done as with a full crack or patch... that's why the later post came about
  4. If I don't have an xex, I can't hear or play these.... watching wave forms in a window is no fun...
  5. @unused0 @unusedowl are you the same person?
  6. so long as the RTC can be polled from all DOS, just like any other.
  7. Was the buffer acting as if it was padding out the sector to what it thought would be the end with whatever was in it? Or was it over-writing that portion in some way?
  8. There was an issue already mentioned about the buffer in some of Thom's postings, not detecting the end or some such thing...if it isn't that then... Sorry but certain cracks still rely on SIO timings, they aren't fully cracked... any faster drives, or buffering mods (track/ disk or otherwise) will make incomplete software cracks that don't have timing checks removed fail... let's make sure that we don't hobble FujiNet over things that won't run from track buffered drives or from the multitude of mass storage devices from back in the day... buffering should be an option just like unhappy mode, hsio toggle, etc. on other floppy mods and mass storage devices. Best to make sure cracks already work on all devices before getting our programmers running in circles.
  9. The named active drive type refers to the detected format and first drive in the Atari hierarchy that can handle reading it, you can answer No to the configuration and change it to the other format selections and the active drive type will change accordingly... then you can format and make your own DOSXE disk etc. etc. Once you format and write out the DOS, you just might see something has changed From the File Access menu you may nitialize disks. If you choose this option you will be prompted for the disk drive number, then for a device type--AT810, AT1050, XF551 or SSDD. The AT810 format is simply single sided, single density, or about 88K per diskette. The AT1050 is the Atari 1050 enhanced-density format, or about 12.08K per disk. The XF551 uses a "genuine" double-sided, double-density, full 360K disk format. The SSDD stands for single sided, double density. This lets you create a single sided floppy 180K in size, which can also be booted, read, and written in a 1050 disk drive equipped with ICD's US Doubler, or other single sided double density capable drive.
  10. 130XE is upgrade-able with a soldering iron, 320K is a normal upgrade, and you can toss a u1M in it if you wish... keyboard resistor mod or new mylar is no problem either.
  11. going to the extreme... I hate to even mention this... but heat can help a sticky/shedding disk... you have to have an eye for it... and you need an oven that won't melt the disk(low temp)... there is also a wet disk method... again this is extreme... when you absolutely gotta have it... you only get one or two shots at it... then stick a fork in it. there are some threads here on AA and on the web tube.. This works on tape and disks... http://www.tape-baking.com/
  12. True, price is dropping like a rock... back to normal almost, just ask them in a pm for a better deal and chances are you'll get one.
  13. APE (which is a peripheral emulator) for your Atari (real hardware using sio2pc device) can act as go between and you can view the output before you print save or convert it.
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