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  1. The game still needs to be ported to fast basic, action, something... I think the calls for a re write in machine language, anything is a great idea. I'm surprised with all the calls for it in the thread that the exercise wasn't executed.
  2. without a doubt, Abracadabra pisses me off, walling up the key or exit and never leaving it open back up... and it's the only time it acts like that too! Great game, best game ever being played... nope no exit or key for you... forever more you must now die and start the level again... no bonus trinket really and down a life. Un fricken fair... rage! reset! try again... no you pr*ck again... power off!
  3. I was responding to to Eric and you... so take it with a grain of salt, it did not quote both of you... in event... what are you talking about it's in the quotation, at least on my screen...??? I am starting to wonder if we all see the same thing on AA sometimes.. It's a now you see it now you don't affair... I didn't see it in the original message you left but it's there... and it is also in my quotation(go back and look it is there so why you act like I cut it off when I didn't)... did the thread rebuild? is it so slow we don't see it finished by the time we read and quote... odd. I do see it is in my quote though... does anyone not see his mention of the patch in the quote? This could be something to investigate if some people are seeing the whole thing and others do not... screen size, phone mode... there may be something to this.. maybe not, but a good thing to check none the less. If you are going to say someone did a bad thing and clearly they didn't... you might want to double check first. The FULL quote is there.
  4. so he sent you all the work, would you happen to have rmt source? I thinks he had it as well.
  5. maybe part of the problem is google translate etc... it can't understand you either?
  6. not specifically as it depends on where pressure might have been applied from underneath as well as what through hole components legs are sticking down. You've go a good list to start with though... I think it's easily fixed, so long as nothing is bent or touching and the stand off are still fully extended keeping it clear you will be okay with the bottom shield. It's just something I'd come across so it's on my check list. You all ready have a mix of RAM on the board and they are of different manufacture as well as coloration.... I'd definitely start with ram...
  7. capacitor near power switch looks funky, power switch looks rusty, transistor j6 is bent over, bottom left crystal looks twisted as does the resistor near it(make sure crystal in not damaged), there is a discolored resistor over in the color pot area down and to the left nestled by caps around it. Make sure the mother board is not shorting out to lower shield (there is supposed to be an insulating sheet between the motherboard and shield), make sure no holes are poked through it if is present. this may be over voltage or ac damage, start with ram testing after checking those other issues first.
  8. it was patched for NTSC, and the patched version is here on AA. Same thing for elektraglide.... which is still a pisser even in pal
  9. He said he is being loaned a machine that works just fine... That may or may not give some ideas comparing against a machine with u1m and one that doesn't have u1m... but it certainly doesn't make the issue jump out for discovery. We are being told the machine being lent is without issues. Here's a car with issues, my buddy has the same car without issues... let's compare the car without issues against another car with different options without issues. This is the logic that baffles us. It's great there is an attempt at least... but we are told that he is firmware coder hasn't the resources and is not a hardware guy. He did a lot more than add logo. There is hope he can visit hardware guys with resources who can look at the machines. It would still be best to have machines with weird issues in that group. Then maybe some illumination as to what is happening could be found. Candle has a voice with some rational and reason in this conversation. I understand he has his own projects to do. I do however feel his expertise is great and could be able to identify the complex issues and solve them. Who knows... if not solved after all the projects are done, candle might for fun or something to do, intercede. It's not a command, it's a hope. As translation doesn't always work out well. Translations may be part of the problem when talking, but it's better than no communication at all. It was also a hope that with many people telling what little they as users and installers see that the different interpretation and translated texts would help the hardware/firmware/userbase/intallers come to some conclusions and achieve the ultimate goal of rapidus for all. If it ends up as only for a certain machine line as in XE only or XL only, at least we will obtain that knowledge and that will be the only target machine for an install. Just knowing and having that documented would be great. Getting it to work on all XL/XE machines (or the greatest number would be better). If more information is needed, every person who has an experience of it not working properly needs to try to explain what happened as best they can. If it's not getting understood, it's good for someone else to try and convey that information possibly in another way. We'd all love to install the device, but can't recommend doing so until this is sorted out. You have a number of installers and repair people as well as designers who can't figure out the problem. It's not fair to the installer, the customer, or end user in this case. A great deal of time, money, and effort with a great chance it won't be working properly. If enough people share what happens maybe it will be solved. It would be great if they all were engineers with the equipment and know how to explain exactly and unequivocally what is going on in a perfect test bed cause and effect scenario. This is not the user base though. It's a bigger issue than that it would seem in any event. If any of this helps... great... if not... at least there can be some understanding. Customers shouldn't feel they have to apologize or feel bad because they can't explain what is wrong, they just observe something is not correct and need it corrected/fixed. We are not able to do so at this time. It is a frustration. With nothing else of value to help in this endeavor, I will sit on the side, and watch eagerly for a solution. Who knows, if it is fixed, I might have the pleasure of installing one for my own personal use and joy.
