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  1. @Gregkrkpl https://www.atarimagazines.com/v7n4/firstlook.html almost the bottom and you can read about the manager further down are the files there are other such xegs goodies littered around AA but many years back if doing a search. the pictures of you stuff and sdrive working are nice.. but we need to see the different setting for when it is not working... to get the menu you need BOOT D0: selected on sdrive main screen or set to boot it in the cfg screen https://atari8bit.net/tutorials/de-re-sdrive-max/ scroll down and you will find a good manual also consider XEGS upgrades like... http://mathyvannisselroy.nl/memory_expansion/The slightly different memory.htm or u1m
  2. to further that explanation, gold contacts are not pure gold, they are an alloy... they can tarnish in most cases because of the mixture of metals... the standard stuff does a great job as stated as the alloy contains the normal base metals that it works on anyway. that being said, the gold series stuff has it's use... it isn't just a cleaner, it is also a preventive. Consider it a finishing solution. it helps reduce wear and prevent oxidation from reforming as quickly among other things. I've used the gold series stuff on low voltage and current connectors that are problematic and it solves recurring problems at those points. I never use the gold series for the initial cleaning, just the finish up / touch up.
  3. you have the keyboard attached and basic is not selected correct?
  4. There should have been, since it's status changed through out the day. Silly people such as myself checked periodically as different folks made mention of issues. Interesting thing. A curiosity. Although based on the different posts about it today... I don't think the people who have a problem messed around deep in their browser security settings. I don't think they know how to check any of it, and since they need to be told how to quickly add an exception I don't expect anything else. I'm pretty sure it will filter down to everyone over time and they'll get updated certificate. Update you browser and your windows/whatever os and it may be there. else search update root certificates using your favorite search engine. Maybe that will cover just about all of it then, perhaps some helpful hints that I missed for folks. Saying it works for me doesn't really help for those that it isn't working for...
  5. so taking it out to clean it up was a good and revealing experience kudos job to both of you!
  6. Yes because as I showed you, it's been fixed. and I also stated that for those who don't view his CA as valid or it hasn't worked it's way through the system yet... to just add the exception as it's safe. but if it helps anyone... your right it should be working now. If you don't want to wait or the CA isn't accepted just add the exception, unless there is another way to word it. I think it is all covered
  7. To be clear, today his site showed differences during the day early today as expired... sometime during the day no certificate... and then finally certificate in use for over half a year and expiring in july 2021 his site also delivered a pop up about his rules/expectation whatever at one point and now doesn't show that pop up. just hit advanced and add an exception you'll get the site and all will be fine.
  8. I'd say a number of people are proficient enough to know why folks are having issues, and are recommending that an exception be added so they can still use the site. you can see he's got a certificate through some authority in poland but it expires in july now. it's for 1 year. but it's not properly shared through all the signing authorities. His site is safe... it's just blocked for folks that don't get that particular authorities certificates. in any event the site is changing in some way through out the day as the pop up message about his rules/registration etc what not is no longer show but the site is still coming up just fine for me and others. commenting after work is being done and fixing is occuring isn't particularly helpful, but at least it is showing progress and attention is being given.
  9. If you ever added an exception you won't get the error earlier checks were done and verified by others earlier this day, but now... I of course can still go to the site though as I had added an exception long ago...
  10. it's not down, it's just poor web management, his certificates are out of some unrecognized signing authority etc.. you can have your browser ignore the errors and still use his site to order...
  11. 300 baud was beyond stupid, they didn't bother to modernize the ancient designs
  12. You can dig the binned stuff back up though
  13. well I found your pointless argument thread using the forums elastasearch but you look like a p*ssy argument kind of guy... Hold my b, oh crap never-mind it wasn't even work.... Here's you thread jack *ss, https://atariage.com/forums/topic/134852-atari-v-commodore/?do=findComment&comment=1741168 ancient glue factory starting, it ends with the Atari having great pencils and pencil pictures and some straw man arguments being withdrawn... smart-*ss out... of course if you act like that when it really matters, many 'smart *sses' here might just let you suffer... and take pleasure in your search without answers. Good thing we're smart and not just *sses. btw your welcome...
  14. as I stated make sure to use a known good purchased disk... you can format disks on an out of alignment drive and it won't read on the other million floppy drives in the world...
  15. 400/600 what? The comparison might be 800XL or 130XE... as far as searching, well you could try the built in elastasearch box with the magnifying/spyglass on the page near the top right side on forum page. Or even a goo gle site search of atariage.com That's some of the ways people find stuff...
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