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  1. You can lock the modem at 9600 to the computer and let the incoming rate vary, it works using the same principle. This how we served those pages so fast. Fill the modem buffer and move on. You wouldn't see the slight pause or break during disk reads of atascii/ansi/vt movies either..
  2. Please go with what was suggested, later in the thread he noted you will read... quote That's probably more complicated than the CAS-before-RAS circuit. In my 256K upgrade for the 800XL, I used an 8-bit counter to add an 8th refresh bit to ANTICs with only 7 bits. unquote it is a 7 bit available refresh antic vs an 8 bit available refresh antic.. make your life easier... just go with the readily available 8 bit antic... should you decide to add something later, whatever it may be you won't be building counter circuits etc or replacing it again... It is understandable to want to save a dollar, in this instance I'd spend the dollar. Easy now and possibly easier later.
  3. C021697 C021698? Because that's what I've use on the XL XE series forever, no problems with any memory configuration. the older choices? not so much. You will find plenty of discussion about this here on AA. No need to rehash it. The available refresh is what is needed, and gets the job done.
  4. UTE video left side no video format/ mime type unsupported, video right side plays fine...
  5. C021697 has 8 bit refresh and I'd stick with it.
  6. it's best to use the diodes we have suggested in place of the 1n4's as they ensure compatibility with the most devices and longer SIO chains...
  7. gah, folks just don't understand... keep the plastic cool, or the the bromides will migrate.. and again it's suggested to use what I listed... you are shortening the life of the plastic otherwise...
  8. I took the HTTP file server down as it was getting hammered with bots, most of which were fishing from China, Russia, and India... but I will put it back up magnet:?xt=urn:btih:e7fa4e5ddb3dd136fd99a407af5b8abb5a22ebf4&dn=Atari8bitPreservedSoftware2019-07-09 do you want to find a specific preserved item, or wish to compare? sure you can... Super duper http file server
  9. the real number of seeds has been varying between 4 to 8 with some consistency with the off high mark of 11 or so, while you think there is no tracker, there are actually 2, I and one other are using built in trackers of our given software. I performed a merge. I felt confident nothing malicious was going to happen when files are executed on our Atari's, that being said, a compare against the source at the project drive couldn't hurt. Feel free to do so... I was stead fast about using a zip of zips for quite some time for this project. I decided to change it this time, and will ask after a time to have folks perform a compare of the torrent vs a ht zip download. If there is no aberration the folder will continue. If so much as one person comes back with a bit out of place... it will go back to a zip of zips. current seeds 7
  10. Warning oversimplified info follows, this to get the idea across.... DTE and DCE rates can be different, a lantronix device set at 9600 will buffer and meter the data within reason... so you can send at 2400 and the data is held and then pumped to the serial port at 9600 rates but a 2400 flow (unless the connected devices used control to stop data and then all was clear and it bursts the data at 9600). The converse is true, the lantronix will take the serial data at 9600 and buffer the data, then meter it at 2400 rate and flow. (however, in this scenario unless trueport or a flow control method is employed, you run the risk of buffer overflow) Normally this condition won't be met as screens for most items aren't larger enough to do this, and most upload download protocols use small packets with error detection and corrections that act as a form of flow control built in.
  11. yep, the legs sink some of the heat, the diodes can be slightly splayed away from each other allows for better air flow and less adjacent warming... works great.
  12. Pizza the 'Hut! and remember The Hut is behind the GATE. and the chair is against the wall!
  13. He's correct certain sequences in binary transfers get messed up in tel net... I have always supported more than one translation on any BBS I ran whether it was an Atari 8/or ST/TT/Falcon... and had file areas for almost all machines (except commodore 64). Any x86 I co-sys'ed was the same. The only way to ensure all translations and transfers worked was in raw modes. Things may have changed but I doubt it.
  14. It's the same up down yamo frames as belts and waterfalls when you are player 2 yamo. afair
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