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  2. Great seller! I bought a couple Dreamcast games. He shipped them quickly and they arrived in perfect shape. Thanks!
  3. I also bought a CDI --> SNES controller adapter and it was a smooth transaction! The adapter works great. I highly recommend tpugmire.
  4. I had a great transaction with Blazing Lazers, item was shipped well and quickly, was great to deal with!!
  5. I had an interesting pick-up this weekend - I paid $100 for 13 arcade marquees. I also got an old deck of Nintendo playing cards (I'm guessing from the 70's) for $1. Check it out!
  6. I bought a couple Dreamcast games and they arrived quickly in very good condition. I highly recommend CubeOfTheDead :thumbsup:
  7. Bought a game from legeek, was in great shape for a good price, quick shipping. Thumbs up!
  8. I purchased two homebrew Colecovision games from Bradd. They were packaged well, shipped expediently, and in perfect condition. The price was reasonable also. I highly recommend Bradd!
  9. Let's see.. Warhammer 30K long box for the PS1 at the swap meet for $10. I previously bought the jewel case version and found it wasn't worth much, Later I found out that the long box version was never commercially released and probably originated from an electronics show display in Las Vegas I have been collecting retro since the late 90s and just focused on a few systems (NES, 5200)... I probably missed a ton of great SNES and other games because my focus was so narrow. As others have posted I could have bought crazy rare expensive games back in the day for not so crazy money, which I thought was too much at the time When I was 12 or 13 I decided to stop collecting Star Wars figures and spend my money on video games instead. I remember seeing displays of the last and most rare Star Wars POTF figures for $2 each on clearance, and passing them up. The one figure I bought I opened up With all these negatives there are many positives, such as the rare NES Flintstones game for $5, Cheetahmen II new for $100, and Game and Watch Egg for $1
  10. Thanks for the feedback SoundGammon. I re-seated all the chips without any luck. I inspected the motherboard for any visually corrupt components and didn't see any. I also swapped around identical chips without any difference in behavior. So it's either something on the main board (corrupted chip, capacitor, or something else) or the video mod. I'm pretty sure I need to replace the motherboard or the mod. I'll be looking for deals an eventually do one or the other or both.
  11. I turned on my composite video modded A5200 after a few months and it's not working correctly. It shows a startup screen with missing characters, after which it displays a whole bunch of garbage characters. I am using the RetroKidz mod chip. Pictures follow. Any idea what is busted? I'm guessing it's either the mod or a chip on the motherboard. Any help is appreciated!
  12. Thanks for the pointers all, I will pursue Yurkie's board or the cap solution
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