  10. Either the audio is ahead of the video or the video is slower than the audio... and it's progressive.
  11. you know there is something to fix because multiple people have told you so. you have been told where to look. you can illuminate things with your partner help, hooking up a u1m and rapidus together in another machine and looking at how they don't get along. you can talk with everyone having issues, and in fact a few of us have approached you to do just that. the magic was public posts, I have read what others have said also... might be in a few more threads too. it looks like we all need to dance in a meadow by the pale moonlight since no detail appears good enough for the devil. We get it... your Atari is blessed... perhaps your firmware and is tuned up perfectly to run on your machine and a handful of others. Maybe it's the hardware that's perfect for a handful of Atari's... it doesn't matter. You have more than enough information to go on as does your partner on this project. It would appear your two man group has everything needed to check it all out as well... or can get what's needed to do so. Best of luck.
  12. Sure thing, substantially, rapidus doesn't get along with u1m substantially, rapidus doesn't get along with other devices that can invoke their own resets. substantially, all of the other devices that are not rapidus work and play together without any issues. substantially, rapidus has a hard time getting along with any of the other devices, sometimes not limited to the base machine that is hosting it. it all seems pretty substantial to me. rapidus needs more work either in the hardware, firmware, possibly both... with perhaps some guideline and pictures in the installation documents what all the signals on a scope should be if it's that picky and fussy. Maybe some helpful fixes or touch ups to alleviate known issues... you know share the information for all to see instead of all these circular quibbles, and silence from the other creator.
  13. Yes the issue is rapidus doesn't play well with others. It doesn't belong in the playground. It's proud parents keep telling us that their child is perfect. We aren't going to be inviting rapidus to any birthday parties in the near future, that is for certain. I think the conversation is between you and @Dmitry at this point, I'd guess if you @tag him or PM him you can give him the same run around in circles crap there too.
  14. so you aren't some unbiased software guy who hasn't much to do with the rapidus at all. this explains a great deal as to why you are acting this way.
  15. Well you did write some of the firmware for the rapidus didn't you?
  16. drac030 is just trolling at this point. This is a waste of time. I'd just chalk this up to an piece of equipment not ready for prime time and it's defender. Everyone that's smart will just ignore the whole pile of sh*t and move on. I wouldn't bother with the upgrade or conversations around it at this juncture. Waste of time, money, and enjoyment. There are better ways to enjoy your hobby... rapidus and the fan club aren't worth it. Maybe some distant time in the future when answers are forth coming... I am not participating though. I almost thought there was an avenue to get something done. Turns out it's just nonsense for someone to pass the time with. Nothing . Zilch, Nada, non productive circle jerk.
  17. and now we take the sentences out of context too. you basically asked that very question acting as if people were purposely installing the crap knowing it was poor.... nice job cutting it off short too! forget it!
  18. not only that, it's become a game of parsing the text for crap to nit pick about. No matter what you say it gets reversed If you have a person provide you with a machine and the rapidus board and you find out there is a problem with it after that... why would you have installed it?.... well wtf if you didn't install it how would you know there was or wasn't a problem... if others are having the same experience then it's evident by the number of people saying this there is an issue. Now it's all nutty stuff like that. Since we didn't know it had these issues and would be providing a poor experience, we installed them, when we found out the issues exist and heard from others that it's the same for them... we paused... after dealing with all the BS trying to get answers and the kind of run around such as is in full exposition here... we decide not to sell, promote, or install it. It's just that simple. I think that's what happened with FJC and TF_HH..... the list is growing... and it's very easy to see why.
  19. well then, if folks want to send their bundle to your friends with the equipment each with a note explaining the behavior then it will be sorted out then... great problem solved. That should have been the first sentence. Hope it happens!
  20. Then why did you waste all of our time acting as if you could or would do something? What a waste. Your purpose is to defend the only perfect upgrade it would seem. Nice. I really am losing my respect for you. I feel quite sad abut that. It does me sorrow. There is no point in playing around with such a finicky device.
  21. You asking to use a great deal of storage with all of those examples in one post
  22. You pretty much state you are not willing to experiment to find out. You don't want to grab that tire and shake or move it. It's okay. Example have been given, but they aren't good enough. That's fine. I guess no one is going to find out why... and no one will care... it's too frustrating to talk, deduce, or theorize when no one really cares. So long as they can say that it works for them. Then it's all good. We are glad it works for you. I will no longer install them, I will not suggest to anyone to buy one. You have helped me see why so many others feel the same. I am also going to suggest to my fellow importers not to carry the rapidus and will point to these forums for an idea of what they will have to deal with. No support, no help. Plenty of attitude. rapidus is the only perfect upgrade ever made, if it doesn't work, your gear and your customers gear aren't worthy... if you ask questions, you aren't either.... we get it. Enjoy the 25 (is it more or less) person rapidus club.
  23. Exactly what you are doing to others. You never had an interest in helping out in the first place did you? You are the one who said exactly what you now quoted as an out to the whole thing. Thanks for nothing. Run around in circles until the words are right to get offended, after you insult an offend. It is what it is. I will side with everyone else on this one... rapidus is not worth the trouble. Don't buy one. Don't support it. It's not worth the trouble or the attitude of those who you will share company with if you do. You will not miss out on a thing without one.
  24. You are insulting, if it's in spec.. it's in spec... Now you are being ridiculous. oh well if you put a hdd on an out of spec machine... that's you saying it's already out of spec. stop it, I had great respect for you... and now you are trying to make that respect diminish.
  25. No you don't because if you had the in spec parts that fail with the rapidus you say they are broken. So you aren't being honest.
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